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Skills are abilities that benefit the player in combat. Some skills are actively triggered (e.g. Steal) while others are passive (e.g. Counter). In a fashion similar to spells, some skills require the character to spend Mana Points (MP) before using a skill.

Learning Skills[]

All mortal characters learn new skills by levelling up. Immortal characters must learn new skills by either Skill Linking with a mortal ally, or by wearing accessories in combat. Skill Linking gives the Immortal access to the skills that mortals possess.

All skills have an associated Skill Point (SP) cost. After defeating enemies in battle and earning enough SP an Immortal character will permanently learn the skill. Permanently learned skills can be used by assigning them to skill slots. Players may still wish to keep their accessories as skill slots are limited and accessories are the only way in which mortal characters have access to skills outside of their own. Immortals can increase their amount of skill slots with Slot Seed, the Awakening Bracelet (+3), the freedom armband (+5) or with the 1000 Year Memories (+10).

List of Skills[]

Skills are divided into 6 categories which are listed below.


Command skills as the name suggests are not passive buffs but rather give you another attack or buff option in your combat screen. To get their benifit you must actively use them. Commands are mostly learned from mortals but there are several that are learned from Accessories as well.


Magic skills denotes the level of magic the character can cast rather then the spells them selves. For example Level 3 White Magic is a skill the white magic spell Zephyr is not. It is also worth noting any level of magic skill that one has allows them access to all the lower level requirement spells in that school as well. So if you have Level 5 White Magic skill on one of your characters he/she will also is able to cast spells that have a lower level requirement.
Having the ability to cast a level of magic however does not immediately grant you all the spells of that level. The individual spells themselves can be acquired a number of ways. All of which are listed on spell's individual pages.

Status Ailment

Learned exclusively from accessories; status ailment skills grant the user immunity to status ailments.


Also learned exclusively from accessories. Elemental skills offer protection or immunity to elemental damage.


Parameter skills increase some pre existing aspect of the character. Like increasing HP, MP or the number of skill slots.


The special category are for all of the other skills that quite frankly don't fit into any of the other categories. All the skills are passive and a number of them can be learned from both mortals and accessories.