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The Slantnose

All the locations you can visit with the Slantnose

The Slantnose is the first available vehicle for World Map exploration. It is acquired early on in disc 2. It is a rather small ship; unable to navigate through the more dangerous waters encircling Numara. Meaning it can't go through the hypercurrents, shallows, nor can it break through ice.

The Slantnose was originally intended to be General Kakanas' command ship, but is hijacked by Kaim and crew as they make their escape from Numara. The engine of the Slantnose was salvaged from a giant fish that had swallowed it. At one point it was the engine of Seth's pirating ship.


There's not much to this ship. You can talk to Jansen, Ming and Seth on the inside of the ship. Talking to Seth Will give you the option to view the tutorial again or navigate the ship. Cooke and Mack are hanging out on the exterior of the ship.


  • Left Control Stick: Moves the Slantnose in any direction and puts it into motion
  • Right Control Stick: Move camera
  • Right Bumper: Takes you to the Ship's Interior.
  • A: Disembark from the Slantnose (when you are close enough to a landing spot)
  • Clicking Right Control Stick: Brings up the World Map and gives you the option to move to the closets landing point.
  • Right Trigger: Brings up the World Map
  • X: Makes the Slantnose "hop" if pressed while moving.

Points of Interest[]

Head back to Numara after you get control of the Slantnose for a scene with Ming.