Lost Odyssey Wiki

There are Four different usable weapon types in the game: Staffs, Swords, Guns, and Discuses. The weapons themselves do not have any special effects on them other than increasing melee damage. As such, upgrading caster weapons (Staffs) is not a priority. Special effects (elemental damage, status effects, hp/mp absorb ect...) can be applied to weapons by equipping rings.


Power Weapon Name Restrictions
420 Age of the King Royal Equipment
277 White Ignis Seth Only
277 Durandal Kaim Only
254 Siderite Sword Kaim Only
254 Master Sword Royal Equipment
254 Gravity Rave Seth Only
206 Royal Knight Sword Royal Equipment
195 Kelonga Sword None
149 Wyvern's Tail None
140 Platinum Brand None
119 Ceremonial Sword Tolten's Initial Equip
119 Gaia Breaker None
112 Rough Edge None
83 Solid Spartan None
83 Full Blade None
73 Red Snake None
60 Hard Spatha None
50 Demon Warrior's Blade None
44 Killing Cutlass None
32 Steel Sword None
28 Adamantis None
23 Lightweight Saber None
17 Platinum Sword Kaim's Initial Equip
15 White Fang Seth's Initial Equip


Power Weapon Name Restrictions
56 Apocalypse Rod Black Staff
56 Solomon Staff White Staff
47 Rune Stick None
44 Angel Feather White Staff
44 Demon King's Horn Black Staff
37 Heaven's Branch White Staff
37 Inferno Horn Black Staff
33 Sacred Torch White Staff
33 Spire Commander Black Staff
30 Holy Scepter None
27 Innocence Baton White Staff
24 Lord Spire Black Staff
24 Ether Torch White Staff
20 Bright Ankh None
20 Elder Baton White Staff
18 Dark Crystal Staff Black Staff
17 Black Pole Black Staff
17 Quarter Staff None
16 Crescent Rod Sarah's Initial Equip
16 Princess Cane Ming's Initial Equip
11 Force Staff None
11 Ranunculus Cooke's Initial Equip
8 Saint Rod None
4 Light Staff Jansen's Initial Equip

Discus (Mack only)[]

Power Weapon Name
184 Phoenix Discus
158 Sorcerer's Discus
140 Lucent Dragon Discus
93 Wrath Minder
67 Circular Dance Discus
46 Chakra Arm
44 White Lotus
40 Power Shell
26 Battle Discus
23 Old Battle Discus

Guns (Sed only)[]

Power Weapon Name
392 Magic Rifle of Aneira
247 99 Caliber Magic Rifle
186 88 Caliber Magic Rifle
133 64 Caliber Magic Rifle
88 38 Caliber Magic Rifle