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Tolten's Ancestors left him treasures to unlock throughout the world. There are 9 royal seals scattered throughout the world (you've probably already found some). Now that you have Tolten you can unlock them. The 9th and final seal is located in the Ceremonial Amphitheater of the Sky you can only unlock it after all the previous 8 seals have been unlocked.

Seal Locations[]

Back Alley

City of Uhra - Back Alley - Near Castle

Follow the alleys until you are at the part where you are walking on the roof tops. It isn't very obvious but near the north east part of the map you will see a ladder going down before you get to the end of the roof tops.

Reward: Royal Knight's Sword / Royal Knight Ring

Maze of Gloom

Crimson Forest - Maze of Gloom : In the dead end on the northern side of the zone.

Reward: Royal Knight's Emblem


Black Cave - Helltrap Enter from The Great Hall of Foul Creatures.

From this side, using the mini map for directions, head south and eventually around the curve continuing north. The Royal Seal is located in the medium sized alcove on the right side of the mini map.

Reward: Master Sword / Master Ring

Snowy Plateau

Ice Canyon - Snowy Plateau

Enter from the north. Hug the wall on the right side of the screen until you come to a slope. Follow this slope up to find the Royal Seal. By Breaking this seal you will get.

Reward: Quad-Element Charm

The Path of Dankness

Burning Cave - The Path of Dankness

Enter from Crashed Magic Train Site. Take the left paths in the Path of Steam to get to the next area. The Royal Seal is at the gas-filled area of The Path of Darkness. The seal is on the bottom level in the green gas, left of the chest with Forcea in it.

Reward: Royal Emblem

Astral Square

The Great Ancient Ruins - Astral Square

Follow the path (don't take any platforms) to the North Eastern corner of the room.

Reward: Golden Gauntlet

Kelolon Village

Kelolon Village

On the eastern side of the village.

Reward: Quad-Element Amulet


City of Uhra - Courtyard

In the Center of the Courtyard.

Reward: Opens passage to Secret Cave

Golden Knight[]

Tolten opens the last seal

After opening all 8 seals you can open the last seal located in the Ceremonial Amphitheater of the Sky on top of the Castle of Uhra. Tolten must battle the Golden Knight alone. The Knight will command Tolten to attack, use Break Hit, heal, defend or use Complete Defense. Do so and eventually you will be able to use Ultimate Hit and win the battle.