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The Crimson Forest
Elegy Island Dream Trigger
First Accessible Availability
Disc 1 after you leave Numara for the first time. Available throughout the game.
Save Orb Refresh Orb Seeds Slot Seed
Maze of Gloom
Chamber of Stone Tablets
Dungeon Shrine
Dungeon Shrine

Maze of Gloom
Near Swamp
Dungeon Shrine

Points of Interest
Royal Seal Maze of Gloom

The Crimson Forest, otherwise known as the Forest of Sorrow, is a Numaran territory to which entry is prohibited by the Queen. As the name implies, the forest is colored crimson red instead of green. Its second name is derived from the war that was fought there.

The forest is the battlefield, and a mass grave, of a conflict between Numara and the Eastern Tribe that took place 500 years prior to the events of the game. The forest was stained with the blood of the thousands of soldiers, both Numaran and Tribesmen, who died there in the struggle. This staining brought about its color.

Eastern Tribesmen wielded Spirit Magic during the conflict, and there is a palpable residue still present. All of the creatures inhabiting the forest are able to use Spirit magic, and some of them are even entirely composed of it, most notably the Obsidian Miasma. The presence of a living spirit mage stimulates the forest, activating otherwise dormant objects within the forest.

A Numaran legend suggests that the living can be reunited with the dead somewhere inside the forest, which Mack tries to accomplish shortly after Lirum's death. Kaim and the others discover some truth to this legend after defeating the Obsidian Miasma. A spirit, described by Seth as "warm, tender ... almost tranquil" and presumably belonging to the deceased Lirum, manifests in response to Kaim's suggestion to return the wilted tindraflora, a gift from Mack to Lirum, to their garden in Ghost Town.


Side Quests[]


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Balloon 430 None Fire Huge Explosion Flare Bomb Magma Fragment, Magic-Luring Stone
Earth Colossus* 1,220 Hardened/Spirit Magic Earth Charge, Hammer Hard Skin Eastern Red Ore
Flame Sphere* 440 None Fire Fast Cast, Flare None None
Flyweight Kelolon 270 Kelolon Water Combination, Aqua, Kelolon, Reinforcement Request Healing Medicine Whetstone, Kelo-Oil
Grantoad 820 None Water Jump, Rain Maker Poison Oil Cold Water Stone, Poison Oil
Kelolina 80 Kelolon Water Kelolon, Heal, Flee Angel's Plume Healing Medicine, Sticky Tape
Keloline 690 Kelolon Water Kelolon, Heal Angel's Plume Sticky Tape, Kelo-Oil
Obsidian Miasma* 930 Magic None Obsidian Sigh, Powera, Slower, Fear, Shadow None None
Obsidian Tentacles* 300 Magic None Soul Drain, Energy Drain, Black Whip None None
Plant Dragon* 940 Spirit Magic None Shadow Mint Powder Hard Skin, Pumice of Despair, Quality Iron Sand
Red Trent 1,370 Hardened Earth Power Crush Hard Skin Quality Iron Sand, Pumice of Despair, Hard Skin
Schin Beetle 400 Organic Wind Sleep, Wind Sandman's Seal Sandman's Seal, Wind Seal Leaf
Silver Kelolon A 290 Kelolon Water Flee, Kelolon Mana Herb Seed of Terror
Soul Eater Bug 460 Organic Wind Prey, Prism Anti-Paralysis Herb Insect Innards, Paraweed Thorn
Spitura 220 Magic Fire Flare, Slower, Flare Mine Mana Herb Blood Sucking Needle, Insect Innards

Bosses Highlighted

* Found in the Sorcerer's Shrine


  • In the Maze of Gloom, Cooke discovers Mack's shoe left behind. However, upon finding Mack in the Sorcerer's Shrine, he is still wearing both shoes.