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The physical time for a party member to perform a magical attack, like Attack Time, this attribute may increase when the character receives either melee or magical damage, however some Accessories and Skills, such as Mental Stability 1, can nullify or reduce this effect. Some skills effectively provide an instant cast of high level Spells, depending on the base casting speed of the user.

Decreasing Casting Time[]

There are numerous ways to decrease Casting Time through Equipment and Skills.


Accessory Name Skill SP Cost Description
Sage's Protection Crisis Concentration 10 Magic-casting time reduced during Critical HP state.
Accelerator Reduce Casting Time 3 100 Significantly Reduces Spellcasting Time


Skill Name SP Cost Description Source
Casting Support 10 Reduces the spell-casting time for one party member. Cooke
Concentrate 15 Reduces the spell-casting time of the user. Cooke
Reduce Casting Time 1 20 Slightly reduces spell-casting time. Cooke
Reduce Casting Time 2 40 Reduces spell-casting time. Cooke