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Highlands of Wohl[]


Important Items[]


The game starts you off right in the middle of the action, in a warzone. In your first battle you'll be surrounded by five Magic Khent Soldiers. There isn't much strategy here. Just keep pressing attac. Kaim will guard a whole lot on his own for this battle, so you'll be fine. Just keep whacking at the soldiers until you're shown a cutscene of a tank rolling in. This could probably be considered the first boss of the game... Then again... If you lose you'll just be brought back, so don't sweat it. It's not that hard of a fight anyway.

Boss Fight[]

Heavy Tank

Boss: Heavy Tank Right Unit HP: ???

Boss: Heavy Tank Left Unit HP: ???

Boss: Heavy Tank Magic Engine HP: N/A

Abilities: Magma Blast, Flamethrower, Blade Up, Blade Attack

Type: Mechanical

Element: None

Strategy: At the start of the battle you'll have two targets: Heavy Tank Right Unit and Heavy Tank Left Unit. Hit the Right Unit first, andthe tank will activate it's Right Unit Defense. While that is up you won't be able to do much damage to the one on the right. So switch to the left. When you hit it, the Left Unit Defense will activate, and the Right Unit Defense will deactivate; so all you have to do is alternate which side you hit. Right, then left, then right, etc. On the tank's turns it will hit you with a fire attack or it will raise it's large blade. If it raises the blade, that means on the next turn it's going to hit you with its powerful Blade Attack. Don't worry about it though -- as mentioned, you can't die here, and you'll be brought right back. Just keep hitting the tank until one of the arms breaks off. Next, take out the other one. After you do that the blade will fall, revealing the Tank's Magic Engine. Target it and hit it to end the battle.

Steal: None Drops: None


After the battle ends you'll see a pretty cool cutscene. Once it's over you will find yourself alone at the highlands of Wohl. The first save point of the game is over on your right. Save and take a few steps forward, and you will be brought into battle with a couple of Insane Khent Soldiers... They aren't a big deal. They go down with one hit each and cause minimal damage. After the fight keep moving until you see a large cylinder on your left. Approach it and press the A button to ram it, revealing a Bruiser Ring, your first ring of many. Make sure to view the tutorial about rings if this is your first time playing. Climb down to the ground below after getting the ring; if you get into any battles try practicing with the ring system.

[edit: Before ramming the object for the Bruiser Ring, follow the ridge to the right and ram the war machine there for a Healing Medicine.]

Mana Herb in Edge of Wasteland

Immediately ahead you'll find a large metal object that you can ram. Do so to obtain an Angel's Plume; but try not to step on the firey ground, because if you do you'll gradually lose your HP. Pushing the next large metal object on your right will reveal a Mana Herb. To the left of that on the ground, is a shiny object that you can pick up by pressing A. That would be a Name Plate. Continue past there, and you'll reach the next screen, the Edge of the Wastelands. Just run along the path until you reach a wooden crate next to a broken wheel. Step on it to reveal a Healing Medicine, then keep moving along the path. Ahead you will find another crate that you can break open. That one contains a Mana Herb. That's about all there is waiting for you here. Keep moving to reach the Gorge on the next screen.

In the Gorge you can save your game, and then break open the crate in front of you for another Healing Medicine. After that you only have to take a few steps forward before the game goes into cutscene mode where you'll see a couple of soldiers rushing to greet Kaim. When they're done open the chest on your left to obtain 4 Whetstones; you'll also be given the opportunity to view a tutorial on Ring Assembly, which you should do if this is your first time through the game. There's a second chest on your right, which contains an Angel's Plume. If don't mind doing a little bit of backtracking, you can walk back to the save point. Along the way you will come across two more crates that you can step on. One contains a Mana Herb and the other contains a Healing Medicine. Once you have everything you can walk to the back of the campsite and approach the armored car. Board it, and you'll be on your way to Uhra. Just talk to the people in the car, and do a bit of watching and listening until you get there.

In Summary[]

  • Defeat the Magic Khent Soldiers.
  • Defeat the Heavy Tank.
  • Make your way towards the refugee camp.
  • Board the armored car.
  • Talk to some people, and sit

City of Uhra[]


  • None

Important Items[]


Be warned ahead of time, that this is the slowest part of the game; it's going to be a good long time before you see another battle... At least after you leave things will really get moving though. Anyway, from where you gain control of Kaim, kick the two trashcans in front of you. One of them contains a Whetstone and the other contains [10G]. Before you go following the other soldiers, head back towards the direction you walked in from, kicking the next trash can you see for a Magma Fragment. The one just beyond that contains a Mana Herb. Turn the corner and look for a ladder on the guard tower that you see. At the top is yet another trash can for you to kick. The difference is, this one contains something good: a Seed. You can get some nice items by collecting these -- and you'll need all of them in order to be able to get four achievements -- so keep a look out for them. Once you have this one, climb back down to the ground and head through the door that the soldiers originally led you to.

Inside the tower that you enter, talk to the two guards in front of you, then step on the lift and ride it to the floor above. Get off, then move down the hallway in front of you and take a left to reach the Great Gate Station. Here there's a few items for you to pick up, if you know where to look for them. Approach the wall on your left just after entering. You can peel back one of the posters by pressing A to reveal an Antidote. At the very end of that wall you'll find another poster that you can peel back. That one conceals [100G]. On the wall directly opposite, a third poster hides [10G] more. A fourth poster, in the top left corner wall, contains a Healing Medicine. Just to the right of that, applied to the metal caging, is another poster. That one hides a Seed. Once you have all of these items, board the Monorail Car on the left side of the area. The car you want is on the top side of the platform (the other one is closed anyway). Inside the car you'll be playing the "talk and listen" game again for a bit. Approach the back of the train when you can, and Kaim will sit down. At that point you'll see a few more cutscenes, including an actual prologue to the game. When these have passed you will find yourself at the Monorail Central Station.

Approach the shiny object on the ground in front of you and pressing A to get an Engraved Ring. Now you can't actually equip that one, but you'll have a use for it soon. After you have it, move towards the elevator. Kick the trashcan to the right of it for a Cold Water Stone then get on the lift to head downstairs. There the soldiers will tell you that you have to hurry... Pay no attention. You don't want to miss any items. Instead, save your game and just take your time. Talk to the man at the desk on your left and drop off the Engraved Ring that you picked up in return for a Cure-All. Examine the poster to your right and get the Mana Herb. Kick the trashcan to the left of the desk for a Healing Medicine. Once you have these items, head offscreen to the right and continue following the two soldiers.

Just after the new screen loads, walk past the two signs on Kaim's left, and move towards the pile of boxes. It can be hard to see, but there's a metal object over there that you can kick to obtain two Whetstones. Then, in the middle of the area next to a bench, you'll find another metal object that you can kick. This one contains a Seed. Once you have the seed, go back to walking down the road after the soldiers, but watch for a third metal object against the top of the screen. It will contain an Angel's Plume. From where that is, walk straight ahead towards a wall covered in posters. You can peel one of them down to reveal another Seed. With these items, continue forward under the large archway. Halfway through you will see a red poster on the metal pipes against the wall. Peel it down to get a Wind Seal Leaf, then take a few more steps forward to reach the main street of the city. Kaim will immediately follow the soldiers to the city council hall. Listen to what the men have to say, and when you regain control of Kaim you'll be back on the main street. Save your game.

Head under the archway on the left side of the screen and examine the poster that is on your immediate left for a Wind Seal Leaf. From there, move forward sticking against the left-hand wall until you reach a metal post that you can kick. This contains a Magma Fragment.Then continue further, still against the left-wall until you come to another post do that for [100G], then continue further, still on the left-wall until you come to a poster on the Arch to the left you will see a red flag. Peel it back for a Seed (yes, there's a whole lot in Uhra, but the rate at which you get them will slow down soon enough). After getting the seed, walk under the next archway and down the stairs. There's a poster against the wall on the right at the bottom of the stairs that hides a Healing Medicine. On the opposite wall is a poster that's blocking an Antidote. After passing these posters look at your map. You'll see that there's an alcove off to the left. Stick against the wall on your left to find it, as it can be difficult to see. In this alcove you'll find a yellow dog that doesn't do anything except bark at you, and a yellow pot that you can probe to find 2 Whetstones. On the right there's also a poster you can peel back to obtain [10G].

Just past the alcove is a doorway that leads to Virno's Tavern. Take a moment to enter. Inside, you'll find a yellow pot on your right that holds [100G], and upstairs you'll find two more pots. One contains an Aqua Bomb while the other contains a Seed. That's all the pub has in store for you at the moment, though there will be more to do the next time you come. For now you can just leave. Outside, on Kaim's left and a little bit ahead is another metal post that you can kick. This one has a Mana Herb on it. Opposite the street from it is the entrance to Barkus' Arms and Armor store... but Barkus isn't in at the moment, so there's no point in entering. Do, however, check out the metal object across the street from his store passed the barrels, as it contains a Seed. After that, it's time to do as the guards told you to, and head to the inn. It's the first door past the weapons shop. As you enter you'll be brought back to more cutscenes at the council meeting. After the cutscene ends, and you find yourself inside the inn, take a moment to save your game again -- its always a good habit to do that, after all.

Before you talk to the innkeeper you'll want to take a moment to search the inn for loot. In the yellow pot to the left of the stairs is an Antidote. You'll find a Seed in the one on the stairs. On the top floor of the inn there are a handful of rooms that you can enter. The one just in front of the stairs and the one to the left of it are both empty so don't bother with them. The ones to the right of the stairs, however, have a some stuff. In the left room you'll find [100G] in the cabinet, and you can also read the inn's guestbook by examining the bookcase. In the room on the right there's a treasure chest that contains a Holy Knight Charm, which though not overtly useful is better than having no accessory at all. Make sure to equip it! By examining the bookshelf in this room you can read a bit about Uhra. And finally, you can open the cabinet to the right of the bookcase for an Angel's Plume. Once you've got everything head back downstairs and speak to the innkeeper. You'll see a flashback of Kaim's and then you'll unlock the first of many "dreams". Most of them are interesting, but you can either choose to read it or skip it. Afterwards you'll be allowed to view a tutorial on these dreams. You might as well check it out if this is your first time through.

Speak to the innkeeper again on your way out, and then leave the building and take a few steps to the south. There you'll encounter an odd character named Jansen, whom you will learn to know a lot better. For now, he imparts to you the knowledge that you are to go to Gongora's mansion. By now, there is something to do in the tavern first, so head back there. Approach the drinker at the counter to unlock a dream segment. Exit and re-enter the tavern for another dream segment from a man sitting alone upstairs. Leave and re-enter: a third dream from the man and boy at the bar counter. That, thankfully, takes care of everything you can do in the tavern. So leave and head off-screen to the north. That's the way to Gongora's mansion.

As soon as you appear on this screen, check the poster in front of you and on the righttop of the stairs for [100G] before heading around the next corner. There, on the gray barrier you'll see another poster. It hides a Seed. Take it and head up onto the platform on your right, which is actually a playground area. There's a woman and her daughter sitting on a bench there, and approaching them will unlock yet another dream,and hand over the Name Plate. you found earlier. You shall receive (x2) Poison Oil(s as a reward. next to the man and woman on the bench is a trashcan kick it and Obtain (x3) Whetstones. Now based from the map, go the SE corner of the playground, just upper right from the sad lady. Find one of those metallic containers there. Kick it to obtain a Healing Medicine. head back to where you picked up the seed, and take a left, around the side of the playground area. There's another poster on the wall there, and it holds a Magma Fragment. With that, head across the street in front of you, and keep going until you reach the wall. there, is a yellow pot that contains a Cold Water Stone The next pot to the right contains another Seed, and the pot after that houses a Wind Bomb; the metal trashcan between the first two pots has still another Seed. There is still one more Seed on the sidewalk in front of the trashcan after you kick the post. With all of these items, head down the street left to the next screen to reach the outside of Gongora's mansion. Walk forward and examine the door.

You will see a cutscene of Lord Tolten meeting with Gongora inside the mansion. Once Tolten leaves, you'll be allowed into the building. Start by taking a right at the first corner, and entering through the door you see to reach the magic research area. In the lower-left corner of this room you will find a metal container of 2 Quality Iron Sands. Take a few steps north of there to enter a very brief cutscene with Gongora, then check the upper-right corner of the room for a metal container that holds a Seed. Once you have it, head out the door in the back of the room to be brought to three treasure chests. One contains a Flare Bomb, one contains a Berserker Necklace, and the third contains a Hawk Eye, which will actually be pretty useful. Don't leave just yet, though. Grab the wooden crate in the back of the room and pull it towards the chests that you just opened. Once it's out of the way, walk around it to find a fourth chest that contains 3 Magma Fragments. That's it for items available to you at the moment, so head back to the research lab and board the yellow elevator on the left side of the room. It will take you to Gongora. After the scene ends, you'll be back downstairs. Simply make your way back through the mansion and leave.

Move back to the Residential Area, and you'll have a more formal intro with Seth Balmore, the girl with the crazy hair from the train ride. Speaking of trains, that will be your next destination, so head back to the Monorail station. Take the lift upstairs, but before you depart on the train there is another dream sequence available by approaching the little girl and her father on the bench on the middle left side of the platform (right in front of the train gate). Then take the Monorail on the left side of the platform back to the Great Gate Station. Walk into the Great Gate once you're off the Monorail, and take the lift to the floor below. There, head around to the back of the room and speak to the guard standing on the operating platform. He will ask for help with the lifts.

Select: A -> C -> B -> A -> A to complete the puzzle.


Then step on the lift on your right and ride the lifts up until you reach a treasure chest. Open it for a Platinum Gauntlet, then head back to the ground and you will find a guy beside the elevator named Colen. He is looking for a soldier’s helm. After learning some clues, take the elevator up then down. Now, after getting off the elevator, guide Kaim to the right. “Ram” should be the action command available. Do so and the helm will fall down. Pick it up and Colen will approach you and will reward you with an Antidote Brooch then leave you'll see a cutscene of Seth and Kaim meeting up with Jansen, and then you'll be allowed to view a Skill Link tutorial. Once you've watched it, or skipped it, motion to leave Uhra, and you'll run into the shopkeeper, Barkus. He's offering to sell you some items, but there's really nothing you need at the moment. Still, buy something if you'd like, then head to the south to get out of Uhra.

In Summary[]

  • Enter through the Great Gate and ride the Monorail.
  • Walk through the city to the council meeting.
  • Head to the inn, and speak to the innkeeper.
  • Meet Jansen outside the inn.
  • Head north, through the Residential Area, to Gongora's mansion.
  • Go through the magic research lab, and ride the elevator.
  • Speak to Gongora, then leave the mansion.
  • Meet Seth, and walk back to the Monorail station.
  • Ride the Monorail back to the Great Gate Station.
  • Meet Barkus and leave Uhra.

Ipsilon Mountains[]


Important Items[]


Upon entering the Ipsilon mountains, immediately turn around, take a few steps backwards, and head over to a tree on your left and look for an icon of the A button. Ram the tree for [100G] before continuing onward. There's a savepoint on your right that you can use. Do that and take a few more steps, and you'll enter a "random" encounter against a couple of Kelolons. It's not so much a battle as it is Jansen explaining how the GC bars works. Just listen to him, and do the only command that you are allowed to (attack) until the battle ends. After, you'll be given the opportunity to view a tutorial on how spells work. Take a moment to listen to it if this is your first time playing, then walk forward and ram the tree that's ahead and to the right for a Seed. Begin heading along the path in front of you. You may get into a few random encounters, but there's nothing too bad in the area. All of the enemies can be hit by Kaim and Seth for decent damage, and Jansen can use Wind on the Cliffhangers the Diacorns. Flare works well for the Dagger Birds. In the mean time, you should even find yourself leveling up a few times.

Keep moving until you reach a fork in the path. Take a right, and you'll come to two yellow pots. One contains the black magic spell Ground, which will greatly benefit you; Kelolons, as well as all other water-based monsters are weak to it. The other contains a Mana Herb. With these items turn around and head down the path to the left of the fork. Keep your eyes peeled on the right side of the path for another tree that you can ram, as doing so will net you two Wind Seal Leaf. After picking them up, look for a path that extends off to the right. Walking along this path you'll find another tree that you can shake. That one will drop you a Magma Fragment. Once you're off of the path, however, turn around and head south again. Looking at your map, you should see an alcove of sorts that extends to the south-west corner of the map. Ram the tree on the way for a Healing Medicine, then head down this path to find a yellow pot that holds two Antidote, and a treasure chest that contains a Knight's Code. If you then turn around and go south, around the rocks near the chest and pot, you'll find two more pots. One holds a Flare Bomb and the other, a valuable Slot Seed which you can use to allow yourself to set an additional skill on one of your immortal characters. Lastly, just a bit south of the pots, is another tree that you can ram. Do so, and a Seed will fall to you. That's about it for this screen, keep going forward until you reach the next one.

Walk forward until you come to a tree on the left side of the rocks. Ram it for two Magma Fragment, and take a right onto the grass. Over there you'll find another tree that you can ram for a Seed. There's also two pots over there. One contains the white magic spell Barricade and the other contains a Flare Bomb. Right next to the yellow pots,at the bottom of the screen there is another tree thats almost hidden from view that you can ram for two Wind Seal Leaf. Take these items and head up the path on your right. Ram the first tree you pass for 2 Whetstone, and take a left at the top, heading towards the "curly" area of the map. There's a tree down there, and when you ram it a Seed falls out. Once you have it, keep moving north until you see some dialogue between your three characters, with Jansen begging for a rest. When the scene ends head into the house in front of you.

Inside the house there are a few things for you to pick up -- there's also a save point that you can use to save your game. Do that, and then check the pots laying around. One contains a Seed, and another contains an Antidote. The third and final pot contains a Power Drink . All is not done in the room though; Examine the cabinet against the back wall of the hut once to light the candle, and an item will appear on the left side of the cabinet. The item, Search Glasses, allow you to see the HP and status of enemies. This is incredibly useful, and if you don't get it here it will be a long time until you can get it elsewhere. With the glasses, head upstairs and check out the bookshelf. Next, walk past Jansen and look for the table bedstand that has a candle. Light it just as you did the first one, and again an item will appear: the white magic spell Shield. When you have everything, talk to Jansen and tell him that you're ready to rest. You'll see a cutscene, and then you'll wake up refreshed, and with full HP and MP. Head downstairs and walk out the back door of the hut.

Walk over the pile of rocks to the upper right to get a Mana Herb. Keep going from there, and you'll be shown a cutscene where it starts to rain. You'll also see a cutscene of what's going on back in Uhra. Once you gain control of Kaim again keep moving ahead, along the ridge. You'll notice that Kaim will begin to walk slower due to the wind, but keep going, you are headed in the right direction. You'll only have to head a little ways ahead before you'll unlock another dream. With the dream out of the way, return to moving along the path ahead of you. Along the way you'll find one rock that's covering a Healing Medicine in the middle of the path. Further up the path is another pile of rocks that hide Angel's Plume. Keep moving; the next screen is the mountain's peak. Though you'll want at least Kaim to be at level 14 before you head over there. There's a boss fight coming up there, and he can be trouble if you're underleveled.

Boss Fight[]

Boss: Grilgan HP: 1,660

Abilities: Down Burst, Poison Claw, Wind Type: None

Element: Wind


Grilgan has a few really nasty attacks. One, Down Burst, can be a real pain. It inflicts several hundred damage to all three of your characters; if you are unlucky enough to have him do this a couple times in a row, it will likely be deadly for you. Poison Claw is also pretty bad. It does big physical damage -- well over a hundred for Kaim and Seth in the front row, but will then do even more at the end of your turn -- and since he goes after you, that damage is essentially applied directly to the original attack damage. The damage total for the first turn alone will probably be around 220. And even Grilgan's physical attacks aren't very pleasant... The key here is to just damage Grilgan as much as you can, as quickly as possible. The longer this fight goes on, the harder it will be to win. So, right off the bat have Jansen cast Flare, and have Seth toss a Flare Bomb. Equip both your front row with a Flame Ring, and try your best to land perfects so that you do more damage. Don't bother wasting your turns healing. Just let the characters die. Jansen, though a great damage dealer is not worth the effort to bring back, and the immortals will get themselves up after a few turns. You just have to be a little bit lucky and hope Grilgan doesn't get too aggressive in the mean time. On the bright side he doesn't have TOO much HP. With three characters you should be hitting for 300-400 damage per turn, and even with two you should be getting 200-300. Note though, that a lot of people claim this fight is really hard. If you absolutely can't seem to win, try leveling up to 15. That will significantly improve your odds. Also, make sure that you have Crisis Attack Boost (learned from the Berserker Necklace accessory) on both Kaim and Seth. There's a very good chance that it will make the difference between winning and losing, in the end. To make sure you will not be affected by poison, you can use the accessory Antidote Brooch to learn the Anti-Poison skill which you can obtain in Uhra earlier by completing the Errand: The Soldier's Helm.

An alternative (and safer (but kinda boring)) way of fighting this boss is simply to keep your front row defending while having them equip these skills : Stand Ready ( learned from the accessory Knight's Code ), Guard Heal ( learned from the accessory Platinum Gauntlet ) and Anti-Poison ( learned from the accessory Antidote Brooch ) while using Jansen to cast Flare non-stop. Equip the Antidote Brooch to him to make sure he doesnt get poisoned and the fight should go pretty smoothly. At level fourteen the amount of HP & GC gained each turn is enough to keep Jansen safe and kill the boss. I'd recommend this tactic for people who doesn't want to take too much risk and / or are new to this game and want a safe approach

Note that I don't recommend to do that kind of tactic at each boss fight. It wouldn't work on all of them and it would make the game WAY less exciting as it really is.

Steal: Slot Seed

Drops: Slot Seed (He won't drop one if you steal it first.)


Once Gilgan has been slain, head to the left and use the save point that's there to save your game. Head off screen to your left to reach the Southern Slope -- you're now on your way back down the mountain, but on the other side. Walk along the path until you reach the broken bridge. Now you won't be able to cross it, but you can press the A button a few times to jump from ledge to ledge on your right, and get to the other side of the canyon that way.

It should be mentioned that during this time you may come into random encounters with some new enemies. Particularly, you may come into a fight against a team of a Magic Rock and two Magic Pebbles. If such is the case, have Jansen use Wind to knock out the Magic Rock first. See, the way it works, is that the Magic Rock comes pre-equipped with Barrier, Shield, and both Magic Attack and Defense enhancements; each of the Pebbles control one attribute of each type. However, the Barrier and Magic Defense Up attributes aren't enough to keep it alive, and once it's out of the way you can take as long as you like to kill the pebbles without wasting your MP; they don't attack. If there is a Magic Pebble C, it's casting Earth Mine on the Magic Rock, giving it a counter-attack. Use magic and you'll be fine though.

You may also encounter a Big Owl. He's big, but takes hits like a chump and has a weakness to fire, so he's no sweat.

There's also an enemy called Sarbella. It's just a regular beast that's weak to water. Now you don't have Aqua yet, but physical attacks work well enough. Be carefull about these new enemy due to the fact that they can evade your melee attack ( way more often than any enemy you already encountered ) and if they do, they will use the Counter skill. It doesn't do much damage but it still gives them a free attack.

Anyway... Keep walking around the ledge until you're on the opposite side of the rope bridge. There, take a moment to head up the hill that's in front of you. There's a pile of boxes about halfway up, that you can knock over with the A button to reveal a treasure chest. Open it to obtain the Novice Earrings. Once you have them, head to the Cart Track, by exiting the screen to the left, from where the bottom of the hill is.

Walk forward towards the edge of the cliff upon entering the Cart Track area. Grab onto the mine cart that's sitting there, and push it forward until you can't anymore. You can then move over to the left, and knock the mine cart on your left off the cliff to get a Cold Water Stone. Take your item, then head down the hill on the left side of the platform your on. Keep walking forward along that path until you come to another mine cart. Knock that one off of the platform for a Seed. Right after you've picked it up, head off-screen to the north to reach the Mining Site.

Walk forward after entering the site until you come to a wooden platform with a ladder hanging from it (it will be on your left). Step onto this platform and press the A button to descend the ladder. At the bottom, immediately on your left, you'll see a stack of rocks blocking a doorway. Ram them to knock them over and clear the way, then run through the tunnel that you've opened up to reach a treasure chest that contains a Slot Seed.

Once you've got the item, head back through the tunnel and run along the platform to the right of where the ladder is. When you come to another ladder climb down to the platform below. Further to the left you'll come to yet another ladder. Again, climb down. There, you'll find a ladder to the right; But don't climb down just yet. Head past it and look for another ladder that goes up. Climb that one, to reach a wooden platform above. There you'll have to hop across a small gap to reach a treasure chest that contains the valuable Aqua spell.

Take it and climb back down, returning to the ladder that you skipped. At the bottom, begin moving to the left until you come to a mine cart in the middle of the track. Grab it, and push it forward into the gap in front of it. You can then step onto it and jump to the next platform with the A button. From there it's only a short dash ahead until you're out of the mountains.

In Summary[]

  • Face the two Kelolons in the tutorial battle.
  • Head north through the forest to reach the mountain hut.
  • Speak to Jansen and tell him you are ready to rest.
  • Cross the mountain ridge.
  • Defeat Grilgan.
  • Jump across the ledges to cross the canyon.
  • Cross the Cart Track to reach the mining site
  • Make your way through the Mining Site and leave the mountains.

Grand Staff Construction Base[]


  • None

Important Items[]


Upon first entering the construction base you'll find yourself tossed into a conversation with a worker of the site. After some smooth talking by your team you'll be allowed onto the base. Now all you actually have to do to get to the next area is take a left and exit the base to the south. If you do that, however, you'll miss a chance to pick up some items -- even get some nice new weapons. Now let's assume you do want these pick-ups; head up the ramp to the north. There you can either head right to reach the first Pipot (the creature that rewards you for Seeds) in a yellow pot, but you don't yet have 20 seeds. So just take a left for now. This will take you to the roof of a building. You can clearly see a ladder in the middle, but it is blocked off. You're going to have to fix that.

Talk to the first guard that you see there, and then run ahead and take a left at the corner of the wall of crates. Wait for him to just pass the yellow boxes as he walks away, then quickly run past him and grab the box that is beyond where he was standing. Grab onto it, and drag it backwards as far as it will go. If you take to long to do this the guard will catch you, but you can always just try again (things will be easier with each subsequent tries, as well, because the box will be where you last left it.) Now head to the opposite side of the area to where there's a second guard. To start with, just head past him and peel the poster of the wall for a quick [100G], then wait until the first guard is back in his original spot.

Now this is going to be the tricky part: Run to the first guard and talk to him, then immediately run to the second guard. Then, quickly run back to the first one again, and talk to him as he's walking to keep him from reaching the corner. After a couple of seconds press A to end the dialogue, then run back to the second guard and head past him. Run into the center of the wall of boxes and push the second crate in there as close as you can to the first one before you get caught. You'll then have to talk to both guards again to get back to the center; but the difference is with both boxes already pushed out of your way, you'll be able to reach the ladder in the center of the floor. So, climb down into the building, before that there is another poster by the ladder that contains Mana Herb.

Inside you'll find a couple of gold pots, and a few site workers. Start by checking the pots, to get a couple of items: Turn-Tail Shoes and a Seed. You can then talk to the worker standing over on the left side of the room. He's selling some items, and some of it is really good stuff. He sells a Lightweight Saber, which is a sword better than both the one Kaim and Seth have, so make sure to buy two of them -- unless you have all 20 seeds possible to obtain so far. You can get a really nice sword from the Pipot for turning them in on the right side of the town now. There's a Saint Rod for Jansen as well, but you don't need it since he's not a physical attacker. He sells an Antidote Brooch, which you can use to become immune to poison. You may find that useful. Also, in addition to some components for ring assembly, this guy is selling the Shield, Barricade, Aqua, and Ground spells just in case you missed any of them.

Business Minded Technician Tatoms (click this link to see items for sale)

When you're done shopping head up the stairs to reach the next room. There you'll see two crates. One at a time, push them out of the way to create a path to the room in front of you. This is the room reachable by the building's front door. In other words, you now have a shortcut to the shop that you can use if necessary. Don't leave just yet, though. There are two more yellow pots to open in this room. One contains the Poison spell, and the other contains 3 Hard Skins. Once you have those items, you can leave. There's another building you can check out to the south, but there's nothing important there. When you're ready to move on, leave the base via the southern exit.

In Summary[]

  • Exit the base to the south.

Sea of Baus[]


Important Items[]


As soon as you enter the area take a sharp left and head down the path towards a watchtower that's there. At the base you'll find a save point that you can use, but more importantly you'll find a pair of Treasure Glasses which can be used to reveal the items that an enemy is carrying. With them, head north from where you entered the area, and cross the bridge to reach a beach area. On the left side of the beach you'll find a large clam that you can kick; you'll be rewarded with a Healing Medicine. Also note that at this time, you'll start encountering random battles. There are a lot of Reef Worms around, which are basic enemies susceptible to Ground magic. The only thing that's tricky about them is that they come in groups. They aren't a big problem though. With a bruiser ring, you should be able to drop them in one hit -- and if not, you will be able to by the time you leave the area -- and the same goes with Jansen's Ground spell. You may also see some Floating Fish or Aqua Spheres. They aren't too tough either. Just don't be fooled by the Aqua Sphere's appearence. If you've played Final Fantasy you'll notice they look really familiar. They're actually not all that weak against magic though. Physical attacks will work better. So let Seth and Kaim take them out while Jansen focuses on the Floating Fish. There are also Mad Carpaces. They're big, but actually not hard to beat; A few attacks and a ground spell will take them down on your first turn. They just have a decent physical attack, and can hit you for greater damage if they use their Downswing ability. The final possible enemy, which you'll most likely see in the later areas of the Sea of Baus, is a Granshaker. They don't take damage too well, but they make up for it by having over 700 HP. It will take a couple of physical attacks and a Ground spell to drop one, and in that time they may get some damage in on you. Still, you can take them.

Keep heading forward and cross the bridge that you come to and head down the path to your right on the other side. Doing this will bring you to a clam that contains 4 Sticky Tapes. Head back to the bridge and take a left, next. You'll find a machine over there that is glowing yellow. If you touch it while it's glowing, you'll be tossed into a battle. Not only that, your enemy will get a free turn at the start of the battle. The goal, however, is to examine the machine when it's safe. That will earn you 3 Insect Innards. Back on the bridge, you'll find a treasure chest containing the white magic spell All-Shield. Open that, then ram down the deteriorating door to the right of it to open the path forward. The next screen can be reached by walking forward from there.

Begin following the winding trail of sand in front of you, until you come to a clam sitting on the ground. Pop it open for a Seed, then keep moving until you reach water. Instead of turning to the right, step across the water to find another glowing machine. When it's safe, ram it and you will get a Yellow Band. Walk to the right, past the rock in the water to reach the next sand bank and you'll find another machine on your right. You can ram it for an Anti-Paralysis Herb. Walk across the next few isles of sand in the water to reach a clam containing a Mana Herb. Then head between the two large rocks on your right to reach the next screen. Before you head on though, go a little further to the right to find an alcove with 4 Luring Stones inside a kickable clam.

You will immediately notice a whole bunch of glowing machines in the area, and not much else. The very first one in front of you contains a Seed. In the others, scattered around the area, you'll be able to find all of the following items: Anti-Paralysis Herb, Power Drink, Seed, Angel's Plume, Slot Seed, Apprentice Earrings and a Ground Bomb. With all of the machines knocked over, and all of the items plundered, head to the next screen. There you'll find a whole bunch of stairs, a treasure chest to the left of them that contains 4 Pumice of Despairs, and a save point at the top. There's also a treasure chest halfway up the stairs to your right, with an All-Barricade in it. Now, to be honest, you'll want to save your game and turn the console off. Why? Because when you reload your save, you will have full HP and MP, and trust me, you are going to want it for the upcoming battle. You'll also want to get Anti-Paralysis on one, if not both, of your immortals, and then equip your Yellow Band to Jansen. If you really don't want to wait for both immortals to learn it, just use the enemies in the area to help one do so -- it really will make all the difference. You can face the Magic Insects that appear on this screen to get the SP that you need. They're only worth 1 a piece, but they're very easy to beat, because they like to waste turns using their Charge ability, and that's really not useful to them. See, ahead you'll see them in the boss battle and they'll use this ability to the boss's benefit. But on their own, it's no good to them.

Boss Fight[]

Boss: Bogimoray x2 HP: 1,830 each

Abilities: Absorb, Para-Flare

Type: Organic

Element: Fire


Ideal preparations for this battle: Yellow Band on Jansen (A MUST)

Level 2 White Magic on Seth/Kaim
Guard Heal on Seth/Kaim
Anti-Paralysis on Seth/Kaim

The fight will start with one Bogimoray and a bunch of Magic Insects fighting along side it. Each turn the Bogimoray will use Absorb to gain energy from the Magic Insects. If the Magic Insects spend their turn to attack you or use Force, consider yourself lucky. If they use Charge Magic, that's not so good. See, when the Bogimoray absorbs them, he gains significantly more energy from the Magic Insects that have charged themselves; and if the big guy fills his Draw MP metere, shown in the upper-left, he'll hit you with Para-Flare, a vicious move that damages and paralyzes all of your party members (if they have Anti-Paralysis it only does damage.) The best way to handle him is to follow the old phrase of 'the best defense is a good offense; Have Kaim and Seth attack him each turn while Jansen repeatedly casts Aqua. This should allow you to have him down in two or three turns. The fight will not be over yet though. A second Bogimoray will appear already with a full Draw MP meter. Because of this, you may want to have one of your party members use Zephyr to restore your team's HP before you take down the first Bogimoray. On your first turn with the second Bogimoray, have Seth and Kaim, on the front line, use Defend. If you have Guard Heal as a skill, all the matter. You'll gain some HP. Jansen, on the back line, have just use Aqua. Seth and Kaim should take 150 to 200 points of damage, while Jansen takes less than 100 due to your GC. As soon as you make it through Para-Flare, use Kaim and Seth to cast Zephyr and heal your party up. You don't want to make Jansen do it, because by using Aqua, he is your heaviest hitter. Now on its next turn, Bogimoray may use a second Para-Flare; it just depends on whether or not enough of the Magic Insects have used Charge Magic. If he hits you again your party's HP will be really low. The good thing, however, is that all of the Magic Insects will then be out of their charge. So again, have Seth and Kaim use Zephyr while Jansen casts Aqua. Once you find yourself safely in a position where you have HP and there is no Para-Flare coming the next turn, you can have them physically attack. With two physical attacks and an Aqua, you should be able to hit at least 650. So when Bogimoray's HP gets low, just go all out on him. This battle can be one of the most difficult in the game. There's a lot of luck involved. If all of the Magic Insects choose to charge at once before the Bogimoray's turn, you're screwed -- it will probably fill his Draw MP bar. On the other hand if they don't charge at all, the Bogimoray will take many turns to fill the gauge. So long as you can keep Jansen alive, though, the battle will be in your favor, and thankfully Seth and Kaim do a good job of shielding him from Para-Flare -- at least for the first couple of times. It may take a couple of tries, but you'll be able to beat the Bogimorays with this strategy at level 16 or so. Note that you don't have to defeat the Magic Insects to end the battle.

Steal: None

Drops: None


After the fight ends, Seth will tell you to check around for damages on the Grand Staff. Well before you do that, open the chest to your left for a Sage's Protection. Once you have it, head to the lower-left corner of {C the area and approach the large pipe. Look for an area that you can examine, and press the A button. That's one of the three areas you have to check down. Head to the exact opposite side of the area, and look for another large pipe that you can examine: that makes two. Step onto the bridge, and you'll find a glowing blue sphere. Step into it to restore your HP and MP; do NOT forget to do this! A little past the sphere and to the right you can go around the fence to find another treasure chest containing a Healing Potion. The final pipe to examine is on the bridge. If you examine it (or you wander around and don't examine it for a long enough period of time) Seth will call over to you. After a cutscene you'll find yourself tossed into another battle. And that's precisely why you should have healed your HP and MP.

The battle starts off with you at a big disadvantage. There are five soldiers, and then a magician that casts Shield and Heals. The soldiers don't have high attack, but the number of them makes it collectively damaging. The key is to focus on one at a time. Each turn have Seth and Kaim attack the same soldier while Jansen casts Flare on him. You'll see one die every turn. After the first round of turns, however, you'll see {C a cutscene interrupt the battle. After that, every few turns some arrows will rain on your party doing between 50 and 120 damage to all of your characters. Because of this, when you are down to 3 soldiers, have your characters all use Zephyr to get your HP up. You can then return to beating down your enemies. Just make sure to target the magician on the second to last turn; you don't need to beat him for the battle to end, but if you don't beat him you won't get the Circlet accessory that he holds.

When the battle ends, you'll see some more cutscenes, only to find yourself locked in a cage. Run around for a bit (you may have to press the A button against the sides of the cage as well), and Kaim will recall a memory. Check it out, then press the A button to start a conversation with Jansen. You'll then get a visit from the general, and you'll hear more dialogue. Afterwards ram the cage with the A button. You'll then be given the chance to switch characters to either Jansen or Seth. (They can ram their cages as well, but that won't do anything.) Switch to Jansen first, you can then find a rat and kick it. After that switch to Seth and kick the Rat Nest. Switch back to Kaim to pick up a Light Lens. After that Ram the door and select "Nevermind," and then wait it out until the dialogue starts up again. After another few cutscenes, you'll find yourself on the large ship, the White Boa. Unfortunately, instead of riding first class you're locked in a prison cell.

In Summary

  • Cross the bridge to reach the beach area.
  • Ram the old door on the crashed ship to reach the next area.
  • Follow the winding path and head to the next screen.
  • Head north to reach the crater, and climb up all the stairs
  • Defeat the Bogimorays.
  • Examine the leaky pipes at Grand Staff.
  • Defeat the Numara soldiers.
  • Proceed through the scenes of dialogue at the Troop Camp.

The White Boa[]


Important Items[]


After the initial dialogue spoken upon waking up, you'll be given control of Jansen. Approach the cell door and press the A button to knock out the guard. When he wakes up he'll be highly confused, and after some smooth talking by Jansen,he'll let you out of the cell. When you're free, walk to the end of the hallway and use the save point that's there to save your game. Walk through the door, and down the hall in the next room. You'll be told that you're going to have to be sneaky and not get caught in this section; if you are, you'll be sent all the way back to the brig again, and that's no fun.

Anyway wait for the first cypher to head down the hallway away from you, then run past it. Head around the next corner and kick the metal canister that's on the ground to distract the second cypher, than run past it, around the next corner. There, you'll find a computer panel on the wall. Press it to open the doorway in front of you, granting you access to a chest containing the black magic spell Paralyze. Just around the next bend you'll find another cypher flying back and forth. Wait for it to reach the point closest to you, and then as soon as it turns around run past it and get near the computer terminal. When the cypher flies past the metal door ahead, press the A button to shut the door on it, locking it in. You can then run forward and press the computer terminal next to that door to open the path forward in front of you.

Walk through that door, and you'll find yourself with two directions to go in: north or south. Well, the southern path leads to a dead end. So head north. This leads to a path with a red tile on the floor. While this one isn't dangerous, red panels beyond this one will set off an alarm if you run; you'll have to hold B to walk quietly over them. Walk towards the end of the path to reach a ladder. Climb it and press the button that you find on top. Doing this will drop a ladder to just outside of the brig. In other words now if you get t you'll have a shortcut back to where you are now. Anyway, climb back down the ladder leading to the red tile, and walk through the door just in front of it. You'll see a guard in there, but don't worry. Just walk towards him for a cutscene.

You'll see a cutscene where you find out the guard's actually asleep! Hold B to walk over the red tiles in front of him, and you won't be caught. After you are safely across, look for a computer terminal on the wall, and press it. This opens the door that's on your right. Inside the room that you open is a treasure chest holding a Slot Seed. Once you have it, head south around a pile of boxes when the cypher ahead is facing away from you. Climb the ladder to reach the catwalk above. There you can walk along normally until you come to some red tiles. Hold B to walk silently across them. Do the same for the rest of the red tiles that you come to on the catwalk. When you finally reach the opposite side, there will be a computer terminal that you can access, causing a ladder to drop down on your right.

Climb down, and hug the wall on your right, looking for a red switch that you can press. Press it, then head back to your left so that you can clearly see the cypher in the area. Wait for it to turn away from you, then be quick, and run to the second ladder and climb up to the catwalk above. Walk along it, and the ladder to your right will drop, allowing you to quickly return to the door that you just unlocked -- well, almost unlocked. Climb down, and press the button next to the door that's lit up. THAT will unlock it completely, allowing you to pass through. Walk through the door and press the button on the middle of the elevator, and you'll be taken to another level of the ship -- an area of the ship at which location your weapons will be returned to you.

You'll also be immediately thrusted into a battle with some soldiers. They have the same attack as those found at the Crater Island outside of the Grand Staff, but they have less HP. There's also only two of them, so you should have no trouble taking them out. Immediately to the right will be a chest with a Healing Potion. After you get that, head around the water and step onto the bridge that passes over the pond. There's a chest on this bridge that you can open for an Angel's Plume. You can then save your game by using the save point just to your left. Keep in mind that at this point, however, random encounters will start to occur. You'll probably encounter some Security Eyes. They will draw either Numara Soldiers or Guard Beasts into battle. Now they go down very quickly with physical attacks, but don't even try magic; it does minimal damage, and will actually increase their GC. The Guard Beasts which may come to their aid are just regular enemies. The trick is not to focus on them though. If the enemy's GC is zero, attack the Eye. The battle will not end if you allow them to live, because they'll keep calling for their reinforcements. Anyway, once you've saved make your way to the doorway in the back of the garden. After several cutscenes you'll find yourself controlling Jansen inside the queen's chambers.

Approach Queen Ming and you'll see a cutscene. You'll then see what's going on outside of the room with Kaim and Seth, and before you know it you'll be pursued! Head back towards the entrance of the room, and listen to the general from through the door. When he's done, run back towards the center of the room, and take a right circling around the center platform. This will take you to a stairway. Descend to reach a different part of the engine room. Now you shouldn't mess around too much down there because there are still random encounters, and you only have Jansen in your party. So instead of screwing around just head to the room to the north of where you are. A moment after you enter you'll see another chain of cutscenes. By the time the dust has cleared, you'll find yourself in the Free Ocean State of Numara.

In Summary[]

  • Escape the brig by throwing Jansen's pearl at the guard.
  • Make your way through the engine room, avoiding the machines.
  • Cross the garden and examine the large door.
  • Approach Queen Ming.
  • Try to leave the room through the main door.
  • Head to the engine room through the emergency staircase.
  • Enter the room to the north.

City of Numara[]


  • None

Important Items[]


Once all of the scenes end, you'll be in the lobby of an empty palace. Step outside and take a breath of the Numaran air; and more importantly, take a few steps over to the left and save your game. Now it needs to be mentioned before this guide goes any further: Numara is a huge area. It has more sidequests than any other area in the game by far. Not all of them can be accessed yet, but a lot of them can. There are a LOT of little tasks that can be done to get you some prizes. These are covered in this section, making it quite long. All you REALLY have to do is head to the south of the White Square and leave. If you do that, however, you'll be cheating yourself out of many good items.

Anyway, as far as the complete combing of the city goes... Start by walking to the left of the save point that contains 5 Frontier Siderites, and a pot on the opposite side of the palace that holds [100G]. On the very far left and right sides of the palace stairs you'll find small shrubs with red berries that you can examine. The one on the left holds one Seed, and the one on the right holds a second Seed. Head to the south and go down the stairs, but before you leave the area check the final remaning pot; it's in the corner farthest to the right, and it holds 5 Sun Crystals. After grabbing them, head off-screen to the south. This will bring you to Numara's White Square.

Immediately after entering the area, check the wall on your right looking for a vine with a red berry on it. Check it with the A button for another Seed, then head south into the main area of the square. In the square, walk to the right and look for a young cat-like girl. She'll first ask you if her ears are weird looking. Lie to her and say "not really." Answer "sure" for her next question, and she'll begin to run away... very slowly. Chase her and speak to her again, and she'll award you with a Slot Seed. Once you have that, pick a berry off the vine behind where she was standing for a Seed, then head over to the left side of the area, near the push-cart. Check the two pots on the ground in front of it for an Aqua Bomb and [10G]. You should then enter the inn, which is to the right of where you first entered the square.

On the first floor of the inn, there's a glowing plant on your right that you can examine for an Anti-Paralysis Herb. There's another one to the right of the main desk that is hiding a Seed. There's one more Seed in the glowing plant on the opposite side of the desk, and there's a blue pot that contains an Angel's Plume by the stairs. Once you've plundered the first floor, head upstairs and check the first pot you see for a Healing Herb. There's another pot on the far right side of the hallway that will give you 6 Whetstones. In the hallway leading to the rooms you'll find two more pots. One of them has [100G], the other, 5 Waterfall Clusters. With the halls cleared, start going into the rooms, checking the glowing plants and the cabinets that you find for a bunch of items. All of the following is available: Seed, Ground Bomb, [10G], 6 Guardian Ores, 5 Sticky Tapes, [Mint Powder], [Mana Capsule]. Consider using the six Guardian Ores to refine a Bruiser Ring Ultra from one of your Bruiser rings, then head back downstairs and leave the inn. Outside of the inn, head up the stairs directly to your right to reach another section of the city.

Head forward until you reach a wall as soon as you enter Main Street. You will reach another vine on the wall that has a Seed on it. You'll also see the cat girl again. Speak to her and tell her that you'll play with her. This time it will be hide and seek; she'll run off to hide. Don't worry about her yet, you'll find her later. Head over to your left and speak to the girl on the boat, to find out that she can't find her date. You'll help her later. For now, head back up the stairs and enter the building closest to you. Check the pot to your right after entering for a Healing Herb, Talk to the "Business-Obsessed Hocke" who's in the middle of the room, and he'll grant you access to his shop; that's good, because we'll be passing by it soon. With this new information, leave the building, heading around to the right of the building. There you'll spot another vine holding a Seed on the building's wall. Pluck it, then motion to cross the bridge in front of you. Halfway across, Kaim will become distracted, and recall another dream.

The first building you see upon crossing the bridge is Ninn's Boutique. Enter, and check the glowing plant on your left for [10G]. The plant on the opposite side of the store is the home of a Seed. To the right of that plant is a man blocking the back door. Try to enter the room, and he will stop you. If you spoke to the man back in the previous building you will be given the opportunity to tell him the password, and earn access to the back room -- the only area of the store that actually has items for sale. There's also a ring assembler back there. He'll allow you to customize advanced rings for free if you have the components. Really do consider the Herculean Ring, as its very useful at this point of the game. Anyway, the rings available by him, and the items sold by the man in the back of the shop are as follows:

Traveling Ringmaker Trace

Rings Fire-Powered Ring (Flame Ring + Bruiser Ring)

Water-Powered Ring (Aqua Ring + Bruiser Ring)
Wind-Powered Ring (Wind Ring + Bruiser Ring)
Earth-Powered Ring (Earth Ring + Bruiser Ring)
Soul Ring (Osmosis Ring + Bruiser Ring)
Turtle Shell Ring (Piercing Ring + Bio Ring)
Flying Beast Ring (Beast Ring + Aim Ring)
Herculean Ring (Bruiser Ring + Anger Ring)

Weapon and Armor Seller Ninn (click this link to see items for sale)

When you're done shopping, head back outside and enter the alleyway to the left of the shop. There's a Seed on the vine on the southern corner of the wall on the right, and another Seed on the vine on the opposite wall. Take them both, then climb the ladder that's at the end of the alley. Run across the bridge that extends across the roof tops and descend the next ladder that you come to, to reach a treasure chest. It contains a [Slot Seed]. Take it then make your way back to the alleyway and walk past the next two buildings; don't go in the front door yet. Instead, enter the next alleyway. There you'll find a branch with another Seed on it, as well as the side door to the building. Enter it, and you will find the cat-girl again. Speak to her, and after some dialogue she will give you Mana Earrings and disappear again. Check the bookshelf for a Wind Bomb, and then all three of the drawers of the desk on your right for [100G], a Seed, and 5 Gale Wings, respectively. Once you have all of this, head out the back door to the shop. There you'll find a man on a boat. Talk to him twice, and you'll tell him about how his girlfriend is waiting for him, and he'll reward you by bringing you a treasure chest that contains the white magic spell Shine. Now that you have that you can head through the building to reach the front room, where they sell stuff. Buy what you need -- specifically the All-Barricade spell that you do not yet have. (All-Barricade is actually found earlier at the Sea of Baus, the shop is just here incase you missed any spells earlier)

Tool Seller Nalia (click this link to see items for sale)

Back on the main street, head back to the girl that is in the boat to see that she is now with her boyfriend. Talk to her, and she'll bring you a chest with a Mimint Ear inside as a way of saying thank you. Once you have opened the chest, head back to Nalia's Item Shop, and head down the stairs in front of it. When Kaim overhears the people there talking he will remember another memory, unlocking a dream. Once you're done with it head off-screen to the left to reach Canal Street, another area of the city.

Take a right at the first chance you get to reach the entrance to a house. There's a pot in front of the door that you can probe for a Mana Capsulebefore. Inside the home, you'll find a pot containing 5 Sticky Tapes and a glowing plant that contains Mint Powder. In one of the back rooms, there's another plant. That one has 3 Mysterious Perfumes on it. In the second backroom there's a Healing Herb, lodged inside a blue pot. In that room you can also open too of the dressers drawers. Doing that will net you [10G] and 4 Seed of Terrors. Before leaving the house, talk to the man at the kitchen table. He'll ask you to bring him Crystal Fragments. You don't have any yet, but you will later on -- so just remember where he is. For now, just leave the house and save your game by using the save point that's in the middle of the street.

Cross the bridge, and look for a bush on the right side of the road that has a berry you can take. You guessed it -- it's a Seed. Take it down, then run forward and talk to the group of kids standing in the corner of the marketplace. Tell them that you wish to join their club, and they will hide three treasures, and demand that you find them. Ok, that's easy enough. The Large Balloon is a shiny object on the ground in front of where you just picked a seed from. The Model of Gondola is next to the tent under the bridge. The Doll in a Dress is on the ground in the middle of the marketplace area. Once you have all three, speak to the children again (one at a time), and they'll reward you with Kelolon Earrings. As soon as you have this item, turn around and head towards the center of the marketplace again. Kaim is going to unlock another memory.

When the memory ends, walk forward and look for a house on your left that you can enter. Inside you'll find a pot containing a Healing Herb, and a shiny object on the table that will turn out to be Blinding Powder. There is another pot in the kitchen; you'll find 4 Insect Innards in it. Open the door to the right of the kitchen to reach another room. Open the cabinet inside for [100G], and slide open the drawer next to it for another [10G]. In the living room you can check out the books on the shelf for a short story, or you could just leave. At that time, you can begin heading north, towards the next bridge. Check the pot on your left for [10G] before you cross it, and pull a [Seed] from off of a hanging branch on your left just after you cross it. Walk into the small paved area just past the hanging branch to find a pot with 5 Poisonous Bones inside. Take them, then head forward and enter the next house on your left.

In this house there are a few books that you can read on the shelf. More usefully, there's a Mana Herb in a pot that's in the kitchen. Head through the blue door on your right to reach another room. In there you will find a pot that holds 4 Mighty Carapaces, a dresser drawer that holds [10G], and a cabinet that holds a Flare Bomb. With the house plundered, exit back to Canal Street. Head north and exit the screen. That will bring you to Port of Numara. The area is closed off for the most part. All that you can do there is save your game, and then head to the left, bringing you to the Ghost Town.

In Summary[]

  • Leave the palace and walk to the White Square.
  • Explore the city (Main Street, and Canal Street).
  • Head from Main Street, to Canal Street, to Port Numara.
  • Enter the Ghost Town.

Ghost Town[]


Important Items[]


In the ruined area you enter, move forward and take a right, then head north into the walled off area. You'll find a treasure chest that contains 5 Sandman's Seals. Head out to the right side of that building and go north, and you will soon enter a cutscene of Kaim and the others meeting two small children, whom you will come to know as Cooke and Mack -- two soon-to-be members of your party. The calm scene will soon be interrupted by an attack by some soldiers, though. It's not horrendously difficult, but if you aren't careful it's definitely possible to lose. The soldiers are a little tougher than the ones you've met so far, and they come with two Numara Cavalries as well. Focus on one at a time, having both Seth and Kaim attack the same target, while Jansen casts magic. If you bought two Steel Swords from Ninn's Boutique in Numara, Seth and Kaim may finish a target off on their own (they have 300HP), allowing Jansen to hit another one with his magic, giving you a good head start. Have Jansen stop and use Zephyr if your party members' HP drops below 200; the Cavalries have an attack called Rush that does damage in the mid 300s. They're the larger concern, but the thing is, they're in the back row so you can't get them until you take out some of the soldiers first. If you don't mess up too much with the ring targeting system though, and you land some perfects, the battle should prove to be quite possible.

When the fight is over and the soldiers run off, Cooke and Mack invite you to their home, offering to lead the way. So, head forward to reach the main path again. Before you head north though, head over into the yard on your left. There, next to the well, you'll find a pot. Examine it to obtain a Kelo-Vitamin, then follow the main path some more. Not far ahead, you will have access to another yard on your right. Under one of the stone structures is another pot. Check it out for 4 Hard Skins. Once more, go to the main path and head north. This time, keep moving until you reach the next screen. Head left to reach Cooke and Mack's house, but don't go inside just yet. Head over to the right side of the house and probe the blue pot that's on the ground for a Seed. Now, if you're keeping track and getting them all, that's number 40. There's a brown pot in front of the children's house that has a Pipot inside it; he'll reward you with an Earth Charm for giving him 40 seeds. You're still not ready to enter the house though. Head to the right of the blue pot where you got the seedinto the next yard and check the pot that's there. That will earn you a Mana Herb. You can then head past the broken stone fences to reach the yard in the very back of the house. There you'll find a chest containing a valuable Slot Seed -- awesome. Take it, and NOW you can go back and enter the house.

Approach the bed on the first floor of the house to meet Cooke and Mack's mother (and yes, I know how weird and inappropriate that sounded, but it is what you have to do.) Anyway, the cutscene you'll be shown is an important one, so don't skip it. After it ends, you'll gain temporary control of Prince Tolten, way back in Uhra.

Uhra - Amphitheater in the Sky[]

Because it's so brief, I will not give it another section. As Tolten, walk forward until you see a short cutscene. Shortly after it ends, you'll be surrounded by some monsters. It's no use running -- just bump into one so that the fight begins. As Tolten you shouldn't have too much trouble ending this one. Use his skill, [[Cut Down] to attack all of them at once. Most, if not all of them should die, allowing you to just finish them off in the following turn. See, this fight is more to progress the plot. You aren't actually supposed to be challenged by it. Once they've been whipped out, you'll be encountered by chairman Roxian. Before Tolten knows what is going on, he'll be tossed into a battle with him. It's not much of a boss fight, so I won't list it as such... but it's not really a normal fight either... You'll see what I mean. You'll have to spend your first three turns using "Inquire", while he spends his turns casting the elemental spells on you... yeah, that's not nice, considering your HP is going down during this period. Still, it will only take two Power Hits to bring him down, so you're not in any danger. After the fight you'll see a cutscene that's rather interesting, and then you'll be returned to the Ghost Town.

Ghost Town[]

The Funeral Director will arrive and tell you that you need to collect the needed materials for Lirum's sending: you'll need 10 flowers, and 10 branches for which to use as torches. First, you'll take control of Cooke, who is going after the flowers. You're after the big white ones. Their locations are as follows:

  1. In the yard on the right of the house.
  2. In the yard behind the house.
  3. In the very back yard behind the house.
  4. Touching the right side of the house.
  5. In the City of Ruins area: in the first yard you see on the right.
  6. In the City of Ruins area: in the first yard you see on the left.
  7. In the City of Ruins area: in the area beyond the well.
  8. In the City of Ruins area: in the area beyond the well (off to the left.)
  9. In the City of Ruins area: Pass under the archway that's beyond the well.
  10. In the City of Ruins area: On your first left, if you were coming from the Port of Numara entrance, in the small yard.

Once you have all of the flowers, run back to the house and speak to the funeral director. You will then be given control of Kaim, and told that you need to gather the branches. The location of the branches are as follows:

  1. In back of the house and to the right.
  2. In the yard on the right of the house.
  3. In the yard behind the house.
  4. In the very back yard, behind the house.
  5. Near the gateway to the house, as you go to leave.
  6. In the City of Ruins area: in the first yard you see on the right.
  7. In the City of Ruins area: in the first yard you see on the left.
  8. In the City of Ruins area: to the left of the well.
  9. In the City of Ruins area: in the area beyond the well.
  10. In the City of Ruins area: right next to branch 9.

When you've collected the needed branches return to the house and speak to the funeral director again. The funeral ceremony will then begin. In the ceremony there is a ritual that must be performed. You will be given control of Mack during this ceremony. How it works, is that one by one people will walk by a hold a torch out to [Mack]]. You'll have to use the X, A, B and Y buttons to move the torch, and you'll have to use the left stick to adjust it. It's a lot simpler than the director will make it sound. Just watch for where the person is putting their torch, and press the appropriate button (Y for up, B for right, A for down, and X for left.) Once your torch is touching their's, just nudge the left stick to make the tips of the torches meet to cause the second one to light. After the initial tutorial, you'll have four more people to do this ceremony with before you'll be done with this boring task.

You will see the final sending off of Lirum, and then you'll gain control of Kaim again, back in Cooke and Mack's house. You'll find out during this time frame that Mack has gone off to the Crimson Forest alone; Cooke will join your party. Don't leave yet, though. Head to the upstairs floor of Cooke and Mack's house and open the chest that's on the floor to gain the Kelolon spell, and you can open their cabinet for [1G]. The Kelolon spell is a nifty thing to pick up, but the 1G is actually kind of sad... Anyway, they apparently had enough gold to afford a save point of their own, so save, and then head outside. Make your way back to Numara Port, and walk off-screen to the right to reach the world map. As you do this, you'll pass a bell tower which will unlock a dream. Your next stop is the Crimson Forest.

In Summary[]

  • Meet Cooke and Mack.
  • Defeat the Numara Soldiers and Cavalry.
  • Travel to Cooke and Mack's house.
  • Meet Lirum.
  • Defeat the Mud Puppets and Roxian as Tolten.
  • Collect 10 flowers as Cooke.
  • Collect 10 Branches as Kaim.
  • Complete the torch lighting ceremony as Mack.
  • Return to Numara Port, and from there, to the world map.

The Crimson Forest[]


Important Items[]


After the initial cutscene upon entering the forest, walk forward and save your game at the end of the path. You'll find yourself with two paths: a left and a right. This area is essentially a big circle, so you might as well start with a right -- it's as good a direction as any. Ram the first rock formation that you come to for an Angel's Plume, then walk under the overhanging branch beyond that. Ahead you'll find a large, glowing, purple plant of some sort. Kick it for a Crystal Fragment; remember, that dude back in Numara wanted 19 of them? The second Crystal Fragment plant is just ahead from where the first one is. Now, beyond that you'll find a fancy looking platform, but you can't do anything with it yet. So, take a left and follow along until you reach another stone formation that you can ram. That will get you an Anti-Paralysis Herb. To the north of where you are you can see a seal. Again, that's something you can't do anything with yet, so ignore it for now.

As you do all this, it would probably be a good idea to know what kind of enemies you're up against. Well you have the Water-based Grantoads who can do a lot of damage with their Jump attacks and can poison everyone at once with their Rain Maker. You have fire-based Spituras which can deal big damage with the Flares -- and who will often come along with a Soul Eater Bug who can absorb them to increase his own stats before hitting you with a powerful Prism spell. The Soul Eater Bug is Wind-based. You'll also come across wind-based Schin Beetles who can hit pretty hard, and fire-based Balloons who can do a Huge Explosion, sacrificing themselves to damage your entire party. There are also Red Trents, who are earth-based, who can do massive damage to you with their Power Crush, and who have a lot of HP. Do you notice a similarity between these enemies? They're all dangerous, but they all have elemental weaknesses: every single one of them. Make good use of Jansen and Cooke to take them out before you are in much danger. In the case of Red Trents you'll have to make all of your characters attack them, due to their large HP (1370), but they'll fall like the others. The enemy that really stands out, however, is the marginally rare Silver Kelolon. They're not dangerous, but they're hard to kill. They have extremely high evasion and will almost always flee the battle on their turn. If you are lucky enough to take one down you'll get some nice EXP. There's also the Flyweight Kelolon around, who is basically just a slightly tougher version of the regular Kelolon -- he can call Kelolines into battle, with his Reinforcement Request. The Kelolines won't even attack you directly; they just cast Kelolon and Heal.

Head to the south of where you are to find another Crystal Fragment plant. Turn around and head north, from there, and keep going until you reach another rock formation. If you ram that one, you'll be tossed into a random battle against a Soul Eater Bug and five Spituras; it's your choice whether or not you want to take that fight. Right behind the rock formation is Crystal Fragment number four. There's an alcove a bit north-west of where you are. Don't go there yet, as there are more items to get here before you delve deeper into the forest. Continue to head to the left, along the path. and past this alcove. Following this path will bring you to a rock formation that, if rammed, will grant you a Seed. Further to the south, you'll find another Crystal Fragment. Keep moving, and you'll find another Crystal Fragment bringing your total to six. This will also bring you back to the save point, so save your game again -- you wouldn't want to lose your items or experience gains in the event of a game over. Once you've done that, head back to the alcove that you skipped and approach the wall that's there. After a cutscene you'll be able to ram the log in front of you to reach the Near Swamp area.

After entering the area, start by heading to your right. Keep going until you come to a Crystal Fragment plant. After gnabbing it, turn around and head up the hill on your right. You'll find another Crystal Fragment at the top. Follow the path downward and cross over an old tree that acts as a bridge for yet another Crystal Fragment. Cross back over, and look for a second log a bit further north that heads off to the left as well. It leads to a rock formation that you can ram in order to obtain an Anti-Paralysis Herb. Take it, and then head back to the first branch you came to in the area. Take the first path this time. Keep going until you reach a Crystal Fragment, then move north a bit more for another Crystal Fragment. Over to the left of this, on the other side of the screen, is a rock formation that you can ram for a Mana Capsule. Once you have this stuff turn around, and look for a path that heads off to the right. The first rock formation you pass there leads to a battle, so be cautious of that. Further on your right you'll find a path that extends south of where you are. That leads to a rock formation that you can knock over for a Seed. After picking it up, head north-east until you come to another Crystal Fragment, as well as another fork in the path. There's nothing for you by running up the stone ramp on your left yet, so just keep heading north until you reach the next screen.

In this area you'll notice a glowing glyph on the ground immediately. Before stepping on it though, head over to the lower-right corner of the area and pick up Crystal Fragment number thirteen, then use the save point behind the glyph. Once that's done you can finally go and step on the circle and ride down to the lower area. Be aware, however, that you are now going to start stumbling upon some new enemies. You'll have the Earth Colossus, which is a big dude that is susceptible to Wind magic, but eats physical attacks like they're nothing. His physical attacks are nothing to be worried about, but you should take these guys out fast, because if they use Charge they'll follow that up with their Hammer attack which will do massive (nearly 500) damage. You'll also see the Flame Sphere, which is basically just the fire counter-part to the Aqua Sphere you found earlier in the game, it uses the spell Flara which can hit you pretty hard, around 400 damage. You'll probably also get a look at some Plant Dragons. Though you'd think they'd be weak to fire, they are non-elemental. They're the weakest of the new enemies though. They have the Shadow spell, which will damage everyone, but it won't cause much damage. They're also pretty slow. Anyway, back to making your way through the shrine:

Once you get off the platform, head to the room on your right. There you will see a large boulder on the platform in the center of the room. Climb the stairs, and grab onto the boulder. Push it all the way back to the platform that you arrived on, and then step away. The platform will lift the boulder to the floor above, causing a new platform to come down. On it, is a Tablet Fragment which you'll be able to use later. With that out of the way, approach the northern exit of the room, picking up a Crystal Fragment on your way, and enter the next area: the Dungeon Shrine.

Walk up the first flight of stairs on front of you, and you'll see a short clip of a door on the ground closing. Don't worry, you can get it open again. First though, you have to watch your own back. As soon as you step onto the stair case, something will shake and a boulder will come rolling down towards you. Hold X to run up the stairs, and quickly get onto the ledge on the left side so that the boulder misses you. You can then make your way to the top where you'll find another Crystal Fragment. Step onto the next light gray block from there, but quickly run over it so that you don't get hit by the boulder that comes sliding down soon after. Once it has passed, head halfway down the stairs. You will see a column with a green light on it. Grab it from the side and push it until the light turns red, then run back up the stairs. This time when you step on the bottom at the top, you'll see a scene where the boulder slides down and crashes through the door, opening it. Nice!

Before you make your way down the middle staircase, however, head over to the third staircase. Head down those stairs to reach a treasure chest that contains a Lucky Clover. From the chest, head north to reach another screen. As soon as you enter this screen you'll see two plants: one has a Crystal Fragment and the other... also has a Crystal Fragment! That's all that's over there, so make your way back to the previous screen, and head down that middle staircase. At the bottom, you will see a few things over on your left. First things first though. Before you do anything head forward and touch the blue glowing sphere to restore your HP and MP. Then, use the save point that's next to it to save your game. You can then open the chest a little to your left for the Black Magic spell Curse.

You can make your way to the lower-left corner of the area to find a couple of Earth Colossi standing in the path, pounding on the floor. Now you can choose to run under their arms, or fight them: both methods are fine. Be aware though, that if you touch their arms you'll be put into a battle with two of them each time: for a total of four Colossi. If you do this, focus on one at a time. Wind Spells are really the only way to do damage unless you've equipped Kaim or Seth with a Piercing Ring. It's not necessary to do this, but it will make things easier. Regardless of how you get past these guys, there's a Crystal Fragment between them, and a chest that holds Cubic Music Score 2 beyond the second one. That's another item you'll be able to use later in the game. On the exact opposite side of the room you'll find two more of the stone giants protecting a treasure chest. That one contains a Slot Seed. Also note that on your immediate left of the staircase in the middle is a plant containing the nineteenth and final Crystal Fragment. You won't see it until you walk behind the stairs. After picking it up, head forward and heal/save once more, then walk into the next room for a boss battle. Your party should be around level 20 for this.

Boss Fight[]

Boss: Obsidian Tentacles x4 | HP: 300 (A,B,D) 520 (C)

Boss: Obsidian Miasma HP: 930

Abilities: Soul Drain, Energy Drain, Slower, Powera, Black Whip, Obsidian Sigh, Shadow, Fear

Type: Magic

Element: None


The first thing to be aware of in this fight, is that Cooke is being held by Tentacle C in this fight. Now each of the Tentacles have an ability, Soul Drain which will take between 20 and 30 HP. They also have an ability, Energy Drain, which will take between 40 and 50 HP as well as some MP. If she dies (and for this battle she only has 340 HP) it's a game over. Because of that, you should start by having every single one of your attacks being used on Tentacle C. Have Jansen casting Flare, while Seth and Kaim attack. Once Cooke is freed, she'll be added to your back row, making the fight a little easier. Because the Tentacles have such good defense Kaim and Seth won't be of much use; just keep them around to use Zephyr each turn, or to use a Healing Herb if you need to heal really quickly. It will take two Flares -- one from Cooke, and one from Jansen -- to take down a Tentacle, so that's one each turn. In this time you'll be taking some painful attacks. The tentacles can damage an entire row with Black Whip, and the main body of the monster, which you can't target yet, can do the same with Obsidian Sigh. He also has Powera at his disposal, so that he can make his attacks stronger. If your party's HP gets below 300 or so there could be a problem, so try not to let that happen. Once all of the Tentacles are down, you'll have Mack released as a puppet to the Obsidian beast. Cast Sleep on him, and he'll be out of the way. If you kill him, that's a game over. When Mack is asleep you'll be able to attack the Obsidian Miasma. Like the tentacles he has high physical defense, so you'll want to use magic. His attacks can be harmful, so you'll want to use your magic as quickly as possible, while doing your best to keep your mage's alive. You'll also have to keep a close eye on Mack before you choose the actions on your turn. If he wakes up you'll have to cast Sleep on him again. When you finally deplete the HP of the Obsidian Miasma the battle will end. If you find that you are taking too much damage in the fight, consider tossing an All-Barricade once Cooke is freed.

Steal: None

Drops: None

Note: At some point between beating the boss and loading up disc 2, a key item, Precious Petal, will be added to your inventory. The significance of it will come into play later in the game.

In Summary[]

  • Head to the back of the Maze of Gloom area of the forest.
  • In the Near Swamp, take a left at the first fork.
  • Head to the north-exit of the Near Swamp to reach the entrance to the Sorcerer's Shrine.
  • Head to the lower floor.
  • Move the statue off the middle staircase, and let a boulder roll down to bust the door open.
  • Walk through the door at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Defeat the Obsidian Tentacles and Obsidian Miasma.
  • End of Disc 1.

On to Disc Two![]