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The Ipsilon Mountains
Grand Staff as seen from the Ipsilon Mountains
First Accessible Availability
Disc 1 After leaving Uhra For the first time. Available throughout the game.
Save Orb Refresh Orb Seeds Slot Seed
Valley Road
Mountain Hut

Valley Road
Near Mountain Hut
Mountain Hut
Cart Track
Valley Road
Mining Site

Points of Interest
Mountain Hut You can rest to regain HP and MP

The Ipsilon Mountains are an Uhra-owned mountain range separating the City of Uhra from the Sea of Baus.

Seth mentions that at some time in her past, she used to frequently visit the Ipsilon Mountains.

The player learns the significance of party formations and the Guard Condition in a battle tutorial here.


Side Quests and Errands[]


Dream Name Location Trigger details
The Upstreamers Northern Ridge Automatically revealed as Kaim fights through the rain and wind
A Chorus of Cicadas Valley Road Not available on the first visit. Return here after acquiring the Nautilus.


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Big Owl 550 Aerial Wind Wind, Double Cast Healing Medicine Wind Seal Leaf, Sharp Beak
Cliffhanger 130 None Earth None Poison Oil Poison Oil, Whetstone
Dagger Bird 130 Aerial Wind Rapid Descent Healing Medicine Healing Medicine, Sharp Beak
Diacorn 180 Beast Earth Ground Healing Medicine Quality Iron Sand, Beast's Horn
Grilgan 1,660 None Wind Wind, Down Burst, Poison Claw Slot Seed Slot Seed
Kelolon 80 Kelolon Water Combination, Aqua, Kelolon Healing Medicine Whetstone
Mad Sarbella 290 Beast Fire Roar, Counter Healing Medicine Healing Medicine, Beast's Horn
Magic Pebble 50 Magic Earth None Ground Bomb Healing Medicine, Whetstone
Magic Rock 40 Magic Earth Ground Mana Herb Quality Iron Sand
Man Eater 160 None Earth None Poison Oil Poison Oil, Sticky Tape
Sarbella 260 Beast Fire Roar, Counter Healing Medicine Healing Medicine, Beast's Horn

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