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Little Liar Dream Trigger

Location: Uhra / Monorail

The Central Station connects downtown Uhra with the rest of the city via the monorail.It is one of three stations that the player can visit in the game.

Points of Interest[]

  • There is a Save Orb on the bottom floor near the elevator
  • Complaining Man Raha suggests that someone should inspect vases for trash that people have been throwing into them lately. This is actually a hint that the player should start "probing" vases for items.

Side Quests and Errands[]


Name Location Trigger details
Little Liar The Central Station Must have revealed "Hanna's Departure". Approach the man and his daughter seated on the bench in the center of the station, across from the kiosk.


Name Location Acquired
Engraved Ring Top floor amongst the bushes and benches "Pick up" flashing object
Cold Water Stone Top floor to the right of the elevator "Kick" large can
Mana Herb To the left at the kiosk desk "Examine" poster
Healing Medicine Next to the kiosk desk "Kick" large can
Cure-all Awarded by giving the "lost item" (Engraved Ring) to the kiosk receptionist Talk to the receptionist