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Royal Seal

Orly, one of Sed's Crew

Seed #94

Cooke has to go it alone

You can unlock this zone in disc 4 after you have acquired the White Boa.

Location: Dive to the ocean floor east of the Northern Shore of Ipsilon landing point, swim through the hole on the south wall, and surface to reach Kelolon Village.

Side Quests[]

Points of Interest[]


Tournament Info[]

Cooke has to do the battles alone.

Set 1

  • You can't use spells or skills and have to resort to physical attacks only. So make sure you equip Cooke accordingly with the highest damage weapon she can use, rings that do earth damage (kelolon's are weak against Earth Element) and whatever accessory you have available that will help her do more physical damage.

Set 2

Strategy - Wear something like a Planet Ring and hit him once or twice with a physical attack and he'll die before he even splits.
Strategy 2 - Equip Kelolon Earrings to prevent becoming effected by Kelolon. Damage the Kelo-Kelolon until he splits into 5 Heavyweight Kelolons with 80 hp each. Either Cast Shine or switch your accessory mid battle so you can use Spirit Magic so you can cast Shadow.

  • Round 2 - Enemies: Uncle Kelolon, Wifeena
Strategy - Keep your Spirit Magic equipped, and use Gamble to take out both Uncle Kelolon and Wifeena. Wifeena will flee if you kill the Uncle first.

Strategy - If you have an Earth Elemental Damage Spell (or otherwise) that is powerful enough to do 770 damage in one hit switch out your Spirit Magic accessory to a Black Magic accessory and go for it. But if you don't one shot him he will counter attack your spell and it won't be pleasant. If you don't think you can manage it just use physical attacks to bring him down.
  • Round 4 - Enemies: Surprise Opponent
Strategy - Don't let your health go below the 300s. Keep hitting him and he'll die. He'll also get the Terror status mid-battle after some dialogue.

Set 3