Side Quests require you to visit 2 or more locations on the world map to complete

This page contains a list of Side Quests available in Lost Odyssey

Side Quests are activities separate from the main story line that will have your party globetrotting around the Lost Odyssey world. They are differentiated from Errands in that completing them involves visiting more than one area on the game's World Map. The Quests are listed in the order that they first become available.

Disc 1Edit

    Highlands of Wohl / City of UhraEdit

     White Square in NumaraEdit

    Canal Street - Meia Family Art Studio -  NumaraEdit

Disc 2Edit

Disc 3Edit

    Gohtza - Low TownEdit

   Gohtzan Refugee CampEdit

   After Visiting City of UhraEdit

Disc 4Edit

    Grand Staff Construction Base Edit

    Low TownEdit

     Multiple LocationsEdit

     Pirate FortressEdit

    After Visiting Pirate Fortress and completing Cubic Music ScoreEdit

    After Returning to  NumaraEdit

    Saman / Temple of EnlightenmentEdit

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