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Don Laploss


Talk to Ghude in the Storage Tent at the Gohtzan Refugee Camp. Don Laploss, the boss of the Gyaplos, has been causing them trouble and he wants you to kill him. As proof he askes you to bring him the Don's claws. (This quest is also know as Dinosaur Hunting)


You can find Don Laploss on the Frozen Trail. There are two Gyaplos battles in this area: 3 Gyaplos, and 4 Gyaplos arranged 3 Front, 1 back. In the latter battle, the backline Gyaplos has Cry ability, which enables it to call for reinforcements. Allow it to do this 3 times and Don Laploss will appear. You can get his claws by either killing him or stealing them from him.

Don Laploss will not appear if you only encounter 3 Gyaplos at once - only in the encounter with 4 of the creatures do any of them have the ability to call him.


Return to Ghude and he will reward you with a staff and ring combo as well as offer additional items that you can buy in his shop. Completing this quest also unlocks the “An Item at the Hot Springs” Treasure Hunt (talk to Still Pale Lakks).

New Items Unlocked