Lost Odyssey Wiki

Effect: Steal an item from one enemy.

Skill Points: 5

MP Cost: None

Accessory: Thief's Bracelet

Skill Link: Jansen Friedh Level 10, Sed Level 35

Mortals That Can Use: All Mortals

Stealing only infrequently works, but can obtain medicinal items and rare ring components. Stealing is even required during the Experimental Staff dungeon to steal pass cards from guards during battles to unlock 'magic gates' to access treasure chests and even continue through to the end of the dungeon.

To help with planning which monsters to steal from, Treasure Glasses can be obtained and equipped before or even during battle to give the Treasure Analysis skill, which shows a list of the items that are dropped and can be stolen from monsters. If you are using another 'info' skill like factual analysis, press Y to scroll through and see which items can be stolen.