Lost Odyssey Wiki

This is the world map for Lost Odyssey. The world map will open completely once the gamer reaches the Disc 4 of the game. The map also shows the optional areas of the game.

World Map: Locations[]

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City Locations[]

  1. City of Uhra
  2. Grand Staff Construction Base - Southeast
  3. Grand Staff Construction Base - Northwest
  4. City of Numara
  5. Port of Numara
  6. Tosca Village - South
  7. Tosca Village - North
  8. City of Saman
  9. Gohtza City - South
  10. Gohtza City - North
  11. Refugee Camp - West
  12. Refugee Camp - East

Zone Locations[]

  1. Highlands of Wohl
  2. Ipsilon Mountains - North
  3. Ipsilon Mountains - South
  4. Sea of Baus
  5. Crimson Forest
  6. Old Sorceress' Mansion
  7. Northern Cape
  8. Black Cave - South
  9. Black Cave - North
  10. Ice Canyon -South
  11. Ice Canyon - North
  12. Frozen Trail
  13. Crashed Magic Train Site
  14. Burning Limestone Cave
  15. The Great Ancient Ruins

Optional Locations[]

A. Numara Atoll
B. Khent
C. Terrace Cave
D. Kelolon Village
E. Pirate Fortress
F. Forgotten Cave
G. Temple of Enlightenment
H. Snowfields of the Northern Land


A. Western Shore of Uhra
B. Northern Shore of Ipsilon
C. Lakefront in the Mountains
D. Eastern Coast of Saman
E. Northern Shore near Pirate Fortress
F. Southern Coast of Tosca
G. Eastern Continent Lakefront - East
H. Eastern Continent Lakefront - West
I. Landing point at Numara Port
j. Northern Coast of Numara
k. Northern Coast of Uhra
l. Northern Coast of Gohtza