Lost Odyssey Wiki
Type Obtained Combat
Mortal Disc 3 Melee

HP MP Strength Vitality
Magic Defense Magic Attack Attack Time Cast Time
Beginning Stats
Level HP MP Attack
25 900 50 284
Defense Strength Vitality
146 284 146
Attack Time Casting Time Accuracy
4 8 74
Magic Attack Magic Defense Evade
116 14 4

Tolten, one of the playable mortal characters, is a nobleman who assists Kaim and Seth in their journey to discover their past. The timid prince Tolten is a royal without a country. When Uhra converted to a council run republic, Tolten became only a figurehead for the revolutionary government. Now amidst a crisis of epic proportions, he must find the inner strength to do what's right to save the world.

Despite his gentle disposition, prince Tolten took well to his military training. He knows how to use a sword, and his journey with his new friends will put those skills to the test as he learns to show the resolve and leadership expected from a man of his position.

Social Relationships[]

Kaim Argonar

Kaim is Tolten's friend. While the two had a brief silent encounter in Uhra outside Gongora's mansion, they first interacted in the Boiling Cave.

Seth Balmore

Seth is Tolten's friend, and a sort of mentor. Seth often gives Tolten advice on how to handle rough situations. They first met aboard a train in Gohtza for a Royal meeting between Gohtza, Uhra, and Numara.

Jansen Friedh

Jansen is Tolten's friend whom he first met about the train in Gohtza.


Cooke is Tolten's friend whom he first met inside the burning cave.


Mack is Tolten's friend whom he first met inside the burning cave.

Ming Numara

Ming is Tolten's friend whom he first met on the train in Gohtza. It is possible they may have known each other before, due to them both being Royal Figureheads.

Sarah Sisulart

Sarah is Tolten's friend whom he first met inside the Burning Cave.


Sed is Tolten's friend whom he first met in Uhra when he and Seth saved Sed from execution.

Skill Advancement[]

Level Skill MP SP
25 Lullaby 0 10
25 Award Medal 20 10
25 Power Hit 10 15
25 Cut Down 20 20
25 Weapon Guard 10
25 MP Guard 8
25 Persistence 8
25 Counter Guard 10
25 Power Guard 10
28 Member Hit 10 15
31 Break Hit 30 15
34 MP Gift 0 5
37 Absorb Guard 10
40 Royal Equipment 50
43 Complete Defense 15
46 All Hit 30 30
49 Huge MP Gift 0 8
N/A* Ultimate Hit 100 50

* Level varies; must defeat the Golden Knight to learn this skill |


Weapon Name Power
Lightweight Saber 23
Adamantis 28
Steel Sword 32
Killing Cutlass 44
Demon Warrior's Blade 50
Hard Spatha 60
Red Snake 73
Full Blade 83
Solid Spartan 83
Rough Edge 112
Gaia Breaker 119
Ceremonial Sword* 119
Platinum Brand 140
Wyvern's Tail 149
Kelonga Sword 195
Royal Knight Sword 206
Master Sword 254
Age of the King 420

* Initial Equip