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Burning Limestone Cave
Burning Limestone Cave
First Accessible Availability
Disc 3 after leaving the Gohtzan Refugee Camp Available throughout the game.
Save Orb Refresh Orb Seeds Slot Seed
Underground Lake N/A Path of Steam
Path of Poison Mist

Points of Interest
Geysers Will damage and knock you back if you get close to them while spouting.
Green Myst Will cause damage if you touch it.

This area is known as the "Burning Limestone Cave" on the world map.


Side Quests[]


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Big Guana 2,840 Beast Fire Fire Breath, Power Crush Mother Nature's Spirit, Mist of Darkness Blinding Powder, Dark Flame, Beat Stone, Paraweed Thorn
Ground Sphere 290 Magic Earth Fast Cast, Grounda Quality Iron Sand, Frontier Siderite Black Pearl Powder, Loud Bell, Mysterious Perfume, Magic Crystal
Guana 1,420 Beast Fire Powera, Faster Raging Beast's Eye, Beast King's Claw Raging Beast's Eye, Sticky Tape, Gutsy Cloth, Beast's Horn
Heracles 1, 170 Organic Hardened None Sleep Healing Tank, Spent Magic Engine Eastern Red Ore, Ceremonial-Crystal, Magic-Sealing Feather, Seal Cross
Ice Magic Beast 10,360 Organic Water Trample, All-Aquara, Forcea, Ice Spike, Absolute Zero, Ice Mine None None
Killer Bird 1,080 Aerial Wind Hell Dive Tornado Leaf, Gale Wing Bent Needle, Thief's Charm, Sharp Beak, Monster Bird's Plume
Seagull 1090 Aerial Fire All-Seal Monster Bird's Plume, Phoenix Tail Sharp Beak, Monster Bird's Plume, Seal Cross

Boss Highlighted