Pull out the first box you come to


After talking to the guard wait for him to move around the corner


Push the last box out of the way


There is no apparent trigger for this task. It may be completed at any time during the first visit to the Grand Staff Construction Base.


  1. From the outside, on the upper level to the northwest, talk to each one of the guards to have them start moving around.
  2. Sneak past the two guards who are guarding a large assortment of crates.
  3. Descend the ladder to enter the Building Material Warehouse.
  4. Exit that room to the south to enter the Engineer's Resting Room.
  5. "Grab" and "Push" two boxes to clear a path from the main section of the room to the door you just came from.


  • You can access the Building Material Warehouse without having to sneak past the two guards from the upper level.