Lost Odyssey Wiki

Ring components allow you to create your own rings throughout the game. Later, the rings themselves can be upgraded to enhance their power or even widen the effective area to improve melee outcomes.

Component Cost Rings Crafted
Adamantine Ore NA Dragon Ring, System Ring, Wizard Ring, Sniper Ring, Monster Ring, Master Kelo Ring, Goring Ring, Sorcerer Ring, Demolition Ring
Ancient Statue NA Asteroid Ring
Beast Hide Rasp 100g Dinosaur Ring, Hacker Ring, Alchemist Ring, Hunter Ring, Creature Ring, Super Kelo Ring, Gouging Ring, Enchanted Ring, Crusher Ring
Beast King's Claw NA Beast Ring Ultra, Dinosaur Ring Ultra, Dragon Ring Ultra
Beast's Horn 35g Beast Ring
Beat Stone NA Hammer Ring
Bent Needle 300g Pickpocket Ring
Black Monster Bug Oil NA Monster Ring
Black Pearl Powder 25g Daydream Ring
Blinding Powder 150g Blinding Ring
Blood Cloth Crystal NA Anger Ring Ultra, Rage Ring Ultra, Fury Ring Ultra
Blood Sucking Needle 50g Draining Ring
Brass Key NA Burglar Ring
Bug's Stomach 125g Creature Ring
Byproduct X NA Contagion Ring
Cape of Illusions NA King Thief Ring
Ceremonial-Crystal 550g Enchanted Ring
Cold Water Stone 30g Aqua Ring
Crimson Treasure 100g Blaze Ring
Dark Demon Note NA Disaster Ring
Dark Flame 300g Blackout Ring
Death Powder NA Slayer Ring, Punisher Ring
Decaying-Particle NA Biohazard Ring
Demon Sculpture 1,000g Sleep Ring Ultra, Fainting Ring Ultra, Coma Ring Ultra
Dragon Scale 2,000g Toxin Ring Ultra, Contagion Ring Ultra, Biohazard Ring Ultra
Draining Stone NA Soulsucker Ring
Eastern Red Ore 50g Spirit Ring
Fairy's Cradle NA Coma Ring
Flower of Suspicion 60g Shockwave Ring Ultra
Forbidden Explosive NA Punisher Ring
Frontier Siderite 100g Earth Ring Ultra, Tremor Ring Ultra, Quake Ring Ultra
Fujin Drum NA Typhoon Ring, Burglar Ring
Gale Wing 100g Wind Ring Ultra, Storm Ring Ultra, Typhoon Ring Ultra
Generator 40g Jamming Ring Ultra, Hacker Ring Ultra, System Ring Ultra
Giant Feeler 50g Bio Ring Ultra, Creature Ring Ultra, Monster Ring Ultra
Glacial Ice NA Ocean Ring
Gorgon Mask 2,000g Stone Ring Ultra, Boulder Ring Ultra, Asteroid Ring Ultra
Gravestone of Fear NA Terror Ring
Guardian Ore NA Bruiser Ring Ultra, Crusher Ring Ultra, Demolition Ring Ultra
Gutsy Cloth 100g Venom Ring, Contagion Ring, Inertia Ring, Blackout Ring, Dread Ring, Container Ring, Fainting Ring, Boulder Ring, Rage Ring
Hard Skin 20g Piercing Ring
Incense of Distrust 110g Destruction Ring
Insect Innards 15g Bio Ring
Invisibility Potion 2,000g Ace Thief Ring Ultra, Baron Thief Ring Ultra, King Thief Ring Ultra
Iron Ball of Ruin NA Mauler Ring, Punisher Ring
Jet Black Cloth 180g Pickpocket Ring Ultra, Snatcher Ring Ultra, Burglar Ring Ultra
Jewel of Wisdom 30g Spirit Ring Ultra, Enchanted Ring Ultra, Sorcerer Ring Ultra
Junk Parts 50g Jamming Ring
Kelo-Helmet 330g Super Kelo Ring
Kelolon Heart 300g Kelo Ring Ultra, Super Kelo Ring Ultra, Master Kelo Ring Ultra
Kelolon's Soul NA Master Kelo Ring
Kelo-Oil 150g Kelo Ring
Life Stealing Tooth 75g Devour Ring
Living Brass NA Plague Ring, Biohazard Ring, Paralyzing Ring, Eclipse Ring, Terror Ring, Enclosure Ring, Coma Ring, Asteroid Ring, Fury Ring
Living Gypsum 250g Stone Ring
Loud Bell 500g Forgetting Ring
Magic Crystal 150g Alchemist Ring, Forgetting Ring
Magic Power Device 60g Daydream Ring Ultra, Forgetting Ring Ultra, Amnesia Ring Ultra
Magic Staff Fragment NA Wizard Ring, Amnesia Ring
Magic-Luring Stone 50g Osmosis Ring
Magic-Sealing Feather 100g Seal Ring
Magic-Sealing Vase 30g Osmosis Ring Ultra, Absorber Ring Ultra, Ingestion Ring Ultra
Magic-Storing Stone NA Absorber Ring
Magma Fragment 300g Flame Ring
Manacles of Despair 1,000g Fear Ring Ultra
Master-Thief Tool NA Baron Thief Ring
Metal Scale NA Goring Ring
Mighty Carapace NA Piercing Ring Ultra, Gouging Ring Ultra, Goring Ring Ultra
Mirror Stone of Fear 110g Dread Ring
Mist of Darkness 1,000g Blinding Ring Ultra, Blackout Ring Ultra, Eclipse Ring Ultra
Monster Bird's Plume 150g Hunter Ring
Mother Nature's Spirit NA Quake Ring, Disaster Ring
Mysterious Perfume 125g Magic Ring, Daydream Ring
Necrosis Mold NA Plague Ring
Nightmare Seal 500g Fainting Ring
Nutrition of the Earth 100g Tremor Ring, Destruction Ring
Pandora's Box NA Mauler Ring Ultra
Paralyzing Thorn NA Paralyzing Ring
Paraweed Needle 200g Inertia Ring
Paraweed Thorn 75g Numbing Ring
Pendulum 80g Hacker Ring
Perpetual Darkness NA Eclipse Ring
Phoenix Tail 100g Aim Ring Ultra, Hunter Ring Ultra, Sniper Ring Ultra
Poison Oil 80g Poison Ring
Poisonous Bones 1,000g Poison Ring Ultra, Venom Ring Ultra, Plague Ring Ultra
Poisonous Red Snake 150g Toxin Ring
Power Reactor NA System Ring
Pumice of Despair 40g Shockwave Ring
Purgatory Ore NA Volcano Ring
Quality Iron Sand 30g Earth Ring, Shockwave Ring
Raging Beast's Eye 100g Dinosaur Ring
Rainbow Coral 100g Flux Ring
Replica Staff 50g Magic Ring Ultra, Alchemist Ring Ultra, Wizard Ring Ultra
Roaring Iron Claw NA Amnesia Ring
Round Spirit Stone NA Sorcerer Ring
Ruin Mask NA Hammer Ring Ultra
Sandman's Seal 25g Sleep Ring
Seal Cross 150g Container Ring
Sealing Stone NA Enclosure Ring
Seed of Terror 80g Fear Ring
Shark Skin 110g Gouging Ring
Sharp Beak 40g Aim Ring
Spent Magic Engine 1,000g Seal Ring Ultra, Container Ring Ultra, Enclosure Ring Ultra
Star Absorber NA Ingestion Ring
Sticky Tape 20g Poison Ring, Toxin Ring, Numbing Ring, Blinding Ring, Fear Ring, Seal Ring, Sleep Ring, Stone Ring, Anger Ring
Stone Beast's Fang NA Boulder Ring
Sun Crystal NA Flame Ring Ultra, Blaze Ring Ultra, Volcano Ring Ultra
Thief's Charm 500g Snatcher Ring
Thief's Key Ring 500g Ace Thief Ring
Tornado Leaf 100g Storm Ring, Snatcher Ring
Toxin Butterfly Scales 250g Venom Ring
Ultra Paralysis Fluid 1,000g Numbing Ring Ultra, Inertia Ring Ultra, Paralyzing Ring Ultra
Unicorn's Horn NA Dragon Ring
Vampire Bottle 25g Draining Ring Ultra, Devour Ring Ultra, Soulsucker Ring Ultra
Waterfall Cluster 100g Aqua Ring Ultra, Flux Ring Ultra, Ocean Ring Ultra
Whetstone 15g Beast Ring, Jamming Ring, Magic Ring, Aim Ring, Bio Ring, Kelo Ring, Piercing Ring, Spirit Ring, Bruiser Ring
Wind Seal Leaf 30g Wind Ring, Pickpocket Ring
Wyvern's Sharp Claw NA Sniper Ring