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The Nautilus on the Surface

The Nautilus Submerged

The Interior of the Nautilus

Map of Underwater Items

Pirate Jila's Location

The Nautilus is Sed's ship and is acquired at the end of Disc 3. Through events in the game the ship is eventually upgraded so that it can bypass the hypercurrants. The Nautilus won't however be able to punch through ice; only the White Boa is capable of that. Because it is much smaller than the White Boa it has the capability of being berthed inside of it.


Through events in the game you will gain the ability to Jump. Jumping allows the Nautilus to fly through the air and by pass obstacles like ice flows or land to get to otherwise unreachable areas. However the Nautilus must land in open water (lakes or oceans) it can not land on ice or the ground.


The Nautilus also has the ability to dive underwater by pressing B. While underwater one can find treasures and explore caves that get to previously unreachable areas.

There are a number of items (and in the case of the Find the Pirate Crew Side Quest a pirate) that can be found exploring the underneath the waters. For a list of all of the items and locations please view the Underwater Map. There are also 2 Treasure Hunts (Sunken in the Sea of Baus and Sunken Town) that will require you to dive for treasure.

The underwater treasures and items are always located in a stream of bubbles. When you approach them you will be given the option to examine. Pressing A will give out a sonar burst and collect the treasure. You can send out sonar bursts even if you are not close to a stream of bubbles but you will not get anything in return.

Areas Only Reachable After You Have the Nautilus[]


  • Left Control Stick: Move
  • Click Right Stick: Head directly to the world map
  • A: Land (When at a landing site.)
    • Release a sonar burst (while underwater)
  • X: Jump
  • B: Submerge/Rise
  • Start: Pause
  • Select: Full screen map
  • Right Trigger: Full screen map

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