Lost Odyssey Wiki

Throughout out the world there are a number of shops that sell a verity of goods. Below is a list and locations of all the shops in the game.

Lost Odyssey Shops[]

Location Vendor Name Items Weapons Accessories Components Magic Comments
Main Street - Barkus' Arms and Armor Emporium Shopkeeper Barkus Items Accessories When you come to Uhra the first time he is not in his shop. When are leaving Uhra (right after you get Jansen) he will show up at The Great Gate. After that he will be in his shop.
Uhra Sewers - Treatment Plant - Sewer Shop Sewer Shop Items Weapons Accessories Components You first get access to this shop in disc 3 as Seth Tolten and Sed.
Grand Staff Construction Base
Building Material Warehouse Business Minded Technician Tatoms Items Weapons Accessories Components Magic You have to complete Roshion's Short-Cut side quest to enter the Warehouse.
Main Street - Ninn's Boutique Weapon and Armor Seller Ninn Weapons Accessories Components Must complete Password For the Showroom side quest to access the back room.
Main Street - Nalia's Item Shop Tool Seller Nalia Items Magic  
Canal Street Shopkeeper Hiss Items Weapons Components Available after second battle with KakanasDifficult to find -- at the end of the path that goes under the main bridge.
Tolty's Inn Store Keeper Pippo Items Weapons Accessories Components
City of Saman
Audun's Item Shop Audun Items
Port of Saman - Oreego's Emporium Oreego Weapons Accessories Components When you first come to Saman he is in Audun's Item Shop. After you return from Experimental Staff he is in Oreego's Emporium for the remainder of the game.
Experimental Staff
Experimental Staff - Damiroh's Grab Bag Damiroh Items Weapons Accessories Components Magic The shop is located on the ship you take to get to Experimental Staff. This is a one time only shop. After you leave Experimental staff you can never go back. You can NOT get any exclusive items sold in the shop from the auction house afterward.
Middle Town - Sigrum's Weapon Emporium Sigrum Weapons Accessories Components After Gohtza freezes both Sigrum and the Emporium are gone.
Middle Town - Kessle's Tool Shop Kessle Items Magic After Gohtza freezes both Kessle and the shop are gone.
Gohtza Station Station Clerk Chir Items Weapons Accessories Components Magic Once you leave the station as Kaim, the shop closes permanently.
Low Town - Abandoned Apartment General Store Owner Raihel Items Magic On Floor 10 of the Abandoned Apartment
Low Town - Abandoned Apartment General Store Proprietress Raihel Weapons Accessories Components On Floor 10 of the Abandoned Apartment
Gohtzan Refugee Camp
Storage Tent Gohtza Refugee Trader Ghude Items Weapons Accessories Components You have to complete the Don Laploss side quest to have full access to his goods.
White Boa
White Boa - Pilot House Apprentice Trader Lishin Items Components Only Accessible on Disk 4, Handy as a Components trader since there is a level 3 Ringmaker in the pilot house too
Kelolon Village
Kelolon Village - Kelolon Shop Kelolon Shop Items Weapons Components Magic