Magic Industrial Revolution
Seth, Kaim, and Jansen
Vital statistics
Participants The Republic of Uhra, The Free Ocean State of Numara, The Kingdom of Gohtza
Date 30 years before "Lost Odyssey"
Location World-Wide
"Thirty years ago, a new power manifested itself unto the world. With its discovery came the Magic-Industrial Revolution.
This power came to be called "Magic Energy".
Even now, there are none who can explain why this power -- a power that merely lay buried within all living creatures -- suddenly flourished as it did.
Today, this magic energy permeates every corner of the world. It has changed the way people live, transformed the shape of industry, and has even altered the nature of war."
-Game manual

The Magic-Industrial Revolution was the world-wide industrialization of civilization following the discovery of Magic Energy thirty years prior to the events of Lost Odyssey. It brought about many household luxuries, improved living standards and paved the way for technological advancement. The Magic-Industrial Revolution is an in-game analog of the real world's Industrial Revolution following the discovery of electricity.

The eventEdit

The Magic Industrial Revolution is the major sociopolitical change that has occurred in the recent memory (say 1,000 years) of the peoples of the Lost Odyssey world.

By harnessing the power of 'magic energy', a number of technological advances were made by different cultures across the globe. For instance, elder characters recount a history in which there were no lifts, no trains...

At the same time as this revolution in energy potential and supply is changing the very fabric of existence in this world, there is another world (from whence came the Immortals) that is also changing.


As the Gohtzans, Uhrans, and Numarans live out the Magic Industrial Revolution, their lives are transformed not only on a personal or social, but also a national and even international level.

While many characters encountered in the game express that life was better than it had ever been before, others bemoan the ill effects of the changes (jobs lost, ...).

At the present moment, an arms race of magic-energy build-up has been spurred by Gongora's plan to erect Grand Staff, the largest generator/storehouse of magic energy the world has ever seen. The fledgling Grand Staff is believed by some to be the means by which a meteor fell on the Highlands of Wohl.


The relationship between Magic Energy, the world, and the people that live on it is very similar to the concept of the lifestream of Final Fantasy VII. The lifestream was inspired by the death of the mother of Hironobu Sakaguchi, who is the president and founder of Mistwalker and the creator of Final Fantasy. It makes sense that he would retain an important and very personal concept even when he left Square Enix in 2004. The Magic Energy is also something of an analogue to Mako Energy.

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