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King Owl
King Owl
HP Element Type Row
1,830 Wind Aerial Back
Abilities: Forceus, Powerus, Dodger
Weak Against: Element Fire, Aerial Killer Rings

Insector X 5
HP Element Type Row
1,510 Earth Hardened Front
Abilities: Normal attacks may cause Terror, Virus, Poison
Weak Against: Element Water, Hardened Killer Rings

Flavor Text: There are things that cannot be seen, but must be felt.

Handicap battle against a King Owl and five Insectors. Player characters have blind and seal status effects at the outset. These status effects will remain in effect for the entire battle and cannot be relieved through items, skills or accessories.

Class: Medium Class

Victory Conditions (2 Stars):

  • Defeat all enemies
  • Dark status
  • Seal status

Secret Victory Conditions (3 Stars):

  • Kill the King Owl first

Three Star Victory Strategy

Assemble a team of players who do not use magic staves: Kaim, Sed, Seth, Tolten and Mack. (The Seal condition makes magic users useless in this battle.) Equip as many of them as you can with rings having the Aerial Killer enhancement. Make sure that your front line characters have Guard and Counter equipped. Also, equip accessories or skills as you can to nullify poison. Also, ensure that at least two of your characters are able to perform the Cut Down skill.

At the start of the battle, you have two goals: reduce the enemies' GC and take down the King Owl before the Insectors. Use Cut Down judiciously to reduce the front line's GC without killing any of the Insectors. Have all other characters concentrate their efforts on the King Owl. Even though your characters are blinded, which accounts for the high frequency of misses, the Areal Killer enhancement should help you take down the King Owl quickly -- two or three rounds for a team averaging Level 40.

Once the Owl has been taken down, grind on the Insectors until they have all been taken out. Here again, Cut Down may be useful -- it doesn't inflict as much damage as a direct attack, but it will almost always cause damage to half the front line. You will find that Counter comes in handy here as well, since most counter attacks will not miss.

A Level 40 team should be able to finish this battle in no more than eight turns.

It should also be noted that a higher level team should remove Counter if currently in use on any character. As it will most likely affect the secret winning conditions.

Allow your melee based characters to use Break Hit on the Big Owl first, while your casters defend.
When the Owl falls, change to an all out offense.

2 Star Reward: 10 Monster Bird's Plumes

3 Star Reward: Slot Seed