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Delinquent Soldier
Delinquent Soldier
HP Element Type Row
4,110 None None Front
Abilities: Forcea, Force, normal effects may cause Poison
Weak Against: No Inherent Weaknesses

Flavor Text: He seems to have a bone to pick with Uhra. Time to teach him a lesson.

Tolten faces a single Delinquent Soldier.

Class: Medium Class

Victory Conditions (2 Stars):

  • Tolten only
  • Defeat all enemies

Secret Victory Conditions (3 Stars):

  • Can't use spells or items

Three Star Victory Strategy

This is a difficult battle. The Delinquent Soldier has a poison laced attack and also uses Forcea. Equip Tolten's best sword (the author used the Royal Knight's Sword), it's accompanying ring, and either the Antidote Brooch accessory or the Talisman accessory. While Talisman's effects are more random than Antidote Brooch, we found it was the less nerve-wracking option. You might also consider the Warrior's Armband or Mimint Ear.

This is a battle of pure attrition. Attack with the Break Hit skill until Tolten runs too low on MP to use it. If you are able, use Power Hit after that until Tolten's MP is fully depleted. From there on out use attacks. Do not use any healing items or you will not get all three stars for this battle.

The enemy uses Forcea quite a bit, often twice in a single turn. If you equipped Talisman, chances are that you will get healed by his attacks about as often as you get hurt, so this battle really just becomes a slugfest until the enemy is defeated. You GC will continually go down, but your health should be more than adequate throughout the battle. Defeat the Soldier without healing and you will earn yourself three more stars.

Simply use Ultimate Hit, and it should be over.

2 Star Reward: 3 Heal Full

3 Star Reward: Slot Seed