Lost Odyssey Enemy
Numara Heavy Corps
HP Element Type SP Gold
420 None None 1 100
Location Encountered Dropped
Numara Palace Junk Parts
Sandman's Seal
Stolen Rare Steal
Whetstone None
Abilities: Armored Bullet, Order, Wall
Susceptible To: Blind, Curse, Dizzy, Kelolon, Paralysis, Seal, Virus
Weak Against: No Inherit Weaknesses


You'll first face these in a battle in Numara Palace on your second visit, with a team of Jansen, Seth and Kaim. In that fight a physical attack from both Seth and Kaim will kill one, or a Force spell from Jansen will kill one; so it should take two turns to end that battle. A bit later when you're being pursued through the garden, you'll see these guys running around. If you touch one you'll enter battle with them (and they'll appear with either Guard Beasts or Guard Preshion). These guys have a physical attack and a stronger Armored Bullet attack, but their only real dangerous attack is Order. They'll randomly use that if they have a Guard Beast or a Guard Preshion with them. It will cause the beasts to do big damage (200-300) to one of your characters. Because of this, if these guys are in the front row, make sure to target them first.

Alternate StrategyEdit

Average Damage: Anywhere from 50 - 250

You will encounter these guys when General Kakanas corners the party in the Palace Hall. There will be around 4 or 5 of them during the encounter.


The Numara Heavy Corps have a basic shooting attack which deals around 50-70 or so damage depending on who they choose to hit. They can also use Armoured Bullet, which can deal up to 250 damage per salvo.


Dispatching them should be easy, get Kaim and Seth to target down one Heavy corpsman as the encounter goes. Paying careful attention to use Healing herb on Jansen or Cooke if they get targeted by Armoured Bullet. Keep concentrating fire power on each corpsman, slowly wearing down the amount of damage they can do to your party. Jansen's Prism can be used to deal damage to several of them at once complemented Kaim and Seth's normal attacks to finish them off. Cooke's Zephyr can be used to heal through the damage being dealt to multiple party members.

Should not be too hard, it also boils down to luck, it is possible to get stuck on a angel plume + healing item chain if the Corpsmen use nothing but Armoured Bullet on your party.