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Kaim unlocks a dream.

The dreams in 'A Thousand Years of Dreams' unlock when Kaim encounters something that triggers his, Seth's, and Ming's memories in the game. The following is a list of locations and circumstances required to unlock each of the dreams in the game. You must unlock Hanna's Departure before you can unlock the rest of the dreams.

To re-read any of the dreams in game simply go to sleep and the dream menu will come up and you can read any dream you have already unlocked. Additionally we have complete transcripts of the dreams for your reading pleasure, just click on the title of the dream you want to read below.

There are 2 bonus dreams obtained via downloadable content. The first one is only available to those who pre-ordered the game.

(See also: Category:Dream Transcripts)

List of Dreams and Triggers[]

Dream Name Location Trigger details
Hanna's Departure Uhra - Tolsan's Inn Talk to the Inn Keeper.
A Hero's Return Uhra - Virno's Tavern Walk up to the bar.
White Flowers Uhra - Residential Area Walk up to the family on the bench.
In the Mind of a Captive Uhra - Virno's Tavern After your first visit, re-enter the tavern and go upstairs.
A Mother Comes Home Uhra - Virno's Tavern Enter the bar a third time and talk to the man at the bar.
Little Liar Uhra - Monorail - The Central Station Speak to the father and daughter sitting on the bench.
The Upstreamers Ipsilon Mountains - Northern Ridge Walk toward the peak through driving rain.
They Live in Shells Sea of Baus - Crater Island - Numara Troop Camp Examine Kaim's cell after getting ambushed at Grand Staff.
The Talkative Mercenary Numara - Main Street Cross the footbridge past the boy.
Don't Forget Me Now, You Hear? Numara - Canal Street Walk through the bazaar area.
Letters from a Weakling Numara - Main Street Descend the stairs toward the canal near Nalia's item shop.
Evening Bell Ghost Town - City of Ruins Walk past the flower bed after Lirum's funeral.
Portraitist of the Dead Numara - Canal Street Stand along the rail near the right side of the magic pendulum on the highest part of the southern bridge (post funeral).
Elegy Island Crimson Forest - Maze of Gloom Leave the forest after rescuing Mack.
Seth's Dream Part 1 Gohtza - Southernmost Coast Disembark the Slantnose on the shore.
The Hero Mountain Village of Tosca Talk to the old man near the mill.
The Bread of Grandma Coto Mountain Village of Tosca Talk to the man just south-east of the bridge, near the village entrance.
So Long, Friend Mountain Village of Tosca - Tolty's Inn Eavesdrop on the men at the top of the stairs after meeting Sarah. [On Disc 2]
The Tragedy of the Butcher General Black Cave - Maze of Darkness Examine the second soldier's corpse.
The Story of Old Man Greo Saman - Audun's Item Shop Talk to the first man in the shop.
Seth's Dream Part 2 Saman Mechant Ship Complete the battle with Mantalas.
Bright Rain Saman

Main Street

Visit the street merchant after returning from the Experimental Staff
The Ranking of Lives Gohtza - Low Town (After it freezes over) Return to Low Town with the full party. Approach the children (Worried Ticia and Coughing Ragmund) across the street from Lively Leesha's shop.
The Village Closest to Heaven Gohtzan Refugee Camp Walk toward the middle of the camp with a full party.
Stones of Heaven Gohtzan Refugee Camp Approach the campfire (after earning The Village Closest to Heaven.) Kaim will sit down automatically.You may need to exit and re-enter the zone after getting The Village Closest to Heaven. Going down the ladder nearby should be sufficient to set up the event trigger.
Signpost Gohtzan Refugee Camp - Medical Tent Approach Troubled Melanie (after earning Stones of Heaven). (Troubled Melanie is the young girl on the third cot from the entrance.)
Beyond the Wall Uhra - Main Street After acquiring the Nautilus, speak to the boy in the street.
A Chorus of Cicadas Ipsilon Mountains - Valley Road Return to the forest after acquiring the Nautilus. Event triggers near a large tree on the east side of the main road in the North-East corner of the Valley Road map.
Return of the Native Numara - Main Street Return to Numara after upgrading the Nautilus.
Lottery of Life City of Numara - Canal Street Watch the young thief steal from the old shopkeeper after you upgrade the Nautilus.
The Queen's Loneliness City of Numara - Palace Facade Complete the second battle with General Kakanas

Bonus Pre-Order Dreams[]

Dream Name Location Trigger details
Samii the Storyteller Uhra - Virno's Tavern Head upstairs and speak to the man standing near a barrel.

Downloadable Content Dreams[]

Dream Name Location Trigger details
An Old Soldier's Legacy Uhra - Outside of the Front Gate From the Triple Bonus Pack, Head towards the destroyed rubble after the Gohtzan invasion