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The Temple of Enlightenment
Temple of Enlightenment
First Accessible Availability
Disc 4 after you have control of the White Boa Available throughout the game.
Save Orb Refresh Orb Seeds Slot Seed
Temple Exterior
Corridor Timelessness
N/A N/A Temple Exterior
The Square of Eternity
Points of Interest
Achievement Visiting this zone counts for the "Well Traveled" achievement.

As it is very easy to get lost in the Temple of Enlightenment, a detailed guide is highly recommended. There are numerous lifts, as well as many movable platforms. It is split into two main sections. Those being the inside and outside of the temple.

Location: You will only be able to access this location after you have gained the White Boa and the submerge action for the Nautilus. It is located on the south-east continent past the Hyper-Currents. You will need to take the White Boa around to smash through the ice. Once through, deploy the Nautilus and go to the ocean floor. There will be a small underwater cave, go through it and surface at the other side. Then when you land at the shore you will be able to travel to the Temple of Enlightenment.


Additional Notes[]

This is a very good place to level up, as the enemies here grant you a lot of XP. The most XP is granted by the Hellish Kelolons, who only appear inside the temple. They are not to be mistaken with the Black Kelolons, who also appear outside but grant less XP. These two Kelolons look very similar, but can be distinguished easily by the amount of HP they have:

The outside of the temple is where you can find the two Gems that are needed to summon the platform that will take you to the Boss area. Each Gem can be found in the middle of four pillars with green light flowing from their tips to the Gem. One Gem is on one side of the temple the other is on the opposite. In order to get these Gems you will have to send up any lifts that you find in the outdoors area. Sending up the lifts involves standing on a tiny gray platform, and using the ball of light that appears there. Ignoring the lifts will result in a long trip back down the temple. Be warned.

If you get lost and can't find the two Gems, look around the outside areas of the level for ladders that blend in with the walls. There is one for each of the areas above the gems.


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Baballoon 7,200 None Fire Huge Poison Explosion, Resurrect Death Powder, Draining Stone Purgatory Ore, Dark Demon Note, Forbidden Explosive
Baddy 6,900 Spirit Magic Earth Speeda, All-Rise, Reversa, Regenerus Ultra Paralysis Fluid, Paralyzing Thorn Roaring Iron Claw, Paralyzing Thorn, Sealing Stone, Mother Nature's Spirit
Black Kelolon 16,520 Kelolon Water Prismus, Lightning Strike, Payback, Kelolon Rush Death Powder, Kelolon Heart Kelolon's Soul, Adamantine Ore, Glacial Ice
Earth Element 9,640 Aerial Earth Groundus, All-Groundus Mother Nature's Spirit, Ancient Statue Gorgon Mask, Living Gypsum, Stone Beast's Fang, Ancient Statue
Fire Element 9,640 Aerial Fire Flarus, All-Flarus Purgatory Ore, Necrosis Mold Poisonous Bones, Poison Oil, Toxin Butterfly Scales, Necrosis Mold
Fire Fly 4,080 Aerial Fire Flara, Flare Mine, Slower Mana Bottle, Black Monster Bug Oil Black Monster Bug Oil
Gate Keeper 6,900 Spirit Magic None Slower, Regenerus, All-Fall, Delay, Reversa Brass Key, Cape of Illusions Round Spirit Stone, Paralyzing Thorn, Sealing Stone, Purgatory Ore
Gigantes 6,900 Spirit Magic Earth Flurry, Giga Slash Death Powder, Beat Stone Adamantine Ore, Power Reactor, Living Brass, Iron Ball of Ruin
Hellish Kelolon 22,190 Kelolon Water Prismus, Lightning Strike, Payback, Kelolon Rush Death Powder, Kelolon Heart Kelolon's Soul, Adamantine Ore, Glacial Ice
Legendary Spirit Sorcerer Fu 22,400 Spirit Magic Earth Halberd of the Heavens, Delete All, Obsidian Ceremony, Recall Soul Ceremony, All-Fall, Shuffle Slot Seed Slot Seed
Rarement 20,120 Spirit Magic None Shadowus, Enhance Earth, Enhance Fire, Enhance Water, Enhance Wind, Aquarus, Flarus, Groundus, Windus Pandora's Box, Cape of Illusions Pandora's Box, Ruin Mask, Forbidden Explosive
Reverse Soul 22,400 Spirit Magic Wind Sacrifice Self None None
Savage Bat 4,080 Aerial Wind Wyvern's Sharp Claw, Mana Bottle Wyvern's Sharp Claw
Water Element 9,640 Aerial Water Aquarus, All-Aquarus Glacial Ice, Sealing Stone Spent Magic Engine, Magic-Sealing Feather, Seal Cross, Sealing Stone
White Beast 20,840 Beast Water Shadowus, Lost, Sacred Pillar Beast King's Claw, Replica Staff Living Brass, Forbidden Explosive, Unicorn's Horn
Wind Element 9,640 Aerial Wind Windus, All-Windus Fujin Drum, Fairy's Cradle Fairy's Cradle, Nightmare Seal, Sandman's Seal, Demon Sculpture