This quest becomes available after completing the Hungry Man errand at the Gohtzan Refugee Camp. You will receive a Spiky Seed as a reward for that errand, setting you up for this quest.

Examine the Spiky Seed in your Valuables menu and you will see that this seed is favored by the Pipot in the refugee camp. As you receive different seeds, you will be able to check each seed in this same fashion to see where you need to go next.

Pipot Locations in OrderEdit

Wants Spikey Seed
Pipot refugee-camp
Gohtzan Refugee Camp
Medical Tent
along the back wall
Wants Prickly Seed
Pipot saman
City of Saman
Erlio Family House
along the right wall.
Wants Solid Seed
Pipot uhra
Castle Station
In the center next to the benches
Wants Tough Seed
Pipot ghost-town
Ghost Town
Funeral Procession BeachNext to Cooke & Mack's House

Wants Fuzzy Seed
Pipot constrution-base
Grand Staff Construction Base
In the north east corner next to the stairway

Wants Rough Seed
Pipot tosca
Mountain Village of Tosca
Old Man Bosso's House
Upstairs next to the bed

Wants Smooth Seed
Pipot whiteboa
White Boa
Accessible on Disc 4 after you return to Numara
Wants Puffy Seed
Pipot pirate
Pirate Fortress
Leave Sed's Studio go down 2 ladders, head to the right, climb 1 ladder and then follow the penguin into the hidden cave.