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Auction House

The Auction House is located in the City of Saman in Oreego's Emporiumand first become available after you return from Experimental Staff. It allows you to obtain items you may have missed from zones that are not accessible any more (like Experimental Staff). It only works for items found in zones that you cannot return to. Items that were "missed" in zones that you can return to (like the Ipsilon Mountains) cannot be purchased here, nor can items that can only be obtained through side quests or merchants in one time only zones. Items bought in the Auction House count for the Treasure Trove Achievement.

How it Works

  • The auction house is a mini game were you compete against other NPCs to bid on items. You select the bid price with the Left Control Stick or or the Directional Pad and confirm that bid by pressing the Xbox a.gif button. You can only bid 3 times per item.
  • When the auction starts you'll be informed what item you are bidding on, where it was found (so you'll know where you missed it), the starting bid is and what the bidding increments will be.
  • Bidding starts with a 5 second window to bid. If there are no bids after 5 seconds then the last person that bid wins the item.
  • If you do not win the item you can always try again. The item or items will remain on the Auction House until you win them. If bidding gets to high for your tastes you can just purposely lose and try again next time to save some gold.
  • When you talk to Auctioneer Zole if he says "Sorry, but could you come back later? We're kinda out of stuff to sell right now." That means you collected all the items from the available temporary zones. (congratulations!) It is possible to go through the whole game and never use the auction house if you are VERY careful about collecting items.
  • When you have acquired all the items from the temporary zones the Auctioneer will read a message from the treasure hunter, the door will be shut and the auction house will be unaccessible.
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