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Slot Seeds add an extra skill slot to the immortal character upon which it is used. In total, there are 49 available slot seeds from the retail edition of the game, plus an additional 25 from DLC 3 (Seeker of the Deep - 80 MS Points), bringing the total up to 74. Immortals can have a maximum of 30 additional slots.

Skill Slots
Slot +3 Slot +5 Slot +10 Total
Skill Slots
Skill Slots
3-12 yes yes yes 21 - 30 18 - 27
15 no yes yes 30 28
17 yes no yes 30 28
20 no no yes 30 29
22 yes yes no 30 28
25 no yes no 30 29
27 yes no no 30 29
30 no no no 30 30

Care should be taken to not limit the number of slots an immortal can use. An immortal should use slot seeds to aim for a certain number of slots: 3-12, 15, 17, 20, 22, 25, 27, or 30. These combinations will allow the immortal to use slot+ skills to achieve a total of 30 skills. If the immortal has a natural number of skill slots not in this set, such as 18, they will not benefit from those extra slots. Adding slot +3 and slot +10 will still only result in 30 total slots.

Note: If you reach 30 slots at any one point, say you have 12 and all 3 slot skills, the game will not allow you to add slot seeds to a character. If you temporarily remove the slot + skill and then add your slot seeds, the skill can then be re-added onto the character afterwards.

Not all combinations that result in a total of 30 skill slots are equal. Remember that the slot+ skills prevent one slot from being used for another skill. So if the immortal has 20 natural skill slots and uses Slot +10 to reach 30 total skill slots, they will have 29 effective skill slots. This is better than the immortal having 22 natural skill slots and using both Slot +3 and Slot +5 to reach 30 total skill slots because this will result in only 28 effective skill slots.

Slot Seed Locations[]

Disc 1[]

Zone Name Description
Ipsilon Mountains - Valley Road Look inside the yellow pot.
Ipsilon Mountains - Peak Drop/Steal from Grilgan.
Ipsilon Mountains - Mining Site On the second landing from the top break the rock formation and head through the short tunnel to the treasure box.
Sea of Baus - Beach of the Wastes Ram the magic device on a sandbar in the middle of the area.
White Boa - Engine Area Press the button on the far wall after passing the sleeping security guard to open a door leading to a treasure chest.
City of Numara - White Square Play tag with the girl with cat ears near the fountain.
City of Numara - Main Street Climb up the ladder past Ninn's Botique. Cross the canal and go down the ladder to the treasure chest.
City of Numara - Ghost Town Head to the last area of the ghost town past Cooke and Mack's house. The chest contains a slot seed.
Sorcerer's Shrine - Dungeon Shrine Run past the statues to the right of the Save Orb.

Disc 2[]

Zone Name Description
Numara Palace - Corridor Garden Probe the pot on the second floor before taking the second elevator.
Tosca - Tolty's Inn Open the treasure chest in the left room upstairs.
Tosca - Tolty's Inn Compleate The Kelolon Statues side quest.
Black Cave Use steal against the Rough Queen.
Black Cave Lower the Rough Queen's HP without killing her and allow her to flee the battle. When you find her again you can steal her slot seed a second time.
City of Saman - House of Riordan the Merchant Probe the pot inside the house.
Experimental Staff - Marine Division After leaving the ship open the chest at the end of the dock.

Disc 3[]

Zone Name Description
Ice Canyon - Snowy Plateau Drop/Steal from Dinozaoro.
Aurora Bound Train In the first Freight Car on the west side (look for it before you move the crates around)
Uhra - Castle of Uhra - Station Square Open the treasure chest after the cut scene involving Gongora.
Old Gohtza - Western District In a chest in the corner of a ruined building. (After Freeze)

Low Town - Backyard

Kick one of the buckets near the Backyard.
Old Gohtza - Eastern District In a chest (hidden from view by rubble) right before you change zones to the East-bound Track. When you get on the track instead of running forward to change zones turn around and run towards the screen. (After Freeze)

Disc 4[]

Zone Name Description
Under the Sea 3 Hex.gif On the Underwater Map. Dive below surface and examine the bubbles on the western shore of Uhra.
Arthrosaurus Mini-game Examine the school of fish in the Bay of Numara when battling the Arthrosaurus.
Under the Sea 4 Hex.gif On the Underwater Map. Dive below surface off the coast of Sea of Baus and examine the bubbles.
Pirate Fortress Complete the Find the Pirate Crew quest.
Grand Staff - Second Boiler Climb the first ladder and kick the canister on the scaffolding over.
Temple of Enlightenment Ride the platforms to the treasure chest in the middle of the first area.
Temple of Enlightenment - The Square of Eternity Open the treasure chest on the central lower platform.
Temple of Enlightenment Look at the Legendary Spirit Sorcerer.
Grand Staff - Maintenance Lift Rotate the lift twice on the second level of the mechanical lift to get each treasure chest.

Underwater Seeds[]

To find the two underwater Slot Seeds view the map below.


Backyard Events[]

Extended Content[]

Zone Name Description
Experimental Staff Revisited Reward for getting to level 15. Speak with Cartographer Mardohl.