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The White Boa

Controlling The White Boa

The White Boa is Numara's royal ship. You acquire it in Disc 4. Due to its size, it can break through ice barriers, navigate the hyper-currents and berth the Nautilus. This allows you to go to any zone available on your map. It also grants you access to several areas that were unreachable before. Unlike your other vehicles, there is a great deal more to explore on the inside of the ship.


Side Quests[]

Slot Seed Locations[]

Seed Locations (1)[]


Name HP Type Element Abilities Stolen Dropped
Guard Beast 225 Beast None Healing Herb Quality Iron Sand
Numara Soldier 260 None None Healing Herb Pumice of Despair
Security Eye 120 None Mechanical Junk Parts Junk Parts