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Save Orb on Saman's Main Street

A Save Orb is an orange sphere of light that appears as an orange dot on the mini-map. It allows the user to save their game, so if needed they can continue from their most recent save point.


When saving, the game does not take note of your current HP and MP. If the player quits and restarts from the save point, their HP and MP are fully refilled.

Save Orb Locations[]

Highlands of Wohl


Ipsilon Mountains

Grand Staff Construction Base

Sea of Baus


Crimson Forest

Mountain Village of Tosca

Old Sorceress' Mansion

Black Cave

City of Saman

Experimental Staff

Ice Canyon

Gohtza City

Aurora Bound Train

Snow Covered Trail

Old Gohtza

Gohtzan Refugee Camp

Crashed Magic Train Site

Burning Cave

The Great Ancient Ruins

Grand Staff

Optional Locations[]

Numara Atoll

Temple of Enlightenment

Pirate Fortress

Kelolon Village