Ipsilon Mountains


Black Cave


Ice Canyon


Great Ancient Ruins


Talk to Lian in the Temporary Laboratory at Grand Staff Construction Base in disc 4. Lilan is concerned that the researchers are not getting good readings because they are taking their measurements from too far away. He asks you if you will place magic gauges at the following locations: atop the Ipsilon Mountains, inside the Black Cave, the Ice Canyon and in the The Great Ancient Ruins.

He goes on to explain that magic locations are areas where magic energy settles in high concentrations. "You'll find them right away with the gauge". Once you do, just drop the gauge there and you're done." Lilan informs you that there will be a reward for completing this task and then asks if you are interested in helping.


  • Black Cave - The Great Hall of Foul Creatures - The easiest way to trigger the event is coming from the north entrance down the middle path to the center of the Great Hall of Foul Creatures. You may come from the South, but the easiest way is through the North. Walk along the edge of the central hub in this room (where all four paths come together) go behind the large magic engine. The engine should obscure Kaim from view. At that point you should get a cut-scene where Seth places the gauge.

  • Ice Canyon - Glacier Fang - Enter by Ice Canyon - South. The trigger point is directly across from the save sphere. On the mini-map it is an almost pointy outcropping to the upper-right. This cut-scene has Jansen placing the gauge.

Reward Edit

Return to Lilan for your reward.