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Mountain Village of Tosca
Mountain Village of Tosca
First Accessible Availability
Disc 2 After leaving Numara with the Slantnose. Available till the end of the game.
Save Orb Inn/beds
near the entrance Tolty's Inn
Items Components Spells
Store Keeper Pippo Store Keeper Pippo N/A
Weapons Accessories Ring Maker
Store Keeper Pippo Store Keeper Pippo Tolty's Inn
Points of Interest
Pipot Old Man Bosso's House
Slot Seed Tolty's Inn

Seed #48

Tosca is a Gohtzan village located in the mountains far to the south. The national government does not appear to be involved much in the goings-on of Tosca, but draftees are occassionally taken from the village to serve in the military.

The people of Tosca worship Kelolon as a deity. It is interesting that they always refer to their deity as a proper, singular noun, and never common or plural despite kelolons being common creatures throughout the world. There are sixteen Kelolon statues spread throughout the village; there is one statue inside each of the accessible buildings. Kelolon is said to be a guardian spirit, but a little girl suggests that Kelolon will only protect people if they are well behaved.

Kaim is well received by the people of the village. At some time in the past, he delivered food to the village and saved it from famine. Kaim, along with Sarah and Lirum, resided near the village, specifically in a mansion to its north. Whether the famine took place before Kaim and Sarah settled down or during their stay in the village is unclear. Flash backs seen in the game, in which Lirum is absent, suggest that Lirum was born after Kaim and Sarah settled down, although this also is uncertain.


Side Quests[]

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