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The Secret Cave

The Invisible Treasure Chest

Seed #86

Location: Gongora's Mansion - Secret Cave is located in Gongora's Mansion, which is in the City of Uhra. The majority of this zone can only be accessed after you have broken the Royal Seal in the Courtyard. A small section of it is accessible through a hole in the wall in the Back Alley Sewers.

Side Quests[]


  • Seed #86 - After jumping the gap with the pipe, take a few steps up, ram through the wall and check it is in the chest.
  • Flarus Bomb, down the first ladder in a pot.
  • 5000G - In a pot at the bottom of the ladder, after jumping the first gap.
  • Groundus Bomb, South East of the blocked off elevator in a valve
  • 6x Magic Crystals, East of the Groundus Bomb, down a ladder in a pot.
  • Magical Lock Key which unlocks the Medium Class Backyard battles. North of the Magic Crystals walk along the left side of the wall. You will find a hard to see hallway with a chest at the end of it.
  • 3x Pendulums, on a shelf in back room.
  • Goddess medicine, kick a can in back room.

Items When Entered from Back Alley Sewers[]


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Experiment No. 42 1670 Mechanical None ?? Living Gypsum, Stone Beast's Fang, Gorgon Mask Mother Nature's Spirit, Living Gypsum, Stone Beast's Fang
Doll 435 Magic None Shockwave Metal Scale Metal Scale
Generator 1510 Mechanical None All-Sleep, All-Poison, Create Doll The Backyard Weekly The Backyard Weekly

Easy way of killing enemies in the Secret Cave[]

There is only one type of enemy here: Experiment No. 42.

- Make sure everyone in your party has the Anti-Petrify ability (you can buy Medusa's Head's at the apartment in Low Town, Gohtza. These teach you the Anti-Petrify ability)

- These enemies are also capable of giving you the Dizzy status ailment, but it's not that much of a problem. As long as you have the Anti-Petrify ability you'll be fine.

- Let your physical attackers simply use the Attack command on the front row. Rings with extra damage to Mechanical enemies will help, since Experiment No. 42 is a Mechanical enemy.

- Let your magicians cast Gamble on the back row, and for healing when you need to.