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This page will contain a comprehensive list of locations found in the world of Lost Odyssey.

Lost Odyssey Locations

Story Locations[]


Ipsilon Mountains[]

Grand Staff Construction Base[]

Sea of Baus[]

City of Numara (Free Ocean State of Numara)[]

Crimson Forest[]

Mountain Village of Tosca[]

Old Sorceress' Mansion[]

Northern Cape[]

Black Cave[]

City of Saman (Merchants' Town Saman)[]

Experimental Staff[]

Ice Canyon[]

Gohtza City (Magic Industry City of Gohtza)[]

Aurora Bound Train[]

Snow Covered Trail[]

Old Gohtza[]

Frozen Trail[]

East-bound Track[]

Gohtzan Refugee Camp[]

Crashed Magic Train Site[]

Burning Cave[]

The Great Ancient Ruins[]

Grand Staff[]

Tower of Mirrors[]

Optional Locations[]

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