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Grand Staff
Grand Staff on the Move
First Accessible Availability
After the 2nd battle with Kakanas in Numara. Available throughout the game.
Save Orb Refresh Orb Seeds Slot Seed
Engine Section
Upper Connector Section
Glass Chamber
?? N/A Second Boiler
Maintenance Lift
Points of Interest
Not the Point of No Return Even after the 2nd time you visit the grand staff you still will be able to visit anywhere you want on the world map (once you have completed the zone). The Tower of Mirrors is the Point of no return.
Auction House Any items that you missed after your 2nd time here can be bought at the Auction House

Grand Staff is a magic research facility located in the Sea of Baus being built by Gongora. After the events at the beginning of the game, in which a meteor falls from the sky killing thousands of soldiers, its construction is halted by the Council. It is discovered later that it has been leaking magic energy due to parasitic bugs that were feeding off its magic energy. It may or may not have been the cause for the meteor; it could have just been the conduit that Gongora used to summon enough power to call the meteor down. Kaim, Seth, and Jansen are sent there on their first mission to investigate the project.



Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Alchemist 3,170 Mechanical Earth Create Doll, All-Shieldus, All-Curse, Generatus, All-Barricadus Magic Crystal, Replica Staff Magic Staff Fragment
Colba 760 Magic Water Wall Guard, Combo Strikes, Break Hit Beast Hide Rasp, Guardian Ore Adamantine Ore
Enchanted Beast 14,250 Beast None Earth Shake, Aquarus, Windus, Groundus, Flarus, All-Curse Magic-Storing Stone, Magic-Sealing Vase Star Absorber
Experiment No. 1 11,700 Organic None Auto-Regeneration, Shadowus, Mindus, Flare Mine Adamantine Ore, Death Powder Draining Stone, Iron Ball of Ruin, White Charm
Experiment No. 25 5,940 Magic None Toxin, All-Curse, Virus, All-Powerus, Prismus Power Reactor, Generator Pendulum, Power Reactor
Explosive Bug B 2,880 Organic Wind Prey, Rampage, Normal attacks may cause Petrify Dark Flame, Mist of Darkness Perpetual Darkness
Flame Tower 3,900 Mechanical Fire Casting Support, Mindus, Shinus, Powerus Seal Cross, Spent Magic Engine Sealing Stone
Golba 2,110 Magic Water Break Hit Beast Hide Rasp, Guardian Ore Adamantine Ore
Guard Armor B 3,170 Mechanical Wind Petrifying Magic Blast Pendulum, Generator Power Reactor
Magic Beast B 26,790 Beast None Ground Strike, Sonic Quake, Flare Core NA NA
Magic Infantry 2,440 Organic Earth All-Aquara, All-Flare, Slicer, All-Grounda Ruin Mask, Magic Power Device Loud Bell, Roaring Iron Claw
Magic Insect D 1,260 Organic Wind Normal attacks may cause Paralysis Bug's Stomach, Giant Feeler Black Monster Bug Oil
Shiida 750 Magic Fire Wall Guard, Break Hit, Combo Strikes Gutsy Cloth, Blood Cloth Crystal Living Brass
Shilda 2,110 Magic Fire Wall Guard, Toxin, Combo Strikes Gutsy Cloth, Blood Cloth Crystal Living Brass

Boss Highlighted


  • Grand Staff has some similarity to the Mako Reactors from Final Fantasy VII.