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The City of Saman
The City of Saman
First Accessible Availability
Disc 2 After you traverse the Black Cave. Available till the end of the game.
Save Orb Inn/beds
Main Street
Kersen's Inn
Kersen's Inn
Items Components Spells
Audun Oreego N/A
Weapons Accessories Ring Maker
Oreego Oreego Oreego's Emporium
Points of Interest
Auction House Oreego's Emporium (Disc 3)
Pipot Erlio Family House
Slot Seed House of Riordan the Merchant

After emerging from the Black Cave you come upon the city of Saman. Its inhabitants appear to be under a strange curse and the people and objects act as if they are possessed.


Side Quests[]

Seed Locations[]