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Seed #9

Seed #10

Seed #12

Location: Magic Republic of Uhra

The Residential Area is a district devoted to housing the citizens of Uhra. As this particular district is located in downtown Uhra and is the site of Councilman Gongora's home, it is likely that upper class citizens live here.

Points of Interest[]

  • The playground contains several objects that will respond when Kaim moves into them.
  • Kaim can kick a red ball all over the Residential Area


Must have revealed "Hanna's Departure". Approach the family seated on the bench in the playground

Side Quests and Errands[]

Must have acquired the Name Plate from the Highlands of Wohl
At the far corner of the playground beside a large plant
Must have acquired the Sunderch Glasses


Name Location Acquired
100 Gold Right side at top of stairs at entrance to zone "Examine" poster
Seed #09 One the short wall next the archway that leads into the playground "Examine" poster
Magma Fragment On a west wall next to some bushes and a statue "Examine" poster
3x Whetstone Just inside the archway overlooking the playground "Kick" large can
Healing Medicine In front of a large bush tucked into the far corner of the playground "Kick" black object
Wind Bomb Near the magic taxi against the north wall "Probe" vase
Seed #10 On the curb on the far side of the street next to a flower box "Kick" black object
Seed #11 Against a wall to the right of a large TV monitor wall in front of a bush

"Probe" vase

Seed #12 Against wall beneath a large TV monitor amongst some wooden barrels "Kick" large can
Cold Water Stone Far side of street against the corner of a building "Probe" vase