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Gongora's Mansion

Location: Magic Republic of Uhra

Gongora's Mansion is the residence of Councilman Gongora. It doubles as a Magic Energy research and experimentation lab. In addition to Gongora, servants, who later become the Dark Acolytes, and creatures, presumably the results of experiments, are housed there.

It is unclear how long Gongora has lived in the mansion. As no one, not even the other members of the Uhran Council, seem to realize that Gongora is an immortal, he probably took up residence relatively recently. The fact that he does not age would certainly have arroused suspicion if he had lived there for a long time.


Side Quests and Errands[]

Not available until after acquiring Sunderch Glasses
1 chest
Must first talk to Venim at the Grand Staff Construction Base - Building Material Warehouse
1 treasure
Not available until Tolten becomes a party member
1 Royal Seal


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Experiment No. 42 1670 Mechanical None ?? Living Gypsum, Stone Beast's Fang, Gorgon Mask Mother Nature's Spirit, Living Gypsum, Stone Beast's Fang
Generator 1510 Mechanical None Create doll, all-sleep, all-poison The Backyard Weekly The Backyard Weekly
Doll 435 Magic None Shockwave, combo strike Metal Scale Metal Scale
Experiment No. 44 910 Mechanical None Petrify, dizzy