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Gohtzan Refugee Camp
Stones of Heaven Dream Trigger
First Accessible Availability
Disc 2, after leaving Gohtza and traversing the Frozen Trail. Available till the end of the game.
Save Orb Inn/beds
Yes Lodging Tent
Items Components Spells
Ghude Ghude N/A
Weapons Accessories Ring Maker
Ghude Ghude Storage Tent
Points of Interest
Pipot Medical Tent

Seed #80

After the tragedy at Gohtza City many of it's residents flee the frozen city and form a refugee camp. They are protected from the cold with the help of a near by hot spring.


Side Quests[]

Points of Interest[]


  • Seed #80 - North of the Save Orb in a pot.
  • 5 Loud Bell - Right at the entrance, in a pot that sits beside the emblem on the back of the first tent
  • Anti-Paralysis Herb - In a pot between the two tents on the left
  • 1000G - Along the left path there's a black pot, probe it.