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The City of Uhra
The City of Uhra
First Accessible Availability
Disc 1 after leaving The Highlands of Wohl Available till the end of the game.
Save Orb Inn/beds
The Great Gate
Central Station
Main Street Tolsan's Inn
Gongora's Mansion
Back Alley
Station Square
Giant Drain
Treatment Plant
Tolsan's Inn
Items Components Spells
Sewer Shop
Sewer Shop N/A
Weapons Accessories Ring Maker
Sewer Shop Barkus
Sewer Shop
Barkus' Arms and Armor Emporium
Points of Interest
Pipot The Castle Station
Slot Seed Station Square (Disc 3)
Magic Taxi The Great Gate, Central Station Square & Gongora's Mansion - Garden
Cubic Musician Central Station Square
Refresh Orb Back Alley & Magic Tank
"After flourishing for centuries as a monarchy, Uhra became a republic by King Zypha's decree. A council of elected representatives now govern Uhra. Under the direction of the great sorcerer, Councilman Gongora, Uhra is building a mammoth magic engine, known as Grand Staff, to protect itself from the threat of invasion."
-Game manual

The Magic Republic of Uhra is one of four nations in the world of Lost Odyssey.

Uhra was a monarchy over the course of the lifetimes of forty-three kings. The forty-fourth king of Uhra, King Zypha, abolished the monarchy and established a republic that would be led by a council of elected representatives. Among the first councilmen to serve are Chairman Roxian and Gongora. Exactly how the council writes laws and other plans of action is not clear. It is likely that it operates according to majority vote, exemplefied by the decision of six council members to send Kaim to Grand Staff seemingly without the input of Gongora, the seventh councilman, who most likely would have objected. However, in one instance, when Roxian proposes to place another councilman under house arrest, the other five agreed without discussion, one of which pointed out that he "has no choice but to agree". This suggests that the Chairman might actually hold more power than the other council members.

After its discovery, Uhra took advantage of Magic Energy. The utilization of Magic Energy went primarily to improving the living standards of Uhran citizens. Tolten, a former prince of the defunct monarchy, can be constantly observed pointing out how Magic Energy has benefited the people of Uhra. Many commodities, from television sets to vehicles, are very common in Uhra. A close second of the purpose of Magic Energy in Uhra is the development of military power. In addition to manufacturing magic engine-powered combat vehicles, magic has been applied directly to foot soldiers in order to keep them alive.

Some time before the events of the game, Khent instigated a war with Uhra. The opening scenes of the game depict the final battle of that war, concluded with a meteor crashing into the battlefield on the Highlands of Wohl. While both nations suffered crippling setbacks to their military power, Uhra came out of the war in better shape. Khent requested a truce with Uhra as a result. Thereafter, Gongora used the nation of Uhra as a base of operations, and exploited it as well as its council and royal bloodline to drive forward with his plans.


Side Quests and Errands[]

  • The Lost Ring (Disc 1) - Becomes unavailable after travelling to Grand Staff
  • Uhra Tower Lifts (Disc 1) - Not available until after visiting Gongora in his mansion. Becomes unavailable after visiting the Sea of Baus.


Dream Name Location Trigger details
Hanna's Departure Tolsan's Inn Automatically revealed when Kaim checks in as part of the story.
A Hero's Return Virno's Tavern Must have revealed "Hanna's Departure". Approach the soldier seated at the bar.
White Flowers Residential Area Must have revealed "Hanna's Departure". Approach the family seated on the bench in the playground.
In the Mind of a Captive Virno's Tavern Must have revealed "A Hero's Return". Exit, then re-enter the tavern and approach two men seated at a table at the top of the stairs
A Mother Comes Home Virno's Tavern Must have revealed "In the Mind of a Captive". Exit, then re-enter the tavern and approach the man and his son at the bar.
Little Liar The Central Station Must have revealed "Hanna's Departure". Approach the man and his daughter seated on the bench across from the kiosk.


Enemies do not appear until Disc 3

Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Experiment No. 28 565 Mechanical None Toxin, Prismus, Forceus Sticky Tape, Poisonous Bones Thief's Key Ring, Poisonous Red Snake, Toxin Butterfly Scales
Experiment No. 42 1670 Mechanical None ?? Living Gypsum, Stone Beast's Fang, Gorgon Mask Mother Nature's Spirit, Living Gypsum, Stone Beast's Fang
Gold Kelolon 270 Kelolon Water Multi-Slash, Kelolon Kelo-Oil, Kelolon Heart Kelo-Oil, Kelolon Heart, Kelo-Helmet
Gohtzan Infantry 980 None None Counter None None
Guard Dog 200 Beast None Normal attacks cause Dizzy Sandman's Seal Beast Hide Rasp, Sandman's Seal, Nightmare Seal
Large Snail 280 Magic Water Melting Fluid Life Stealing Tooth, Vampire Bottle Blood Sucking Needle, Life Stealing Tooth
Magic Beast 10,550 Beast None Flamethrower, Magma Blast, Blade Up, Blade Attack Crystal Fragment Crystal Fragment
Magic Tower 670 Mechanical None Flarus, Casting Support Gutsy Cloth, Generator Sandman's Seal, Nightmare Seal, Junk Parts
Uhran Infantry 200 None None Command Seed of Terror

Seed of Terror, Gutsy Cloth, Mirror Stone of Fear

Uhran Infantry 980 None None Counter None None

Bosses Highlighted

Seed Locations[]

Disc 1 (13 Seeds)[]

Disc 3[]

Disc 4[]