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A status effect changes the current state (or normal state) of it's target. Effects can be beneficial such as the spell Speeda, which increases the speed that the target performs an action, or detrimental such as the spell Poison which causes the target to take periodic damage every turn. Such effects are referred to as Status Ailments. For every Ailment there is a cure either in the form of an item or in that of spell. All Status Effects, good and bad, are removed at the end of battle.

Status Ailment List[]

Status effect name Description
Blind Reduces character's melee accuracy and ability to Evade attacks.
Curse Inflicts one random status ailment.
Darkness Inflicts a random status ailment every turn (wears off).
Dizzy Prevents the you from being able to choose your target. Attack actions target a random enemy and support actions target a random ally.
Formation Paralysis (Bind) Prevents formation change.
Freeze Prevents all actions (wears off).
Frostbite Delays turn order. Changes to Freeze status when hit by a freezing attack.
Kelolon Reduces attack damage and HP recovery to 1. Increases critical hit damage.
Paralysis Occasionally cancels an action (wears off).
Petrify Prevents all actions, kills enemies after three turns if successfully cast upon them.
Poison Damages at the end of every turn.
Seal Prevents all spell casting.
Signs of Petrification Changes to Petrify status at the end of three turns. If hit by the spell Stone, immediately changes to Petrify status.
Sleep Prevents all actions (wears off).
Toxin Damages at the end of every turn (wears off).
Virus Damages at the end of every turn, it does more damage than poison. (wears off).
Terror Occasionally cancels a physical attack.