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The Crimson Forest[]


Important Items[]

Motion towards the southern exit and you'll see a scene where Seth explains the odd feelings Mack is having are caused by the magic he's gained due to the forest -- Translation: you now have access to spirit magic! Once the scene ends, head down the stairs and step on the platform surrounded in purple light to be brought back up to the Crimson Forest. Once at the top, examine the green light twice. Doing that will grant you access to use the various different moving platforms in the area (don't worry, we'll get to them soon.) Keep in mind though, that Mack is only at level 15; this is the perfect chance to get him cought up with your other characters. Get into some battles. Aside from the leveling, let's get you to those moving platforms. You can reach the first one by heading south, and then west at the first fork in the path. You should see a glowing purple circle on the ground; that's what you're looking for. Ride it to the cliff above, and head south across an old tree. This brings you to a platform with two rock formations on it. The first one holds a Seed, while the second one leads only to an ambush by some Spituras and a Soul Eater Bug. Once you have the seed, and maybe faced the monsters, head back to the ground.

Make your way back to the Near Swamp area of the forest, and take the first path on your left. Make your way as far north as you can go, to the upper-left corner of the forest. There you'll find another elevator platform that you can ride. This is a good one, as it will bring you to a rock formation that you can ram, earning the Refresh spell. Grab it, then head back down to the ground. Make your way towards the entrance to the Sorcerer's Shrine, but don't enter. Instead look for a stone hill on your left that you can climb. At the top you'll find another glowing circle to step on. There are two rock formations where you land; one of them has a Healing Potion, and the other just another battle with some Spituras and a Soul Eater Bug. Fight them or not, and take the item, then head back to the ground, and return to the first area of the forest, the Maze of Gloom. There, you can make your way back to the entrance and head to the left. Around that bend is a platform that you can ride up to the ledge above. Ram the rock formation that's there and you'll get an awesome sword, and a ring that matches: Demon Warrior's Blade and Demon Warrior Ring. Equip the sword to Kaim, and do what you want with the ring, then head for the exit of the forest. You'll unlock a dream on the way out. Watch it or skip it; either way, you're on your way back to Numara.

In Summary[]

  • Take the glowing lift back up to the forest.
  • Leave the forest and return to Numara.

City of Numara[]


Important Items[]

Walk Through[]

When you first re-enter the city, you'll see an old man with a floating box near the bridge on your right. Speak to him and he'll give you the Cubic Music Score 1, and he'l allow you to try a (boring, lame, annoying) mini-game. Well, select Music Score 1 and make a party of four. It doesn't matter who they are. In the "battle" select the boxes in this order: C->E->G->C. Once the battle ends, the man will reward you with the black magic spell Force. There are other places to get it, but it's useful, so why not get it as early as possible? If you picked up the second cubic music score at the Crimson Forest, you can play that one as well. Should you choose to do so, select the boxes: D->A->A->D. You'll be rewarded by the old man with the spirit magic spell, Dodger. Once you have the new spells, walk towards the fountain in the center of the square, and you'll see a cutscene: a broadcast of Prince, excuse me King, Tolten of Uhra.

Approach the northern-exit of the screen and you'll see another cutscene. After it ends, head north to reach the Palace Facade. You'll see a little girl standing alone on the left side of the screen. Speaking to her leads to a long line of errands to run -- errands covered in the sidequests section rather than here. Anyway, save to the left of the palace entrance then speak to the person blocking the door. Since they're refusing to let you in, turn around and head back to the White Square. Approach the south exit of the screen and you'll see a cutscene of your party being taken into captive and brought to the Palace; well, you got in one way at least. It's not going to be a peaceful jail cell that you're sent to though. They're going to try to execute you right there. You'll have to defend yourself. You'll only have Kaim, Seth and Jansen in your party, but that should be enough. Jansen can take down one enemy on his own by casting Force, and together, Kaim and Seth should be able to take down another one with their physical attacks. So the battle shouldn't be a long one.

After the fight you'll be reunited with Cooke and Mack, and as a team you will run off to the corridor garden. This place will not have any random battles, but you will be pursued by the soldiers and the Guard Beasts. If you bump into any of them you'll be sent into battle. You'll also encounter some Guard Preshions in this battle. The beasts have a lot of HP, but they can be beat easily enough. What you have to watch out for, though, is the Numara Heavy Corps. Yes they're easily beat as well, but they have an attack called Order, which will cause the Guard Beast and Guard Presion to attack for really big damage if their still alive. Because of this, take down the beasts as quickly as possible if the Heavy Corps are on the back line, or target the Heavy Corps first if their on the front line. Make sure to heal between your battles, and if you get too low on MP don't be afraid to try and avoid your pursuers. Note before you make your decision on whether or not to fight them, though: The Guard Preshions have stupidly high evasion and it can be very frustrating.

Anyway, take a right at the first fork, and probe the pot that's near the wall for a Seed. Keep in mind that enemies are still moving while you are in the "probe animation", but they frequently get stuck on the very items you are opening. Head to the south for a chest containing Cubic Music Score 3. From there, turn around and head north until you reach a pot that contains [100G]. After opening it, step on the blue platform on your right to be taken to the floor above. Check the pot closest to you after getting off for another [100G], then head south for the next pot; it contains 3 Mysterious Perfumes. If you continue to head south as far as you can go you'll come to a treasure chest that has a Power Drink inside. Pick it up, then head all the way to the northern wall and take a left. The first pot that you come to from there, will contain a Slot Seed. The second and third contain a Mana Capsule and a Seed respectively. Once you've obtained the items step on the lift on your right to move back to the floor below.

Open the pot on your right for 6 Generators, then head in the opposite direction to find another pot; that one contains a Seed. Continue ahead and turn the corner. The next pot you come across contains 6 Black Pearl Powders. The pot immediately beyond that contains [100G]. The next pot that you come to contains 2 Whetstones. For now just ignore the elevator lift, and keep moving until you reach a treasure chest. Open it up for a pair of Adept Earrings, then make your way back to the lift and step on it to ride back up to the floor above. Probe the pot closest to you after getting off for a Healing Potion, and probe the pot to the south of that for another Seed. Turn the corner a little ahead, and you'll come to a pot that holds an Angel's Plume. Take the item then walk forward a bit more until you reach a place where the path meets on three directions. Probe the pot that's on the blue patch of floor for 3 Magic-Sealing Feathers, then head south to reach an HP/MP restore point as well as a save point. Save your game, and enter the door just in front of you to reach Queen Ming's chamber.

Watch some cutscenes, and soon you'll find yourself outside of the castle again. Head down the long white path that you're on, and make your way back to the White Square. Approach the fountain in the center of the area and General Kakanas will finally catch up to you: and he's brought with him a Magic Heavy Tank. It smells like a boss fight!

Boss Fight[]

Boss: Magic Heavy Tank HP: 1,580

Boss: Tank Unit HP: 740

Boss: Cannon Unit HP: 740

Boss: Cannon HP: 1,490

Abilities: Tank Hit, Volcannon, Tank Charge, Cannon Charge, Securing Energy, Full Charge Cannon, Full Charge Tank Hit

Type: Mechanical

Element: None


The Magic Heavy Tank is a well oiled machine. It has four separate pieces, and they're all doing something different on their turns. Before you come up with a strategy, let's take a look at how they all work together. You'll notice two bars in the upper left corner of the screen: one for the Tank and one for the Cannon. Now each turn the Magic Heavy Tank will use Tank Hit to damage one party member and lower your GC, while the Cannon uses Volcannon to damage all of your party members a bit. These attacks are both pretty weak -- nothing to be worried about. Each turn the Tank Unit and the Cannon Unit will either use Cannon Charge or Tank Charge to fill their respective bars a little, or they'll use Securing Energy to fill their bars a bit while stealing some of your MP. Now what happens when the bars are filled, is that the Cannon will be able to use Full Charge Cannon and do massive damage to all your party members: a huge no-no. The Magic Heavy Tank will gain the ability to use Full Charge Tank Hit when its bar is filled. It will do big damage as well, but only to one party member. As you can see the Cannon is the biggest threat. However, because of its HP you'll want to target the Cannon Unit rather than the cannon. Once you can knock that out, the tank will lose the Cannon's charge bar, and thus, its most effective attack: Full Charge Cannon. As for how to attack, have Mack spend his first turns casting Powera on Seth and Kaim, and then Minda on Jansen and Cooke. Then have Seth and Kaim use Power Attack on the Cannon Unit while Jansen and Cooke both keep casting Force. Once the Cannon Unit goes down, switch to the Tank Unit and use the same tactics -- by this point if Kaim's MP runs out, just switch to regular attacks. The big threat's gone, so you can relax a little. Once the Tank Unit's gone, you'll only be facing Tank Hit and Volcannon each turn. In this time, take a turn to heal up, then go back to using Force and attacking: your third target is the Cannon. Once you take it out, the only attack that the tank will have left is Tank Hit -- it's weakest ability. At that point you pretty much have the battle won. Keep damaging it until you see a cutscene signifying the end of the battle.

Steal: Mysterious Perfume Drops: Mysterious Perfume

Walk Through[]

After the battle ends you'll find yourself out of Numara, and with a new party member: Ming. Ming comes able to cast Composite Magic, but for the most part it's too slow to be of a lot of use now. Additionally, she can only do it because of the Magic Research Report that she comes pre-equipped with. Take that off her and give it to someone better, or just toss it in your inventory. When you're done leave Numara by the only path available, and access the Port of Numara from the world map.

Save your game upon entering the port, then head north and ascend the first flight of stairs you see on your right. Keep moving forward until you reach a fence, then head to the right, through the open gate, and around to the back of the building. You'll be able to enter through the back door. Once inside, take a few steps forward and listen to the technicians speak to you for a short while, then listen to Mack and Cooke for a short while longer. After the talking ends, head along the catwalk to reach the front of the ship and climb aboard. By the time the next cutscene is over, you'll have stolen a ship and escaped the ocean! View the tutorial on controlling the Slantnose (the name of your ship) if this si your first time playing, then begin your journey on the seas. Approach the closest bit of land nearby for a cutscene that you may otherwise miss -- it's an optional one, but it fills in a tiny bit more of the story. A

When it's over look at your map for the big glowing white circle: that's your destination. Sail to it and press the A button to land to return to the world map, now with Numara Atoll as a possible destination. Now here is the thing: the monster, Hell Shaker, that you'll find here is strong. He is really, really strong. He'll clean the floor with you, no question about it. However, if you're quick, you can get in and out of the Atoll before you die. If you enter a fight with him, just flee. You may also run into Silver Kelolons. You either have to be really high level, or have some more magic to beat them; you don't have either, so they're just going to Flee from battle. Anyway, make absolutely sure to save before entering. Now as for why you are in this area? Well, there are two chests on the small sandbar. One on the far left, and the other on the far right. The one on the right contains the spirit magic Regenerate, and the one on the left contains a Bronze Spirit Band, which is a good item to have. Let Seth and Kaim learn from it when you get a chance. Once you have the items leave the Atoll. There's nothing else you can do there yet.

Once you're safely out of Numara Atoll, select the Northern Coast of Numara from the Port list to board the Slantnose again. Press the back button on the controller to view a larger scale version of the map. On the far right you should see a glowing white circle on the southern tip of one of the land masses. That's your next destination. So, sail over to it and dock your ship. This will bring you to the Southernmost Cape of Gohtza. Not long after landing Seth will recall a dream. When it's over, you'll be back on the world map, now with a new location available: Tosca Village. That's your next stop.

In Summary[]

  • Approach the fountain at the White Square and watch the scene.
  • Return to Numara Palace and speak to the guard at the door.
  • Return to the White Square and become captured.
  • Defeat the Numara Heavy Corps
  • Escape through the Corridor Garden.
  • Return to the White Square.
  • Defeat the Magic Heavy Tank.
  • Access Port of Numara from the world map.
  • Enter the shipyard from the back door and steal the Slantnose.
  • Sail to the Southern Coast of Tosca, then select Tosca Village from the world map.

Mountain Village of Tosca[]

Important Items[]

Walk Through[]

When you enter the village you'll be warmly greeted. Once the man finishes yelling about how Kaim's back, walk forward to find the inn. There are some things you'll want to do before you rest there, though, so don't go near the door. Instead, take a right to the side of the inn and check the yellow pot for a Seed. Next, make your way over to the stone bridge that crosses the town's river. Before you can reach it, you'll be stopped by a man who will give you the Magic-Powered Locator Level 1. With that, you'll be able to see some treasures appear on your map as orange dots, providing that you have heard a clue about it. You can get clues by speaking to people or, occasionally, by watching a dream sequence. This man will give you a hint of his own to start you off: he's hid his treasure in a place really high. As it turns out, he's referring to the town's watchtower. Go climb it, and at the top you'll notice the controller's rumbling; that means your close to a hidden treasure. Press the A button to pick up the Dark Crystal Staff and the Dark Crystal Ring, before climbing back down.

Cross over the stone bridge and an old woman will speak to you, causing Kaim to recall another dream; you'll also discover Treasure Hunt information. After the dream look behind the statue that sits beside the bridge for a pot containing [500G]. Then, with your newly acquired treasure information, cross back over the bridge, and hop over the stone rock in the water a bit to your north. On the other side of the bridge, walk under the waterfall. There's a hidden alcove under there, and the treasure of a Medusa's Head is on the ground. Hop back across the river and cross the bridge once more. This time head into the first house on your left. Climb the ladder inside the house to reach a pot that you can probe for another Seed, and a dresser that you can examine for a Flara Bomb -- a stronger version of the Flare Bomb. Climb back downstairs and leave the home, entering the one next door. Probe a pot that's in the back of the house for 4 Seed of Terror. There's a Pipot upstairs that you can give some Seeds to, but if you've already got the Earth Charm and the Admantis, there's not another prize coming until you reach a total of sixty seeds.

Leave the house and head around to the back of it, on your right. There's a pot that you can probe for a Healing Tank, there. In the very back of the house is a ladder that leads to a cliff side above. Climb it and open the chest that's at the top for [500G], then climb back down. Walk back across the stone bridge and walk over to the man and the old woman that are talking to unlock another dream. Afterward, make your way back to the inn and finally choose to rest. This will result in a cut scene of what's going on downstairs, and you finding yourself alone in a room upstairs. Are they going to leave Kaim out of the party? Whatever, at least you'll get all the items they've left up there!

Open the two cabinets on your right. One of them holds an Aquara Bomb, and the other holds a Seed. There's also a picture on the wall behind both of the cabinets that you can examine for 2 Magic-Sealing Feathers, though it's kind of hard to see. Once you have the items, save your game and leave the room. Open the door across the hall, and enter that room. In the upper-left hand corner, behind the bed, is a treasure chest that you can open for a Slot Seed. There are also two more cabinets that you can open. One of them has a Cure-All and the other has a Seed. With that room plundered, head back to the hall again, and head to the left. You can examine the pictures on the wall for 2 Mysterious Perfumes, and then head downstairs. Approach the bartender for a cutscene. Hear the bartender out, and he'll give you some information on where you have to go next: Kaim's old mansion, where apparently "the old Sorceress" is now living. Wonderful. When this scene ends you'll be brought back upstairs. The birds chirping signifies the start of a new day.

Before you do anything else, get that Dark Crystal Staff equipped to Jansen. Then, enter the room across the hall. There's a shopkeeper there, and he's selling some nice stuff. Make sure to pick up the Battle Discus for Mack, and the Killing Cutlass forSeth. Those are the most important things, and the ones that you can't afford to miss. The entire list of wares available for purchase is shown below:

Click here to see everything available at Pippo's General Store

After you're done shopping, head back to the hallway and speak to the small child with a green shirt. Tell her that you wish to "pay your respects", to do a mini-game of sorts: one that has a lot of rewards. What you'll have to do is run around the town and pray at as many Kelolon statues as you can within the time limit. To get all of the possible prizes you'll have to get all sixteen of the statues. The difficulty comes in that at times the villagers will blatantly block a statue and refuse to move; you'll have to just go to a different statue at that time. You can try as many times as you like though, so it's not like you're going to lose your shot at the items. Anyway, the following path will work and get you all of the statues:

  1. Pray at the huge one immediately on your left.
  2. Pray at the one touching the fence near the river.
  3. Pray at the statue just beyond the previous one.
  4. Pray at the one directly behind the inn.
  5. Climb the ladder behind the inn and pray at 1 of the 3 statues.
  6. Pray at another of the three statues.
  7. Pray at the third statue that's up there.
  8. Cross the stone bridge over the river, and pray to the statue that's on your right.
  9. Pray at one of the statues near the town's north exit.
  10. Pray at the other statue near the town's north exit.
  11. Climb the ladder on your left and pray at the statue on top.
  12. On the ground, enter the house on the right and pray at the statue behind the ladder, inside.
  13. Climb the watchtower of the town, and pray at the statue that's on top.
  14. Pray at the statue on the top floor of the inn, where you first talked to the girl.
  15. Jump to where the waterfall is, and pray at the statue behind it.
  16. Now here is the tricky one; Cross the bridge and you'll see two people blocking the door to the first house. What you have to do is enter the second house again, then immediately leave. They should be out of the way. Enter the house and pray at the statue on the bookcase on the left side of the house.

As a reward for praying at all of the Kelolon statues, you'll obtain the following items: 3 Kelolon Hearts, Slot Seed, Seal Blocker, Gamble, with the last one being a spirit magic spell. Once this side quest is out of the way you've pretty much cleared out Tosca village. Speak to the innkeeper for some treasure hunt information, and you've got it all, unfortunately you can't do this until you have Sarah in your party. Leave, and make your way to the north-east corner of the town. Leave the town to the north, and you'll gain access to a couple of new areas: Old Sorceress' Mansion, and Northern Cape. The next major area is the Old Sorceress' Mansion, but before you go there, check out the Northern Cape. There, run forward, hugging the left side of the path, and you should just be able to see a treasure chest blending into the ground at some point. Open it for a Lion Heart, then walk to the very edge of the cliff for a cutscene. Somewhere on the ground, there is also a shiny object -- Cubic Music Score 4. You can head down the path to the right for another comment from Kaim, but ultimately there's nothing else there. When you're ready, return to the world map and head to the mansion.

In Summary[]

  • Enter the Inn to rest for the night.
  • Speak to the Bartender before resting for the night.
  • Exit the town via the north exit and head to the Mansion.

Old Sorceress' Mansion[]


Important Items[]

Walk Through[]

Walk forward after reaching the mansion and you'll see a brief flash of a ghost at the window. Oh well, head to your left and open the chest that's on the ground for a Soul Medicine. If you got the treasure hunt info from Tosca's innkeeper before leaving, you can then pluck the Virus spell off of the ground from behind the chest. Next, enter the mansion. Inside you'll see a ghost run through the door on your left. Don't follow it just yet though. First, grab a Cure-All from the chest on the staircase ahead and on your left. You should also be able to see a small shiny object on the ground in front of the stairs on your right. That shiny object is Poem Fragment A. Take it, then follow the ghost through the door on your left; unlike him, you'll have to open it first. In the room you enter in, check the table on your right. There's a glowing object on it: Poem Fragment B. You'll see a treasure chest on the ground to your left, but you can't open it yet so don't bother trying. Instead, head down the hallway that stretches north, in front of you.

Now before you head any further, you should know something about the enemies in the area: Unidentified Life Forms are immune to your elemental magic; it will always do 0 damage to them. As for what does work: Force. Force works extremely, extremely well! The other type of enemy you'll run into a lot of are Tempters. They have a highly damaging Soul Absorb attack. It will hit your members for about 200-300 HP of damage, while healing themselves with it. Again, Force is the key to an easy win. This place really is a mage's area, you see. Make sure to stay healed between battles, as well. That's important. Anyway, where were we... Head down the hallway opening the doors on your left. Each one leads to a battle against a group of Unidentified Life Forms and Tempters, but you have to face them. At the end of the fight from the center door you'll notice a shiny object on the ground next to your feet -- a Large Mirror Jewel. At this point you may be starting to run low on MP. There's no rush, so consider heading back to the world map for a quick restore, then returning here. Once you've done that, head over to the mirror the ghost ran through, and examine it. Now that you have the Large Mirror Jewel, you can activate this thing. Once you've done that, step on through.

Stepping through the mirror bring you to a much shinier and nicer looking mansion! That's not to say that it isn't dangerous like the other version of the mansion. Here you'll find Ageless Ones and Soul Armors. Soul Armors are pretty much the exact opposite of the Unidentified Life Forms; rather than be immune to magic they're immune to physical attacks. So when it comes to them you'll have to use magic -- stick with Force. As for the Ageless Ones, they have some spells to hit you with, but they lack the defense of the other enemies here: both physical and magical attacks will work well. For the most part, you should find the battles in this half of the mansion quite manageable, and far easier than those of the previous section. Anyway, the first chance you get, grab onto the statue near the edge of the hallway and push it as far to the right as it will go. This will help you out later on. From there, head north until you see the ghost again. It will run through the mirror: follow it.

Head south down the hallway you arrive in until you reach a real room. Probe the pots on your right for a Winda Bomb and a Mana Capsule. You can then approach the mirror on your right, and learn that it is the door back to the real world. That's not where you want to go at the moment, though. So head out the door on your left to reach the entrance lobby. There, head up the staircase and watch as your party members point out the weird clock in front of you. Open the chest that's on the ground for a Grounda Bomb. Examine the clock, and choose to set the hands to "pot", and you'll be rewarded with a Red-Copper Band. Doing this will also cause two doors in front of you to open. In the room on the right is a chest containing a Soul Medicine, and as short cutscene. In the room on the left is another short scene, and a chest containing the Wheat Plate that you're going to need. Once you have it, you'll have to make your way back to the previous mirror and return to the real world.

In the dusty old room that you appear in, open the chest on your left for 4 Black Pearl Powders, then head down the hallway to the north of you. At the very edge, against the wall on the ground, is a sparkling item that you can pick up: Poem Fragment C. Head back to the south and you will see a freaky thing happen -- but it's not actually significant, so just keep going. Open the door on your left to reach the entrance hall again. Save your game and make a quick run back to the world map and back for some HP and MP, then again enter the left-wing hall of the mansion. The treasure chest that was blocked by a statue the last time you were here is now completely out in the open. Open it to obtain the Celestial Plate, then return to the entrance hall. Walk up to the alter in the back of the area and go through the glass door to reach the Courtyard.

In the courtyard you'll be facing the enemies from both the "new" and the "old" mansion: Unidentified Life Forms, Soul Armors, Ageless Ones and Tempters. Well, you've faced them before, so you can take them now. Make your way to the back of the area to access the pathways beyond the hedges. Take the path to the left to reach a chest containing the Bow Plate, then backtrack and take the path to the right to reach a treasure chest that's holding a Cure-All. After the chests have been opened head back to the entrance to the courtyard where there are large circles on the ground. Place the Bow Plate on the left, the Wheat Plate on the right, and the Celestial Plate on the south. This will cause the gate in front of you to open, granting you access to an underground tunnel. Before you enter, head to the left and grab Poem Fragment D from off of the ground. Then, head down into the tunnel.

In the cavern below, walk forward and examine the stone pedestal. Doing this will cause a circle on the ground to light up. There are four mirrors that you can walk through on the wall; Head through the second one on your left to reach a new area. Step on the glowing glyph in that room, then return to the main room. Now the glyph on the right is lit up. Take the mirror on the far right to reach the matching glyph this time. Again, return to the main room -- the glyph on the left is now glowing. Walk through the second mirror from the right to find it's match. After stepping on it, though, don't immediately return to the main room. Instead, head to the left of the mirror to reach a switch that you can press. Pull it, then head back to the main area. Ignore the glyph that's lit up there for now; take the second mirror from the left, and then head to the next mirror on your left from there. Head south along the path you appear on as far as you can go to reach a treasure chest containing a Goddess Medicine, then head through the mirror closest to you. This will take you to a treasure chest containing the spirit magic spell Lost. Once you have the spell, head all the way back to the main area and take the mirror on the far left. This leads to the final glyph. Step on it, and the pedestal in the main area will shatter. Return, and head through the door to the north. Get ready for a boss battle... kind of.

Boss Fight[]

Boss: Body of Thought x4

HP: 1,550 each

Abilities: Scream, Grudge, Envy, Enrage, and Lament

Type: Magic

Element: None


In this fight you won't be trying to kill the Old Sorceress -- you will be trying to save her. The fight starts out with four Body of Thoughts in the air. One is Water, one is Fire, one is Earth, and one is Wind. Now how this battle works is that every turn the Old Sorceress gets she'll use Scream, causing all of the crystals to change into a random element. Now you can do a whole lot of damage by hitting them with the spell they're weak against, but if you are unlucky, and the Sorceress get's her turn first -- when she gets her turn seems random -- she may cause the Body of Thought that you targeted to change to the same element that you cast. If that's the case, you'll actually heal it. Because the Old Sorceress only has 1,110 HP and the crystals attack for about 100 each with their Grudge and Envy attacks, you probably don't want to waste your time screwing around with that. Instead, just have Seth and Kaim use Power Attacks while Cooke, Mack and Jansen all cast Force. Target one Body of Thought at a time and you'll have them down for the count before the Old Sorceress kicks the bucket.

Steal: None

Drops: None

Walk Through[]

After the battle ends, Sarah will join the party. She's the best caster in the game, so you may want to consider pushing either Cooke or Mack over for a little while so that you can get Sarah on the team. Either way, there is not much left for you here, so make your way back outside. Outside it will be brought up in conversation that the Black Cave should be your next destination. There's one quick thing to do first though. Head back to Tosca, and enter the inn. Head upstairs and you'll unlock a dream. With the dream comes treasure hunt information.  (Speak to the innkeeper again if you were unable to get Treasure hunt information from him earlier.) This specific hunt is for an item found at the Northern Cape, so head over there. Look for the orange spot on your map someways to the north after entering. The treasure that you dig up is the spirit magic Ailment Void -- not bad. With that you're all set. Head to the Black Cave.

In Summary[]

  • Enter the mansion.
  • In the left-wing hallway, defeat all of the Unidentified Life Forms and Tempters from behind the doorways.
  • Activate the mirror using the Large Mirror Jewel.
  • Head through the mirror.
  • Follow the ghost through the next mirror to the north.
  • Return to the "new" mansion entrance and examine the clock.
  • Set the hand to "pot" to unlock the doors in front of you.
  • Get the Wheat Plate from the room on your left.
  • Return to the real world.
  • Open the chest in the left-hall for the Celestial Plate.
  • Make your way to the Courtyard.
  • Obtain the Bow Plate from a chest in the Courtyard.
  • In the circle indentations, place the Bow on the left, the Wheat on the right, and the Celestial on the bottom.
  • Step on all four glyphs, as they light up, matching the ones on the floor in the main area.
  • Defeat the four Body of Thoughts.
  • Backtrack through the mansion and head to the world map.

Black Cave[]


Important Items[]

Walk Through[]

Ok, for this area I suggest a party of Kaim and Seth up front, and Sarah, Jansen and Cooke in the back. If you you want, you can replace Cooke with Mack though. Anyway, walk forward to the sealed doorway and Sarah will open it. Walk forward and you'll get a cutscene of your party members looking around.

A forced random battle will then occur. You'll be up against six Nightfliers and a Dark Sorcerer. Start by clearing out the front row of Nightfliers with your physical attacks, and magic (Flare will drop these in one turn, as will physical attacks by Seth and Kaim.) Be very careful with this though: you do NOT want to hit the Dark Sorcerer with a magic attack -- he'll take minimal damage and then just counter you with the same spell, likely for a whole crapload of damage. Instead just have your mages sit back, maybe try to steal an item or too, and let Seth and Kaim do the damage. The Dark Sorcerer can hit you with All-Wind, All-Flare, All-Aqua and All-Ground, but these attacks are nothing compared to his vicious magical counter attacks.

Aside from the enemies you see in this fight, you have some more beasts to be aware of. Zagan is a beast/wind monster that has 1,200 HP but just sponges damage -- Winda will do over 1,000 damage from someone like Jansen or Sarah. You may also run into some Ides. You should be able to kill them before they can get off their most dangerous spell, but you can't goof around because they have 1,200 HP. If they hit Prisma, expect to lose between 300 and 500 HP on all your characters. They also have a Stare attack which inflicts signs of petrification on everyone. If they do that and you don't think you can end the battle in three turns, consider running to make things easier.

After the fight ends, head straight down the path in front of you; there is nothing for you down either the first left or right paths. Head to the very top-right corner of the area, running along the path, to reach a chest that contains a Stone Beast's Thorn, then turn around and head down the path to your left. At the fork, take a left and head as far south as you can go from there, passing the blowing wind. At the most southern part of this path you'll find an item on the ground that you can pick up: A Goddess Medicine. Turn around and head past the wind again, and head all the way north this time. This will bring you to an old shield of some sort. Kaim will remember a dream. At the top of the hill there, jump over to the next ledge. There, head as far south as you can go again for another chest. This one contains 3 Giant Feelers. Turn around and head down the path to the right, looking for another place that you can jump across. Do so to reach a chest with a Seed #52 in it, then jump back to where you were before, and head north until you reach the Foul Swamp area.

Walk forward for a cutscene, and examine the firefly rock if you want. You will be lit up, which I guess your supposed to do in parts of the cave. To tell the truth though, you can see without them... Oh well. Follow the path while watching the screen for a spot where there's land over on your left. Now obviously you'll want to avoid stepping in the acid, but make the quick run to that island in the most shallow part of it and you'll reach a spot where the wind is blowing. On the ground just past it is 500G. There's a similar "island" on the far right of the maze of acid, where you'll find a treasure chest containing a Power Drink. Also note, that if you're starting to run out of MP use some items. It will be a while until you reach a save point. Anyway, your destination is the northern exit of the screen: this brings you to The Great Hall of Foul Creatures. Quickly pass along the path there to reach a chest containing a Scroll of Dissection, then turn around and head off-screen via the one remaining path to reach the Helltrap.

Walk forward for a cutscene of some monster activity going on below. Now in this area it's dark and you'll barely be able to see. Even still, it's your choice whether or not you keep the fireflies; if you do, you can't pass by the wind streams or the bug will be blown off of your shoulders. Anyway, head north -- either taking the paths with the wind stream, or the paths without. Keep an eye on your map, though. You'll come to one spot where the wind will be blocking a dead end. Despite your thoughts on the fireflies, walk past this one. There's a chest at the end of the path that contains the spell Refresha. Turn around and take a right from there afterwards.

Keep a very, very close eye on the ground at this point. There are holes that you can fall through on your right that will drop you back in the Foul Swamp. Thankfully, if you head off-screen via the exit that's at the end of the "curly" portion of the map, you'll reach a wall of stones that you can ram, linking a shortcut between the Helltrap and the Foul Swamp. This is good, because there is one hole that you will want to drop down through coming up through; what's not fair though, is that the one "good" hole is actually invisible -- it looks like solid ground. It's somewhere in the middle of the area left of where this shortcut is. If you find it, you'll fall down to the Foul Swamp, landing on a ledge with a treasure chest containing a Soul Medicine. No, it's not much. You REALLY don't want to be back here in the end of the game trying to complete the Treasure Trove achievement though. So grab the item, drop to the ground below, and take the shortcut back to the Helltrap.

Edit: The holes are only visible when you have a firefly on your shoulder. There´s a group of three little holes south of a firefly rock and you have to fall through the top left hole.

Hope this helped.

On the left side of the Helltrap is a path that leads up a hill, across a stone bridge, and down a dead-end path. Odd... At least there's some Blinding Powder on the ground though. Pick it up, then head back down. Make your way south through the cave until you come to a save point. Save your game -- and consider turning off your console, and then turning it back on so that you have full HP and MP again. There's a series of fights coming up real soon. Also, right in front of the save point is a chest that contains a Seed. Make sure to grab it, then head into the next room. Walk forward a few steps and pick up the Cure-All from the ground. Head all the way down the hall and ram the metal canister there to initiate a cutscene. This will cause some monsters to flood the room.

Now you can head back to the save point if you want; but that won't get you past these guys and out of the cave. You'll have to man up and fight a few of them. They have 1360 HP each, so physical attacks probably aren't your friends. These Rough Eaters are earth-based though, so they're weak to wind attacks. A Winda from a mage should do over 1200 damage. So if you combine one Winda with one physical attack, things should be going smoothly enough for you. The ideal party for this is Kaim, Seth, Cooke, Jansen and Sarah. The physical attacks of the Rough Eaters aren't exactly weak, but they aren't too bad that they make the fights impossible. Rough Eaters do come in groups of four though, so remember that, and heal between your battles. You're going to have to get into three of these fights. Take down three rounds of them, and a red one will finally add itself to the mix and start running around; that's the queen. Avoid any other fight, and get to that queen.

Boss Fight[]

Boss: Rough Queen HP: 1,550

Additonal Monsters: Rough Servants HP: 1,360 each

Abilities: Cry, Flee, Pheromone, Jealousy, Rush

Type: Organic

Element: Earth


Ok, this fight will start off with the Rough Queen on your enemy's back row, and four Rough Servants on their front row. Now as for their attacks, each one of the servants will start by using their physical attacks: that's 125-225 damage or so. Now the Queen in the back will spice things up as soon as she gets the chance, by using her Pheromone ability. What this will do is make all but one of the servants become jealous, and one become in a frenzy. The jealous ones will ocassionally waste their turn by using Jealousy, which does 10-12 damage to the frenzied servant. Sounds good, right? The frenzied one will gain the rush ability, which does nearly 700 damage to one of your characters. That's not so good. Other attacks that the queen has includes Cry, which will call an additional servant to the front line, and Flee which will... flee. If you let her do that it will probably be frustrating, because you'll just have to track her down again and start the battle over.

Well now that you know how your opponent works, it's time to devise a strategy that will beat them. As with the previous battles, a good team to have is Seth, Kaim, Jansen, Sarah and Cooke. Have them cast Winda (or if Cooke doesn't have that, Wind) on three separate Rough Servants. Then, have Seth and Kaim working to finish them off. The idea is to get your enemy's GC bar to zero as quickly as you can. Once that happens, switch your focus entirely to the Queen even if it means leaving some fully healthy Rough Servants that she has called to battle on the frontline. She only has 1,550 HP, so she's not really hard to kill once her defensive wall is down. Hit her with a couple of Windas and that should do it. Once she's gone you'll be able to methodically wipe the floor with the remaining servants to end the battle.

Steal: Slot Seed +

Drops: Slot Seed

+ If you steal a Slot Seed and then defeat the Rough Queen, she will not drop another. If you steal one and then she Flees, you can catch her again and defeat her to make her drop another. You can gain a total of two, though due to this -- in all likelyhood -- being a glitch, you won't need another one. There are enough in the game to max out your immortals without it.

Walk Through[]

After the fight ends, the remaining Rough Eaters in the area will disappear. Head to the large metal door in the back of the room, and press A to open it and leave, returning to the world map. You'll notice a new location, the City of Saman, is available. That's your next destination.

In Summary[]

  • Have Sarah open the seal to the cave's door.
  • Make your way to the Foul Swamp area.
  • Cross the Swamp and enter the Hall of Foul Creatures.
  • Enter the Helltrap.
  • Make your way through the Helltrap to the Great Hall area.
  • Defeat three groups of Rough Eaters.
  • Defeat the Rough Queen.
  • Exit through the metal door in the back of the hall.

Merchants' Town Saman[]


Important Items[]

Walk Through[]

As soon as you enter Saman you should get the feeling that something is up. The people look like zombies, it's dark and dreary and... there are talking cars? Well we're going to do some exploring here and see if we can get anything done. First, save your game on the left, then enter the building just in front of it. Inside the building you'll find a cabinet containing [500G], a pot on the left that contains a Seed, and in front of that a pot that contains an Antidote. On the right side of the house you'll find a Pipot hiding in his usual hiding spot: inside a small vase. If you didn't have 40 (or 20) Seeds before, by all means drop them off now for some items. We're still a little shy of the 60 seed requirement though. Don't worry, we'll have enough by the time we leave this city.

Head back outside and cross the street, entering the building that's there; it's an inn. Head into the room on the far right of the first floor, and open the pot inside for a Seed, then return to the lobby and head upstairs. Open the cabinet to the left of the stairs for 6 Generators, then enter the room on the left side of the hall. Inside this room you'll find another pot to probe. Do it for 5 Sticky Tapes, then head across the hall and enter the room on the right. The pot that you'll find in that room has a Seed inside it. You're done with the inn now, at least for a little while. So return to the ground floor and exit the inn. Your next stop is the building north of the first house you were inn, right next to a talking car: Emelo's Tavern. There's not a whole lot in there. Check the pot that's in the back for a Seed then go back outside.

There's a merchant stand a little ahead. You can speak to the flaming crow (!) that's sitting there casually to buy some items. It's not a regular shop though. See everything costs 50G, but you can't pick what you want. You can select between "This one", "That one", "The other one" and "Which one?" but it is, in fact, random what you'll get. The items for each choice even change when you buy something. There are actually some nice items that you can get, such as Cure-All and Soul Medicine. Most of the time, however, you will get stuck with a Healing Medicine. If you have some time, and gold, to spare you can keep purchasing from him until you get his best item: an Awakening Bracelet which increases an immortals skill slots by 3. NICE.  (To the right of the crow's stand is a pot to probe containing a Pixie Flower accessory.) Once you have this item, walk over to the next merchant stand on your left. There isn't a flaming crow at this one, but on the ground in front of it is a pot that you can probe for a Seed.

Move ahead, and enter the next house on your right. Inside you'll see an odd man in the act of going insane. Let's steal from him! Check the cabinet on your right for [1000G], and the safe directly behind the man for the Secret Ledger, which will be of great use later on. Check the pot to the left of the man for 3 Whetstones, and the one to the left of the doorway for a Slot Seed. Take it and lave the house, immediately checking the pot that's over on your left for another Seed, before entering the next house -- or more accurately, item shop. Inside you'll meet a man that will cause Kaim to recall another dream. As for people selling items you'll find two: one behind the counter and one in front of it. The one behind the counter sells items, while the one in front of it sells Weapons, Accessories, and Components. Now, what do you want to buy? Well, make sure to get two Hard Spathas, one for Kaim and one for Seth. You also definitely need the Power Shell for Mack. Pick up any accessories that you don't have, as well, so that you can learn some new skills on your immortals. You'll also definitely want a pair of Sorcerer Earrings for Cooke and maybe even Mack. The full list of wares is as follows:

Click here to see everything avalibel at Oreego's Emporium
Click here to see everything avalibel at Audun's Item Shop

Once you're done shopping, equip your new items, and sell off the old items. Also, make sure to check for a pot on the left side of the store -- it's kind of hard to see in the shade, but it contains a Seed. If you haven't missed any, that will be lucky number 60. If you turn these into the Pipot you'll be rewarded with a Power Bangle. Head to the back of the town, approaching the exit of the screen. Some dude named Busy Davie will stop you, saying that the Captain's gone missing. He's easy enough to find; run over to the inn, and talk to the man in the back. One flush later... the Captain will leave the bathroom and return to the ship, where he belongs. Now if you return to where you saw Davie, you'll be allowed to enter the next screen.

There is a pot containing 3 Beast Hide Rasps on the right just after entering the port. Walk forward towards the rail tracks on the ground, and check the pot on the right for [500G]. Further to the right from there is another pot. That one contains 4 Pendulums. Once you have these couple of items walk ahead to where the ship's crew is standing for a cutscene. When it ends you'll be allowed to board the ship. Board the ship, but be ready for a battle. Things will not go smoothly, and you're going to end up being attacked. That spells out a boss battle for you.

Boss Fight[]

Boss: Mantalas HP: 3,050 each

Additonal Monsters: Mantas HP: 620 each

Abilities: Bizzarre Howl, Appear

Type: Organic

Element: Water


This is an interesting battle, but not a particularly difficult one. The battle will start off one with three Mantas on the enemy's front row, and a Mantalas in the back. None of them have too strong of an attack: they'll probably hit between 100 and 150 damage each. How they act in battle is the noteworthy thing, though. If you do any damage to the Mantalas he'll use Bizarre Howl, calling whatever number of Mantas are necessary to make three (three if there are zero, two if there are one, one if there are two), then he'll hop over the side of the ship. He won't reappear until the Mantas are disposed of. Because he employs this tactic you'll want to make sure every hit counts.

To do this, at the start of the battle take out the three Manta's first, to reduce the enemy GC to zero. Then, try and land a Grounda on the Mantalas; it should do over 1,000 damage to him. Once the new Mantas are out, you'll have to be careful when selecting your actions -- you don't want to waste your one strike at the Mantalas with something weak. A tactic that works is to have Seth and Kaim both attack the first Manta, then select Grounda with Jansen, Cooke and Sarah (it won't matter what target you select.) In effect, Kaim and Seth will act first taking down the first Manta, two of the mages will take down the second and third Mantas, and then the Mantalas will use Appear only to be hit by the third Grounda. If you're using Mack instead of Cooke, it's not a problem. Just have him cast Minda on Sarah or Jansen on his turn or something. The difference is that you won't hit the Mantalas on the same turn he appears, but you can have Seth, Kaim, Mack and Jansen use Defend and just let Sarah blast him with it on the next turn. The battle, by design, will take a handful of turns, but it's not difficult if you plan your attacks.

Steal: None

Drops: Bug's Stomach (Mantalas), Beast Hide Rasp (Manta)

Walk Through[]

After defeating the Mantalas you'll see another cutscene, during which Seth will recall another dream. The party will soon realize that they've reached solid ground: the magic engine, Experimental Staff. Before you leave the ship, head inside the cabin to save your game. There's also a cabinet on the right side of the room that you can open for a Seed. In the room, you'll also find a ring assembler and merchant. The most important things to get are the [Shieldus] and Barricadus spells that the merchant has -- and if you didn't upgrade in Saman, get some new weapons for Kaim, Seth, and Mack. Other things sold are listed below:

Traveling Ringmaker Trace

Rings: Fire-Powered Ring (Flame Ring + Bruiser Ring)

Water-Powered Ring (Aqua Ring + Bruiser Ring)
Wind-Powered Ring (Wind Ring + Bruiser Ring)
Earth-Powered Ring (Earth Ring + Bruiser Ring)
Soul Ring (Osmosis Ring + Bruiser Ring)
Turtle Shell Ring (Piercing Ring + Bio Ring)
Flying Beast Ring (Beast Ring + Aim Ring)
Herculean Ring (Bruiser Ring + Anger Ring)

Click here to see everything avalibel at Damiroh's Grab Bag

When all is good, head back to the deck and leave the ship.

In Summary[]

  • Head to the back of the town and speak to Busy Davie.
  • Find the Captain inside the inn's bathroom.
  • Make your way to the dock and board the ship.
  • Defeat the Mantalas.

Experimental Staff[]


Important Items[]

At the first junction you come across, take a right and be on the lookout for a metal chest on the next platform. Open it for a Slot Seed, then turn around and run as far as you can go in the opposite direction, going up the stairs until you find yourself at another junction. Once again, take a right and proceed until you come to a metal chest on the next platform. This one will contain 6 Generators. Once you have them, turn around and walk forward until you come to two huge metal doors. Press the A button to open them and enter the Power Division of the Experimental Staff -- the first true area of the Staff, and the first one to contain random encounters.

The enemies that you'll face are Magic Insects (stronger than the ones you've faced previously, but still pretty weak; unless you let them Charge and then use Forcea. That does MASSIVE damage: enough to kill anyone on your team), Magic Sliders -- an enemy whom you can take out with a few physical attacks or Force spells -- Uhran Guardsman, and Guard Armors. Now these final two enemies need to be examined. Guard Armors can be dangerous. They have 1,840 HP, and can use Magic Blade to hit a row of characters. They also have decent magical and physical defenses; you will likely hit in the 200-300 damage per attack. They're not overly powerful, but because of this (and the fact that they also occasionally use Guard, reducing your damage to 0) they can take a while to drop. Just have all your characters focus on them early in the battle. Now the Uhran Guardsman are of note for a different reason. They're weak, real weak. You can easily take them down with a couple attacks or magic casts. However, they're the only source of the Gate Pass item. There are numerous gates in the Experimental Staff blocking items that you'll have to have a character Steal some Gate Passes. What to do, is reduce your enemies' party to just one or two Uhran Guardsman, then just keep using Steal until you get one. This is just something to keep in the back of your mind as you continue ahead. You'll need four of them if you wish to disable all the Gate Pass barriers. You will need a minimum of one.

Recommendation: If you have trouble stealing some Gate Passes, equip Kaim/Seth with Pickpocket Ring. This will allow you to use your physical attacks with the potential of stealing a Gate Pass.

Head down the stairs on your right and walk until you see a cutscene of something interesting; Gongora's in the house! Climb the next flight of stairs, and the one after that (there's nothing for you to the right at this point -- the ladder goes nowhere.) At the top, there's a chest to your right containing a Cure All then turn left and walk until you reach the next area: the Operation Division. After a few moments of walking you'll see another cutscene. After the scene ends, walk up the stairway in front of you and get close to the shiny green light; Cooke will point out that you can activate it. Press it, and a platform will rise to your right. Ok, yeah that wasn't really useful -- it shows you how they work though. Anyway, take a left from there. Be looking for a red platform with a button on it. When you see that, stand on the platform and press the button to be moved to a different ledge. Once it stops, pull the lever on your right to raise a platform that you can step across to reach a treasure chest. Open it for the Black Magic spell Aqua Mine.

After you have the spell, step back across the hanging platform and head as far to the left as you can go. You should see an electrical barrier blocking a chest there -- this is where those Guard Passes come in handy. If you have one, examine the computer terminal and select "Insert Pass." The barrier will drop, giving you access to a chest containing a pair of Knight Earrings. You can then head down the stairs to the south to reach another green lever. Pull that one, and a chest will be raised to where you are standing. Open it for 3 Bug's Stomachs, then return to the top of the stairs. Head a little to the north, crossing the caged platform. Climb down the ladder on your left to reach a chest that has 4 Pendulums inside, then climb back up and pull the green lever on your left to raise a crate. Step over the crate to reach another of these electrical barriers. Inserting a Gate Pass to deactivate this one will allow you to reach an elevator platform that you can ride to reach the next floor. If you absolutely can not seem to get a Gate Pass, you can alternatively head outside by going south, and climb the fire escape, to reach the floor above.

On the new floor, climb down the ladder that's over on your right to reach a treasure chest. It has 3 Gutsy Cloths inside. You can then climb back to the top of the ladder and look for a green lever to push. Do that, and a crate will rise forming a bridge to the next platform. If you have a Gate Pass, disable the barrier on your left to reach a chest containing the White Lotus weapon for Mack (equip that sucker!) and the matching Lotus Ring. You'll probably want to equip that too, considering all the mechanical enemies there are in the area. With these items, turn around and walk across the crate that you raised to act as a bridge. Keep going until you see a cutscene, then keep going right. You will come to an area with a large crate, a lever, and a movable platform. Pushing the green lever will lift and lower the crate in the middle. Pushing the lever on the moving platform will cause it to a) slide to the closest platform to it if the large crate is down or b) slide to the opposite side of the rail if the large crate is up.


Situation A: The platform starts like this. You can't go anywhere. Situation B: The crate is down. The platform brings you to the left path. Situation C: The Crate is up. The platform brings you to the opposite side. Situation D: The Crate is down. You can ride the platform from the left to

Your strategy should be to first step on the sliding platform and press the lever to get yourself to the left path. There, walk forward until you reach a red platform; ride it over to the left. Walk forward and press the green lever that's there to raise a planging platform, then head to the right. Ride the next red platform to get to the next platform, and pull the first green lever you see there. Another hanging platform will be raised. At the very end of the platform your on, pull the green lever, and you'll see a large crate being lowered south of where you are. Now you can't do anything with it yet, but you're making progress. Turn around and head back to the original moving platform-crate set-up (the one that the diagrams shown above correspond to.) This time lift the crate, ride the platform to the opposite side, lower the crate, then ride the sliding platform to the path on the right.

At the first corner, pull the green lever, then head to the right. Ride the red platform that you come to and, as long as you pulled the final lever that you came to when heading along the left path, you'll be brought to a new platform. Pull the first and second green levers that you see, heading south. When you reach the bottom of the path, head left and pull that green lever to create a shortcut back to the platform-crate apparatus, then turn around and board the elevator that's on the far right. This will bring you to an area of the Operation Division that was previously unavailable to you. You can create a shortcut between the two portions of the division if you have a Gate Pass on you; just walk over to your left and activate the computer terminal to lower the electric barrier separating them. You can also take the red sliding platform north to take a quick path to the entrance if you want to get back to the ship. To progress forward, however, you'll have to take the southern-exit to the Outer Division.

Edit: Before continuing there are two more items to get. Fire Charm, Head out the South Eastern exit of Upper Division, head left and re-enter. Down the stairs is a chest. Return the way you came and head North past the red platform, raise the crate and ride the red platform twice to the ladder. Down the ladders is a chest containing 4 Beast Hide Rasps

Climb down the ladder on your left Head across the bridge and up the ladder on the far side. Speak with the technician who wants you to relay a message. Head back down, cross the bridge and head down the ladder. Push the crate off the ledge then turn around and lower the bridge using the green light. Pull the second crate to the position of the first, raise the bridge, then push it off as well. Lower the bridge one more time and speak with the second technician on the other side. Anyway, return back to the Operation Division that you left from. Take the elevator back up to the Upper Division, head left and look for an electric barrier. Disable it by accessing the computer terminal, then head off-screen to the South; you'll be in another part of the Outer Division.

Ascend all of the flights of stairs in front of you until you reach a save point. Open the chest in front of the save point for 4 Paraweed Needles, then ave your game. Climb down the ladder ahead, and press the blue switch at the bottom. Run across the bridge that you raise, and speak to the off- duty technician on the other side. If you've spoken to the previous two already he won't immediately send you away -- instead he'll give you 11 Beat Stones. That's enough to assemble a Hammer ring, but it's still a pretty damn crappy reward considering all you went through... Oh well. Climb back up the ladder and enter the doors in front of you. This will bring you to the Glass Chamber. After a cutscene, it's time for a showdown with Gongora.

Boss Fight[]

Boss: Gongora HP: N/A

Abilities: Forceus, Prisma, Pain Surge

Type: None Element: None


Ok, let's put it blunt. You can't win this battle; it's impossible. That said, if you die during the fight, it'll be a game over. So, what do you have to do? Survive. Cast All-Barricade early on to lower the damage Gongora does (around 600 to Seth or Kaim with Forceus, and 200-300 to everyone with Prisma). You'll then want to have Seth and Kaim defend each turn while your mages just keep casting Zephyr. After you endure a few rounds, Gongora will use Pain Surge. All five of your characters will be KO'd -- this is unavoidable. You won't have won, but the battle will end.

Steal: None

Drops: None


After the battle ends, Gongora will get the hell out of there, leaving you to die in the collapsing Experimental Staff. However, being left to die in the Experimental Staff isn't cool. You should try and escape. When all the scenes are over you'll see a timer in the corner of the screen set to 12:00. That's how long you're going to have to get out. It's more than enough, but you'd be wise to flee from all battles. Equip someone with Turn-Tail Shoes so that you can be sure you'll escape on the first round. AS for your path, first head out of the Glass Chamber, and run down all the stairs outside. If not done previously, enter through the second door you come to, and take the stairs on your left once inside to reach a chest containing a Fire Charm. Head back outside, and re-enter the staff through the other door. Run to the left, and head back outside at the next exit that you come to. There, head down staircase after staircase until you reach another door; enter again. Inside, take a left, and navigate through the crumbling room to reach the north-east exit. Run forward along the path and if you have not already done so, open the chest you come to for a Cure-All, then run down the stairs in front of you. On your right, you'll see a break in the path. You can jump across though, so do it, and climb down the ladder that's there. On the bottom, run to your right to find a chest containing a Power Drink. To the right of that is another ladder that you can climb down. On the platform that it takes you to, below, you will find a chest over to the right. There's a Snake Ring, and the Red Snake weapon inside -- not bad! Having opened that chest, descend the next ladder in front of you, and head off-screen to reach the merchant ship again. Walk forward, towards the ship, and a cutscene will signify your successful escape. If you got the Fire Charm & Cure-All prior to facing Gongora the escape can take as little as 3 minutes.

In Summary:[]

  • Enter the main doors of the Staff, entering the Power Division.
  • Make your way up the stairs to the Operation Division.
  • Steal a Gate Pass from an Uhran Guardsman and use it to take the elevator OR take the fire escape to the Upper Division.
  • Make your way through the pseudo-puzzle with the moving platforms, and disable the electric barrier to the south with a Gate Pass to reach the Outer Division.
  • Climb all the stairs and enter the Glass Chamber.
  • Face Gongora.
  • Escape Experimental Staff within the 12:00 timer.
  • End of Disc 2.

On to Disc Three![]