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Experimental Staff
Experimental Staff
First Accessible Availability
Disc 2 after leaving Saman with the ship. This is a one time only Location.
Save Orb Refresh Orb Seeds Slot Seed
Merchant Ship
Outer Division

Merchant Ship Marine Division
Points of Interest
Merchant Ship You can rest here.
Damiroh On the Merchant Ship sells goods.
Ring Maker Also located on the Merchant Ship

The Experimental Staff is a prototype of Grand Staff. Like Grand Staff, it is an enormous magic engine capable of gathering and outputting large amounts of magic energy. In fact, the magic energy that it has been outputting is directly responsible for the monster disturbance in the Black Cave and the bizarre events transpiring in Saman, which is analogous to Grand Staff bringing about the meteor that struck the Highlands of Wohl. When Kaim and the rest of the party discover the Experimental Staff, it is in the process of being disassembled so that its components can be transported to Grand Staff where they are supposed to expedite construction and greatly increase magic energy output.

This location can only be visited once above ground once it sinks and on disc 4 you can go to the sunken experimntal staff location . The player should complete all associated tasks before reaching the Glass Chamber. Any field items that are missed can be purchased from the Auction House in Saman. However, certain items and spells, such as Shieldus and Barricadus, which are purchased from Damiroh in the merchant ship, cannot be obtained from the Auction House. Shopping inside the ship is highly recommended before reaching the Glass Chamber.


Side Quests[]


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Explosive Bug A 880 Organic Wind Prey, Prisma Paraweed Needle Paraweed Needle, Bug's Stomach
Guard Armor A 1,840 Mechanical None Weapon Guard, Magic Blade Generator Junk Parts, Sticky Tape, Pendulum
Magic Insect B 590 Organic Wind Charge, Forcea Giant Feeler Insect Innards, Bug's Stomach, Paraweed Thorn, Wind Seal Leaf
Magic Insect C 440 Organic Wind Charge, Forcea Giant Feeler Insect Innards, Gutsy Cloth, Paraweed Thorn, Beast Hide Rasp
Magic Slider 920 Mechanical None Armor Piercing Shot, Seal, Zephyr Sun Crystal Junk Parts, Pendulum
Uhran Guardsman 840 None None Weapon Guard, Counter, Wall Guard Gate Pass Bent Needle, Whetstone, Beast Hide Raspyou