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Items Menu

Items include just about everything you pick up in the game. The items are divided up into 5 categories in your inventory. With Usable items and Ring Components listed under the "Items" heading.


The Valuables submenu contains items that you have picked up during your journey which will play a role at some future point in the game. Active at all times, they often act as keys to extra quests or treasure, if you speak to the right person.

Usable Items

Usable items can be used during battle (and in the case of healing items outside of battle as well) for some positive effect. Be it removing a status ailment, casing damage to your opponent or restoring HP or MP. Useable items are very useful in that they have a low cast time cost no MP to use and can be used by any character in your party.

Ring Components

Lost Odyssey allows you to create your own rings by combining items you find in the game and latter other crafted rings to create more powerful and complex rings.



There are Four different usable weapon types in the game: Staffs, Swords, Guns, and Discuss. The weapons themselves do not have any special effects on them other then increasing mele' damage.


Equipping rings gives extra powers to your attacks and can add special effects to your melee weapons. Rings can be switched freely during combat in order to maximize your effectiveness against your enemy. They are assembled by combining components that you find as you explore the environment, and even from defeated enemies.


Accessories impart their associated skills to the wearer so long as they are equipped. Immortal characters can permanently gain the effects of an accessory by wearing it in combat to learn the skill and then assigning it to a skill slot.
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