This page will contain a comprehensive list of locations found in the world of Lost Odyssey.


Story LocationsEdit


Ipsilon MountainsEdit

Grand Staff Construction BaseEdit

Sea of BausEdit

City of Numara (Free Ocean State of Numara)Edit

Crimson ForestEdit

Mountain Village of ToscaEdit

Old Sorceress' MansionEdit

Northern CapeEdit

Black CaveEdit

City of Saman (Merchants' Town Saman)Edit

Experimental StaffEdit

Ice CanyonEdit

Gohtza City (Magic Industry City of Gohtza)Edit

Aurora Bound TrainEdit

Snow Covered TrailEdit

Old GohtzaEdit

Frozen TrailEdit

East-bound TrackEdit

Gohtzan Refugee CampEdit

Crashed Magic Train SiteEdit

Burning CaveEdit

The Great Ancient RuinsEdit

Grand StaffEdit

Tower of MirrorsEdit

Optional LocationsEdit

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